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Beauty Secrets Revealed?

As I was looking for ideas to write for our beauty column and came across this article on which was written by Sarah Griffiths and published on 19th August 2014 about a chemistry teacher, Andy Brunning who did his own experiment to check up on the contents of *gasp* LIPSTICK!

Reds, corals, berries, nudes, browns… they just take my breath away!
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Of course, as a woman who loves anything related to beauty, I love lipstick! I just love, love, love lipstick! What woman in her sound mind does NOT love lipstick? My first memory of having my own lipstick was probably just before attending kindergarten with one of those lipsticks in swan casing (gincu angsa) that my late Grandma from Pontian brought back after performing her Hajj in Mecca. 
Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you don’t know this! 
Don’t they bring back memories? (Source:


Of course back then, I didn’t know what colour to pick for such a tender, delicate age. I believe, I went for a purple-plum colour that was more suitable for a theatre performance. That is, if you’re playing the Great Witch!
As I grow older, I learned more and more about lipstick and other beauty products. In high school, I signed up as an Avon dealer to enjoy buying stuff at discounted price, haha! Yes, funny isn’t it? But, I did that. Besides, at that time, they always gave out those tiny, lippie samples that were just so adorable! Yes, they were supposed to be samples for other, but I ended up using them all. Haha!
You have to admit, Avon has the best colour collection in lipstick!
(Source: Avon UK)
At the same time, I would go to my usual stop for Maybelline brand. I believe, back then, Maybelline was considered quite a high-end brand for high schoolers. So, you can imagine how I’d save up just to buy lipstick. Back then, I remember buying this long-lasting lipstick in red and plum. Not too long later, the Kawaii tsunami hit Malaysia and suddenly the lipstick shades were toned down so much, with added shine. Hence, the new collection was called Maybelline Water Shine with Josie Maran as one of the models. Somehow I ended up buying in at least three shades! Besides, my Mum took my lipstick whenever she ran out of hers. 
Aaaah, this Maybelline shade is simply divine.. And I have two!
(Source: Maybelline Malaysia)
And now that I am, ahem, a lot older and I can afford to buy lipsticks (within my budget of course!) that suit various occasion. Back then, I was too scared to experiment with colours, but I guess now, I’m as fearless as an eagle; an eagle wearing lipstick, haha! Still there are some colours that I wouldn’t really wear for work unless I do it on purpose to piss some ‘kepoh aunties’ off! We have plenty of them at work, so, sometimes, we give them the chance to gossip about us and allow us to enjoy all their pahala, haha!
So, what’s this whole thing about lipstick? 
Let’s pucker up for a smooch… (Source: Internet)
Well, this chemistry teacher, Andy Brunning apparently found strange compounds in the ingredients used to make lipstick. Generally, a lipstick contains 65% castor oil, 15% beeswax, 10% other waxes, 5% lanolin, 5% dyes, pigments and perfume. Although, different brands may use different amount of each ingredients for their lipsticks. It’s like making nasi lemak. Some makcik will use more coconut milk in the rice, while some may put more chillies in the sambal
Waxes such as beeswax, Carnauba wax from Brazil and Candelilla wax are commonly used to make lipstick. Other than giving shape to the lipstick and keep it in that solid state to a certain extent of heat (Malaysia is warm, as we all know), these waxes are also the key ingredients that allow you to apply lipstick smoothly to create that sexy pout you’ve always dreamed of. 
Beeswax has been found in Egyptian tombs, Vikings ship wrecks and Roman ruins
(Source: Internet)

Same goes with oils. In the beauty industry, castor oil is the most commonly used. Castor oil is also said to have many, many beauty benefits from head to toe.

Errrm, no, those are not rambutans.. those are the flowers
from castor oil plant (Source: Internet)

When we look at lipsticks, the first thing that strikes our heads is the burst of colours that beauty brands offer to women (ahemmm, and in some cases, men), convincing our faint hearts that ONE LIPSTICK IS NOT ENOUGH. Well, I couldn’t agree more! Coming to think about it, we women are so smart when it comes to finding excuses to buy more lipsticks. There is a colour for work, another for play. Party lipstick has to be bold and bright, while the casual wear for weekends is usually nude or pinkish. Suddenly there is a rule when to wear matte and when to wear glossy. And we keep telling our partner, a woman must have a lipstick in all 20 of our handbags, for safety reason, in case we forgot to bring one for reapplication. There is always, always an excuse to grab at least one new shade from the recently introduced collection, haha! 

I will marry the man who buys me all these shades of lipstick! I’ll be in heaven!

Pigments and dyes are the ingredients that give colours to all the sinful pleasures neatly packaged in these cute tubes. Be it reds, corals, pinks, nudes, berries, or even browns; we must have at least one from each colour scheme. I personally think it’s a cardinal sin NOT to have at least one red lipstick in our make-up bag. There is a red lipstick and there is THE RED LIPSTICK. Usually THE red lipstick is the one we wear for special occasions. 

