Nothing Says ‘Forever’ Better Than Diamonds

A Valentine to Remember

My editor, Miss Lira J and I are working on a couple of articles on jewellery pieces so yesterday we went to Starhill Gallery to visit four high-end brands under Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd. We were amazed to see the gorgeous bling blings of gold, diamonds and other precious stones. 

Let’s start with the first boutique we visited, Carrera y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera is known as an international jewellery brand for its traditional and exceptional craftsmanship. Based in Madrid and now has spread its wings to 48 countries worldwide, Carrera y Carrera is among 30 most prestigious jewellery firms. This icon of luxury with more than 125 years of history is familiar among jewellery lovers for its unique style, imaginative designs and magnificent jewellery pieces where gold and precious stones come to life. With the beautiful Olivia Palermo as the Brand Ambassador, Carrera y Carrera is also famous among famous celebrities including J-Lo (she has two of Carrera y Carrera’s Tiger Rings!), Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Alicia Keys and Paris Hilton
(Source: www.carreraycarrera.com

*Note: Oh, when will Miss Paris Ashiqin get her own Carrera y Carrera’s jewellery pieces? Will someone buy me one of the Reina Collection?

The Carrera y Carrera Tiger Ring is so famous that people
 call it the J-Lo ring (Source: www.carreraycarrera.com)

Actually, there were so many gorgeous jewellery pieces at the boutique, but let’s save that for our magazine. Here, I’ll share Carrera y Carrera‘s brand new LOVE Collection specially designed for Valentine’s Day

This beautiful collection is an exquisite take on love, drawing inspiration from both its written form and its many representations. Intricately carved and sculptured by the house’s skilful artisans, these pieces feature small diamond elements that bring a special sparkle. Carrera y Carrera’s signature combination of matte and polished finish is also beautifully showcased, giving these whimsical pieces a life of their own. 

Thank you, Carrera y Carrera for the info and photos!

The next boutique was Garrard

 Welcome to Garrard Boutique (Source: www.garrard.com)

Garrard is the oldest jewellery brand in the world, first established in London in 1735. Garrard is widely known as the jeweller of the British monarchy and has been in charge with the upkeep of the Crown Jewels for many years. Globally, Garrard is known as the designer of the famous sapphire ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana of Wales which was later resized and passed on to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge when Prince William proposed to her. Garrard has also been commissioned by 
our local monarchy for the design and craftsman of many beautiful jewellery pieces, including the medals of honour in Perak
(Source: Wikipedia and Garrard Malaysia)

The iconic sapphire ring worn by Lady Diana and later,
passed down to Kate Middleton (Source: Internet)

The stunning collection brings a new dimension to the lace-like design of the Anniversary collection, as well as a dazzling splash of colour. The collection is a brilliant reinterpretation of Garrard’s Wings Classic Collection, which celebrated its anniversary in 2013, marking 10 years of this much-loved collection. Available in white and rose gold, and set with rubies, sapphires, tsavorites as well as cognac diamonds and black diamonds, these pieces are a testament to the Garrard ethos of combining its rich history and excellent craftsmanship, with contemporary and relevant design. 

Thank you, Garrard for the info and photos!

Then, there’s some lovely items from Gübelin, a Swiss jeweller that has been running for six generations. It first started as a watchmaker’s shop on October 11th, 1854 by Jakob Josef Moritz Breitschmid at the age of 22. Jakob married Emma Mohr and had five sons and a daughter named Bertha Sophia who later married a watchmaker Eduard Jakob Gübelin. In 1923, the Gübelin Family began making jewellery along with watches and clocks. They also set up their own gemological laboratory to determine real stones from fake ones. Gübelin opened its door on 5th Avenue in New York in 1971. After 160 years, Gübelin has become another household name in jewellery.
(Source: www.guebelin.ch)

The new Red collection from renowned Swiss jewellers Gübelin celebrates the magical fire inside red gemstones. While the inimitable ruby is the star of the show, spinels, garnets and other fascinating red gems add their sparkle as well. Each piece is inspired by the unique story hidden deep within the stone, a story which is brought to stunning life by the company’s master jewellers.

Thank you, Gübelin for the info and photos!

And finally, Samer Halimeh New York! 

Samer Halimeh was a teenager when the Civil War in Lebanon broke and his parents sent him to California. After graduating from Business School and Gemology, he started travelling extensively to America, Africa and Russia to build network with important diamond suppliers. At 24, he started his own wholesale company located at 5th Avenue in New York with worldwide offices. Samer Halimeh’s Collections are known for the world’s most unique, hand-crafted custom jewellery using some of the rarest diamonds and precious gems. Partnering with some of the largest and most prominent diamond mines in the world, buyers get to select the finest, rarest and most unique rough diamonds and gemstones directly from the source. 
(Source: www.samerhalimeh.com)

When visiting the Samer Halimeh Boutique at Starhill Gallery, I was introduced to one of the managers, Calvin, who was extremely friendly and funny too. My guide, Melissa informed me that most of Samer Halimeh’s Collections have been packed away for delivery to a jewellery fair in Dubai but I saw some very gorgeous pieces. The necklaces on display were mostly long ones that one could turn into double- or triple-tier necklace. And Calvin was so nice, he knew I was there to write about the brands, he even took out some of the rings that he had already packed and sealed so that I could see and try them on.

Surprisingly, of all the four jewellery boutiques I’ve been to, Samer Halimeh’s rings fit my fat fingers perfectly. Even, Calvin told me, “I think, Samer Halimeh is for you. Maybe tonight you’ll dream of the rings calling you back“. Haha, once I find a rich sugar daddy, perhaps, Calvin! In case you’re wondering, the rings Calvin asked me to try on were worth more than RM 1 million each! 

Thank you, Samer Halimeh for the info and photos! And thank you, Calvin for making me feel very beautiful with those million-ringgit rings!

Honestly, it was a great day for me. Yes, although I cannot afford to own any of these lovely items, but at least for a while, I got to try some of them! Aaaaah! What a bliss to feel such cold precious metal wrapping my fingers and yet, they give me such warmth I could never explain. 

Ahaaaa, for the girls out there, nothing says ‘FOREVER’ better than diamonds! And you are diamonds, you’re precious yet extremely tough, so don’t let anyone tell you any less. 

Trying out the Reina Collection from Carrera y Carrera, inspired by the Spanish Queen costumes

This Reina ring really puts my diamond and gold to shame!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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