Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman – Photo Diary

My favourite spa 

Speaking to Mama Rosidah recently on her spa, Emares Spa & Beauty, she shared some stories behind the establishment. She’s faced several health challenges and undergone some surgeries. Upon advice from her friends, she started taking gamat-based products under the House of Healin brand developed by Professor Dato’ Dr. Hassan Yaakob. Healin products actually accelerated her recovery and based on her own personal experience, she decided to get involved in the business.

Here are some of the Healin products that are available at Emares Spa & Beauty:

Look for House of Healin products here at Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman

Some of the Healin products available at Emares Spa & Beauty
Each Healin supplement type has its own benefits

Healin’s Gamogen is among the best-sellers

Zaniton is increasingly becoming a favourite among Healin consumer
Another hot-selling item, Mirakel Soap, very good for the skin
Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste salty like sea-cucumber! Haha!
This gamat shampoo smells heavenly

And here are my favourites of the Healin range!

This shower cream is absolutely divine. Try it and you’ll know
This energy drinks can be quite addictive!

Visit Emares Spa & Beauty:

Lot G43, Plaza Idaman, 
Batu 5, Jalan Gombak, 
53100 Kuala Lumpur

See you in the next Photo Diary!

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