Carmine red (carminic acid) which is a common pigment used to make red lipstick is actually derived from scale insects; cochineal bugs. Eawww, huh? These insects are boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate solution. Later, hydrated potassium aluminium sulphate is added. 

Do you see red? Well, this is your shade of red, Madam!
(Source: Internet)

So, what is the red lipstick of your choice? The deeper reds or the lighter reds? To achieve that deeper red shades, a fluorescent acidic compound called eosin is added. The dye will change to an unnoticeable slight blue tinge when applied to skin as the amine groups in the proteins of the skin, causing a chemical reaction that will intensify the colour to appear darker. Eosin is also the same compound that gives your lipstick more long-lasting effects. The name Eosin originated from Greek God Eos which means ‘dawn‘. Perhaps it’s a sign, if you put on the wrong shade of red on a wrong occasion, you don’t want to be seen as a supporting cast in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘. Just like the Malay joke that says something about too red of a lipstick, “Lipstick merah menyala macam buntut beruk!” which literally translates ‘The red lipstick is so bright, it looks like an ape’s behind‘. 

This is NOT the kind of love I’m looking for! (Source: Internet)

I know why you love pink lipstick so much! Every girl has Barbie as the ultimate definition of beautiful for as long as she can remember. Barbie always wears the iconic pink lipstick, so all girls must have a pink lipstick in their collection too. Before you get too excited, let me share what Mr. Brunning found. So, if eosin is used to create darker shades of red, guess what is used to lighten them? Titanium dioxide is a white compound that dilute the reds of your lipstick and voila, they become your Barbie pink lipstick!

MAC Cosmestics came up with their special edition Barbie Loves MAC
a few years ago! (Source: Internet)


All the Barbie pinks you can enjoy, ladies (Source: Internet)


Barbie in Nutcracker is still the best of all Barbie movies! (Source: Internet)


Aaaah, yes, I had a Barbie make-over myself when Barbie loves MAC was first launched

And if you think that your lipstick ingredients are not funny enough, wait until you read this. A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that 32 brands of lipstick contained lead, aluminium, chromium and manganese, albeit in tiny, tiny doses. Besides, it was done based on humans ingesting lipstick which got me wondering, why would anyone want to eat lipstick? Then, it dawned on me, how many times have we been kissed with full lipstick on, ladies? Aaaaaahhhh, now I know why Berkeley conducted that study. Well, still, don’t worry, babes. It’s NOT the time for you to get your man to sign a will saying you’d inherit EVERYTHING should something happen to him, like… a lipstick poisoning or something, haha! The contents of heavy metals in lipstick are NOT heavy enough apparently to kill anyone, haha!

Have you kissed your man today? (Source: Internet)

 Every woman in the world is envious of Angelina Jolie‘s sexy lips. It’s so obvious why. Remember in all the movies she acted, she can just go around in nude lipstick and still look so God-damn kissable! And whenever she looks at a man and starts laughing, how could not love/hate Angelina Jolie? She did marry the sexiest man on Earth anyway. Well, we don’t act in million-dollar movies, nor do we marry the sexiest man on Earth, but cosmetic brands do promise that we can achieve her bee-stung sexy lips with only lipstick! So, how do they do it? 

Angelina Jolie can pull off that nude lipstick look anytime! (Source: Internet)
Okay, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley came close! (Source: Internet)

Okay, before you start panicking thinking they might put bee sting or bee dung in your lipstick, fret not. It’s actually capsaicin, a compound found in chillies. Yes, chillies, ladies, chillies! Just as some of us who cannot eat anything spicy food as they can get swollen lips, the same idea was put into lipstick. The capsaicin acts like a minor skin irritant to give you a fuller, plumper look. So, remember back in the days when mothers said, “Nak kena cili mulut tu?” which was a common threat made by mothers to stuff chillies into a child’s mouth for saying something foul, I guess, old Malay mothers inspired cosmetic companies to add capsaicin into their lipsticks! Yes, Malaysia Boleh!

Red, hot chillies for that red, hot look! (Source: Internet)

It gets better, some of these ingredients can also be found in your *gasp* FOOD!

Ahaaa, did I manage to spook you with these beauty revelations?

Yup, I don’t think so! How could we women possibly live without lipstick? It’s the most basic thing to have in our handbags. Of course, if you dig deeper into my handbag, you might find at least three, haha! 

Ooooh, this look screams, ‘I’m as hard as diamond, you can’t break me!’
(Source: Internet)

A lipstick is like a miracle invention that can change a woman’s whole face. With lipstick perfectly applied, it enhances our feminine aura and gives a boost of confidence when we really need it. Whatever colour that we apply, a good lipstick with moisturising properties that lasts for hours without re-application is indeed a girl’s best friend. It completes a woman’s make-over and tells her, “You are beautiful as you are, a lipstick only seals your beauty“. Even when you don’t have the time to apply full make-up, just dab a little powder to reduce shine and apply a good lipstick, voila, you’re good to go. 

Besides, who’d want to kiss a woman with chappy lips? So, put on your best lipstick, ladies, pucker up and start kissing!

Nothing says CONFIDENCE better than the perfect red lipstick!
(Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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