The Sweet Escape – Quill City Mall’s Christmas Decoration

It’s so sweet, I’m becoming diabetic!

Recently, my baby brother, Meor Arif invited me to the free movie screening at GSC Quill City Mall. While waiting for him, I went to the centre court and fell in loooooove with the Christmas Decoration they’ve set up.

The theme was ‘The Sweet Escape’, yes, like that song by Gwen Stefani, woot woot!

Here are some photos. I’ll find time to write about it. Haha! 

Start your journey to ‘The Sweet Escape’ at Quill City Mall

In a Candy-liscious world!
Escape into the world of sweetness
Whooopeeeee! You can play hopscotch here!
With swirl lollipops as trees!
They are so colourful, you’d wish they are real
Go, grab one

Full story is up in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO
Miss Paris

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