Kids Gallery at One City Mall USJ

The Rise of Mini Shopaholics!

Another of Sophie Kinsella’s best-seller, Mini Shopaholic! (Source: Internet)

Recently, my writer, Mel and I were assigned to the opening of Kids Gallery at One City Mall USJ. Mel was worried if we ended up stuck in traffic, so we left the office earlier. I was driving this time.

The drive was as pleasant as it was the best ways for us to gossip about the world, haha. Mel being the Know-It-All of the Who’s Who and Everything-In, shared a lot of stuff. Every time he asked me if I’ve seen the latest music videos or read about the latest celebrity gossip, I’d just look at him with such a vacant look and say, ‘No‘. Haha! I know it annoys him on so many levels, but he has to face it, I’m an oldie. I know nuts about what’s happening around the world. My world only revolves around my home and work, haha.

One of the phases of One City Mall USJ (Source: Internet)

So, as we arrived, like one and a half hour earlier, and I was about to dunk his head into one of those fountains at One City Mall USJ, I fell in love with the way One City Mall USJ was designed. Oh, my! What a lovely establishment! And it was my first time there as I’m always and forever be a KL-Girl with no intentions of going outside of the familiar sense of KL. If the postcode doesn’t start with 5xxxx, then, it’s another planet to me. It was huuuuge but of course when we came, there were still some shops yet to be opened. So, we’ll be there again when they do!

About One City Mall, USJ

“At One City, life won’t come to a halt until we say ‘stop’!”

Now that’s quite a catchphrase, isn’t it? Apparently this huge shopping mall is divided into 5 unique phases – Garden Shoppe, Sky Park, The Place, The Square and the MCT Mall. This new attraction is strategically located among the high density areas such as Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Putra Heights and all the way to Klang; spreading across 77 acres of land within reach from two major highways, namely LDP and ELITE

Why you should visit this place? 

  • One City Mall has 12,000 car parking bays available equipped with electronic indicators
  • It is the new urban oasis in the middle of the valley with green landscape to ease your eyes after a long day at work
  • After sundown, you can revel in the beauty of their state-of-the-art LED showcase on the mirrored fa├žade of Sky Park. 

Tell me you’re not impressed! Coz I definitely was! (Source: Internet)

Anyway, Mel and I lepak-ed at the Tappers restaurant for lunch while waiting for the event to start. We even caught a glimpse of Mia Sara, the much-loved Malaysian child star while rehearsing with fellow host, some guy whom, ahem, excuse me, I really didn’t recognize.

An hour of chatting and shopping (I bought two lovely tops, yippie!), we went to the Media Registration counter and signed up for what we thought was fun, the Kids Gallery Hunt. Haha! Mel and I just thought, “Oh, why not?”. 

Bumped into a couple of blogger acquaintances too. 

While waiting, I went inside the Kids Gallery to take photos.

A new shopping place for Mummy (or Daddy) and you! 
Aaaah, that’s the call for the Mini Shopaholics nationwide!

Oh, yes! Kids Gallery is definitely a nice place to bring your little ones for shopping. It was colourful and very, very children-friendly. I mean, if I had a baby in a stroller, navigating through the shop would be a breeze with enough space around each brand section. 

Told you it’s spacious! 

You can even push your stroller between the racks here, see? 

Not only there were clothes and accessories, there was also a section for books! Yes, I’d rather have the little ones start reading books instead of stuffing themselves with Ipad or Tablets, like the one I had at home. Please blame my Mum, she relents every time the Little Diva says ‘Hi’ which is her code for Upin and Ipin

Find a good read for the little one 

And when you want your kids to try out their new clothes, you can sit at the mini table and chairs right outside the changing rooms. Did I mention that the changing rooms are awesome? The doors are labelled with ‘Welcome Prince’ for the boys and ‘Welcome Princess’ for the girls, aaaahhhh… 

For the Prince and Princess of our hearts 

With more than 30 popular kiddie brands, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Excuse me, let me rephrase that again, your kids will be spoiled for choice. So, Mummy and Daddy, please be prepared to spend a little. Besides, take it as an investment. You don’t want to buy some pasar malam brand which will end up faded or torn after a month. 

If you’re worried about the prices, don’t be. Shopping at Kids Gallery is similar like shopping for your kids at any other store. Just take some time to compare the prices like any smart shopper would and then decide. 

Even at this age, I still use baby products

And just for fun, why don’t you allow your kids to pay for their purchases? Yes, with your money, of course, silly! The cashier counter is also equipped with the mini cashier counter for your kids to bring their shopping items over, designed lower for them to reach out for themselves. Aaaah, my Mini Shopaholic is all grown up!

Let your kids enjoy the pleasure of shopping here

Overall, not a bad place. And I swear, I couldn’t stop swooning at the sight of newborn outfits! Those tiny little things do have an effect on me, sob sob. Could that be a sign?

Holding one of these always brings tears to my eyes

An excellent place for first time parents, EVERYTHING is here!
This was the moment I almost passed out in joy,
the colourful mini leggings for my Little Diva

So, see you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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