The Weekend of Terror

When Your Neighbourhood Is NOT Safe Anymore

It was quite a long weekend for most of us in Malaysia with Chinese New Year happening on Thursday and Friday. On top of that, the company that I work at ‘forced’ us to take one extra day off on Wednesday, it being a replacement holiday. So, what was to you guys a long weekend, for us, it was a longer weekend, haha! 

What will the Year of the Goat be to an Aries like me? (Source: Internet)

Most of the time, I’d just stay at home when everyone else goes ‘balik kampung‘ in Johore. Since my sister married a Nogorian, they’d make a stop in Seremban too. In case anyone is wondering why I prefer to be left behind, I usually go back to Batu Pahat on regular weekends so I won’t be dragged to go visiting relatives here and there. Sorry, I’ve been a selfish b***h since my Atok (both paternal and maternal grandpas) passed away on my two separate birthdays, but let’s talk about that in my next confession. 

Do you remember back in the days when we watched PSAs by the police department talking about simple safety measurements to take when ‘balik kampung’ during festive seasons? 

One of the reasons NOT to balik kampung during peak seasons, haha!
(Source: Internet)

Well, my family (surprisingly from the oldest to the youngest member) has always had issues with simple safety measures such as switching on some lights when leaving home. To them, it’s wasteful since nobody will be around and by the end of the month, the bill will just be a killer. No matter how many times I keep reminding them, even on a regular day, whenever they leave the house and plan to arrive home later in the evening, just leave the lights on. At least the one at the porch or the one in the living room. 

Of course, numerous reminders and warnings fall on deaf ears. Stubborn people are just like mules, they simply won’t budge. 

Yes, I believe at times, my family can be something like this!
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So, this CNY break, as usual, it was one of those moments that I could just laze around the house, cooking my favourite food and watch all my favourite shows either on TV or YouTube; at the moment, I’m hooked on Hallmark Channel and Lifetime TV movies. When I’m home alone, I’d switch on the lights on alternate, perhaps one day the porch’s yellow  lights, sometimes the white ones. I’ll also make sure the lights in the kitchen and the living room upstairs are also switched on. It gives the indication that someone is home. Besides, you never know who might be lurking outside, waiting to make a move.

It actually happened during this long break. One night, as usual, after I’ve made some spicy pasta bolognaise for dinner, I retired to my room and started watching one of those romantic comedies on Hallmark. While I was enjoying my sinful pleasures, I heard some noises right outside my window which was opened since the weather had been very warm even at night. Instantly, I jumped off my bed and quickly closed and locked the window. I didn’t even bother checking if there was anything outside. 

The night can be a little scary at times (Source: Internet)

You see, once upon a time, my Dad carelessly left the ladder outside the backyard. One fine morning when I was about to take the LRT to work, I checked my purse and realized that all my cash was gone. So was my cellphone. Luckily, there were some coins and I called home, asking my Dad to pick me up again. Upon reaching home, my brother complained that his cellphone was missing too. I went to my bedroom and looked outside my window which was usually left opened at night.

Guess what? The ladder was stacked on our cement wall, giving easy access to my window. So, someone actually broke into the house and stole small items that he could find. Luckily, I must’ve slept downstairs in the living room while watching TV on the same night and my brother was charging his cellphone in the living room upstairs. No one else lost anything. If you’re wondering why our windows are not installed with grills for safety, please refer to the photo of Donkey as you scroll up. Trust me, my Dad and I have argued about this like a thousand times and the result is still the same. Even when I told him, the staircase was not safe for children, he simply ignored me. I guess, the older the mules, I mean, men, the more stubborn they become. 

We ended up not reporting to the police because my Dad was embarrassed if the police would check the backyard and tell him the things that I’ve been telling him for many years. Truth be told, our family have had some unpleasant history with the local police, so let’s not dwell into it or I might get into trouble for writing s**t about them; no matter how true things are.

So our house was broken into… (Source: Internet)

So, the next day, I opened my window and looked outside. I noticed the plastic roof which covered the backyard was broken. The plastic roof was installed to avoid rain from falling and splashing water from the neighbour’s roof into our kitchen. So you can imagine if a cat walks on it, it won’t break. Imagine a full-grown person? So, I guess, somebody tried to break into the house again, thinking it was vacant. 

Sometimes I wonder, when is the right time to call the police? When you heard strange noises outside your house? When you actually see someone trying to break in? Or when somebody has broken into your house, then only you’re allowed to make a phone call? 

Then, what happens after you make the call? Will the police come to patrol around the neighbourhood? Or will they really come to your house to investigate? When they investigate, what happens? Could they identify people who tried to break in?

Call 999 for police (Source:

Well, I guess, I don’t have the answers either. All I could say is my neighbourhood has NOT been a safe place for many years now. I’ve stopped jogging around the neighbourhood, be it day or night because the last time I wanted to go out for a jog on a Saturday morning, three boys on motorbikes tried to attack me. Don’t even get me started on how many times my Mum, my sister, my neighbours and me myself had been victims of snatch thieves!

As much as I’d love to continue complaining about this neighbourhood for all its flaws, this is home and I grew up here. So, when people tell me to move to a better place, let me ask you this, I’ve lived here for so many years, why should I move? Shouldn’t those criminals be caught instead? 

At the same time, let’s do our part to protect our own homes and neighbourhood. Light up when at night, even a small one, even when you’re at home. At least if anything happens, you won’t trip over something while trying to find out. What is your electricity bill compared to the safety of your home?

This might be useful for your next long break (Source: Rakan Cop)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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  1. Oh gosh.. I feel you.. it sure is a scary experience.. but lucky you are ok and unharmed… It is always better to lose a few things then get hurt or so…
    my colleague tried to be a hero and ended up getting slashed on his hands … =(

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