The Worst Food Review I’ve Ever Been To

Another #SentapSaturday for me

The term #SentapSaturday was the original idea of a Blogger friend, Rawlins Una when our group of friends attended an event at the City Hall Auditorium a couple of months ago and received bad treatment from the organizer. We did what we usually do together, took a group photo and put as many hashtags as we wanted including #SentapSaturday. We’d usually post the same photo on Instagram and see whose post pop up first among us. 

So, recently I was invited to a food review in Kuala Lumpur by a bistro that shall remain anonymous in this confession. Another blogger friend, Miera Nadhirah was the one who put my name as her plus one and I thought, well, why not. Besides, I love going out, meeting new people and trying new food. 

We arrived a little early since I was panicking when my cellphone ran out of battery, like totally flat. A real-deal 0% case and I couldn’t charge it. So, I thought I just might make a stop first and being the fickle-minded that I am, I changed my mind and went to the event straight. 

Gotta love the concept here

So, Miera and I spent some time to take photos at the bistro. Honestly, the place looked very cozy. I absolutely loved the interior and the way the chairs were arranged. It was nothing like the typical restaurant setting I’ve seen.

See? I had fun shooting outdoor 

And the outdoor? Ooooh, don’t even get me started on the outdoor. Despite the rather long drive from the main entrance to the bistro, the scenery there was actually very beautiful considering the location in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. There was a pond, green landscape, everything. In fact, we spotted a small iguana while taking photos just outside the bistro.

Can you see that iguana?
Too bad I didn’t have my long lens with me!
Oh, there he goes!
And then, there was the worst food review I’ve ever been to.

Here’s the story. The organizer came a late, well, I didn’t really mind. It’s perfectly understandable, it being a Saturday and surely the traffic on a Saturday afternoon could be as unpredictable as the tidal waves or the strong wind. While waiting, we were served cold drinks. No chips? Well, I didn’t really mind. I didn’t want to ruin my appetite with junk food too.

The first thing that sort of alarmed me was when a young man sporting a rather radical hair-do (please forgive me, I’m an old lady) came to our table and introduced himself as the owner of the bistro. Okay, I thought, “Very nice to meet you” until he said, “Sorry, I was only told there’d be 6 of you because I’ve only prepared 6 sets of food”. 

So, the other media reps mainly food bloggers (about 10 of us) and I (from a magazine) started looking at one another. We all knew we’ve RSVP-ed before attending. So, what was going to happen? Only 6 of us eat and the other 4 watch? 

Finally, the organizer came. She apologized, yada yada yada and gave us a pretty gold-coloured envelope with the menu inside. Okay, pretty neat and adorable.

And then the terror began. 

Let’s start with the appetizers, shall we?

They served us ONE bowl of mushroom soup, ONE bowl of pumpkin soup, ONE serving of Insalata Di Polpo (marinated octopus)  and ONE serving of escargot

The hostess said, this portion is enough for 10 people

So, we began taking photos of the food. Since they didn’t put the food on another table for display, we had to take turns to snap photos. You see, the tables were arranged closely together so all 10 of us could sit together. So, it was a rather awkward having to pass one bowl after another to the couple next to us. 

The escargot story was funny. It was served in a set of 6 pieces. So, after we were done taking photos, we waited for the bistro owner to serve us the actual appetizers. I was imagining an individual serving so that we could take our own sweet time to enjoy each menu . Well, guess what?

Apparently, sharing is caring

The ONE bowl of mushroom soup, the ONE bowl of pumpkin soup, ONE serving of Insalata Di Polpo and the ONE serving of escargot were meant for us to share among this small group of TEN people. We just stared at one another, speechless. 

What’s up with the facepalm, doc? (Source: Internet)

Being the rather out-spoken person, I simply raised my hand and asked for more appetizers. Her answer TOTALLY made my day. She said in her funny English, “You can share the appetizers. We don’t want to serve too much because there will be more food later. We don’t want you to be too full to enjoy the other food. You can share the escargots right? There are 6 pieces there”.
Orang Utan doesn’t eat escargot! (Source: Internet)

Yes, Ah Moi, but there were 10 of us. Somehow, we managed to get her to get another serving of 6 pieces of escargots and the owner confidently spoke of as-car-got with a T being the famous delicacy among the French. Gee, tell us something we didn’t know! Honey, you invited professional food bloggers. You think they didn’t know? Well, I’m not a professional food blogger, but I’ve definitely had my share of European dishes while living in Germany. Besides, there are soooo many European restaurants in Malaysia now.

If we’re sharing the soup, who gets the garlic bread?

You know, what totally put me off that moment? Since there were only 2 bowls of soup, one mushroom and one pumpkin; guess how did we ‘enjoy’ the soup? We asked for extra soup spoons and had to scoop the soup and pour into our spoons before slurping it. Can you imagine 10 people sharing TWO bowls of soup with 10 different spoons?

Did you want me to pay for an extra bowl of soup?
I don’t mind, just let me have a proper amount of soup! (Source: Internet)
Let’s continue, shall we?

Now, the main course. 

We were served ONE serving of braised lamb shank, ONE serving of Coq Au Vin (braised chicken), ONE serving of seafood paella and ONE serving of calzone. And yes, you’ve guessed it right, again, we had to share among 10 people. 

A quarter chicken, so who gets the chicken wing?

But that was not the best part. First, we asked, “How are we going to eat this?”.

The ‘lovely’ host brought the main course dishes back into the kitchen, came back with a bone-less lamb shank

One blogger commented, “They think, we can’t remove the bone ourselves?”

Again, the food bloggers and I looked at one another. I believe, my patience has its limit. But somehow I managed to keep calm and asked for individual servings for each of us. After a while, each of us was served with perhaps a thin slab of lamb, two tiny slices of chicken, two spoonfuls of seafood paella. 

I got the calamari in my scoops of seafood paella!
I usually share a calzone with another person, if not 2 people, NEVER 10!
The calzone was cut into smaller sections and guess which section I got? The crusty part with NO filling at all. Hey, the bistro owner thought ONE calzone can feed 10 food bloggers!

Homer, what happened to the calzone? (Source: Internet)

I guess, after a while, no matter how patient I tried to be, the evil side in me got the best of me. I actually told some of the bloggers that it was by far the worst food review I’ve ever been to. I was thinking of leaving and not writing anything. But of course, that wouldn’t do. I know, I’d try to find something good to write. However, I did inform the others, how lucky that bistro owner was now that I no longer worked for the mainstream media! 

So, the petite hostess asked if we wanted anything else; which got me wondering, why didn’t they give us ANYTHING ELSE that we requested earlier? Everything served was not 6 sets of meals. Instead, ONE multiple-course set!

I don’t remember anybody eating the pizza. We just wanted to leave ASAP.

Finally, another blogger spoke her mind. She said, “Why don’t you just cancel this food review and organize another one next time? You cannot serve the media like this. The food was not enough for everybody and by the time the photographers finished taking the photos, the dishes are already cold. We don’t know whether they were best served hot or cold”.

The hostess seemed to panic for a while and called the bistro owner. They discussed about the food review. You want to know how I know? Well, first, they were standing just next to me. Second, despite being Malay, I could understand some Chinese. I actually told the two, “Excuse me, we’re right here. Would you like to speak to us directly and get out feedback?”.

Apparently, no. 

Why are you whispering next to Miss Paris? (Source: Internet)

The bistro owner and the hostess went outside to further discuss. Finally, they decided to cancel this review and organize another one. They even asked us NOT to write anything and promised an even better review next time. Honestly, I just couldn’t be bothered at that time. I told Miera to pack her stuff, so that we could go back. And guess what, the bistro owner had the balls to shake my hands and thank me for coming. He didn’t smile, he didn’t apologize. Wow, budi bahasa budaya kita??? Really????

So, Miera and I ended up eating at Delifrance AEON Big Wangsa Maju. Even she said it was the worst food review.

And the hostess texted me and asked me out for coffee to apologize. Mmmmm… We’ll see. Overall, the food was not too bad. Prices were not too expensive. Sadly, the way the review was organized was extremely bad. 

(Source: Internet)

What a day! What a #SentapSaturday!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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