I Was Cyber Stalked!

When Someone Googled You

Yes, you read right. I was cyber stalked recently and it was still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. Well, truth be told, it happened on Monday, haha! So, yes, pretty much a couple of yesterdays ago. 

*Note: Cyber-stalking, according to Wikipedia, is the use of Internet and other electronic means to stalk or harass others, be it individual, group or organization. Cyber-stalking may also include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. Anything to do with monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex or gathering information is also considered cyber-stalking. 

Could this be the face of a cyber-stalker? (Source: Internet)

Okay, so excitement aside, it wasn’t really a scary case of cyber stalking. I’ve met the boy once during the Russian Armed Forces Day celebration at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre not too long ago. Let’s call him AZ, shall we? 

During the Russian Armed Forces Day celebration, I invited my friend, Edlyn to join me as well and I told her, we could have fun and find her a nice Russian boyfriend. So as we scanned through the whole banquet hall, we didn’t really find anyone suitable for Edlyn. Besides, there were many distractions along the way, haha, with military attach├ęs from some countries trying to get my number and all. Yes, it sounds a little vain, isn’t it? Haha!

The Belles of the Ball at the Russian Armed Forces Day in February

Finally, after scanning every inch of the banquet hall, my eyes fell onto one young man in suit. I’ve noticed him before at the event. Although he didn’t strike me as someone familiar, despite my rather long involvement with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. He was standing next to a familiar face though. 

So, I whispered to Edlyn if she thought the guy was cute. She glanced for a while and said, he was okay. Haha, well, I told her, let’s just talk to the guy and we could decide later. So, there I was, devising a plan to talk to the guy. You see, I’m actually quite at good at this after some time of practising to throw shyness away and start communicating with strangers. 

Sharing with Edlyn why I love working with the Russians

Of course, I spoke to the familiar face first, but please excuse me, although I’ve seen him one too many times, I never got his name. Ahaaa, it was Dmitry, a typical Russian name. Then, I turned to the other guy and introduced myself. Unsurprisingly, he shared a name with my Iskandar, which is also rather typical among Russians. That was how I met AZ.

AZ turned out to be very pleasant indeed. A real gentleman too. And then I met his mother. Ahaaaa, apparently, I knew his mother, met her on various Russian occasions, haha! And then only Edlyn and I found out that he was so young! Yes, it is a legal age but I I still felt he was a little too young for Edlyn. Still, again, I think AZ was a real gentleman at such a young age. 

“Manners maketh man” – Kingsman: The Secret Service
(Source: Internet)

Anyway, fast-forward to last Monday, I was chatting with my friend, Polina Matveycheva from the Russian Embassy when I saw a new Facebook friend request notification with a Russian name that I was not familiar with. I just clicked on the profile and saw a familiar face. So, I asked Polina and she confirmed that it was AZ. I also noticed that AZ and I didn’t have a mutual friend which means Polina was not on his friends list. Anyway, she told me that the boy was very sweet to give flowers to Polina and her friends. 

So, I accepted the friend request and clicked on his profile. Then, I posted something funny, “Damn! How did you find me?“. Instantly, he sent me a private message and told me he found me through Google. Anyway, the thing that I didn’t like about Facebook Messenger Apps was, it was really irritating because the phone number thing keeps popping up. So, I gave him my number and in less than 10 seconds, I got his Whatsapp text.

I can’t imagine the detective work involved to find me (Source: Internet)

AZ said, it wasn’t easy to find me. It got me wondering, why would he in the first place. He told me, he went back that night realizing that he didn’t have my contact number. He tried asking another Russian friend of mine, Anita but she didn’t have my number. He could’ve asked from Polina but he chose not too, believing that Google knew it all. 

Curious, I asked AZ to tell me. So, it turned out that AZ was bogged down with studies and all (yes, he’s attending college, so you can imagine how I feel) that he only started Googling for me on Monday at 6pm. He told me, he looked for Paris, Malaysia and Russia; trying to connect the dots. 

Here’s Paris and its landmark, the Eiffel Tower (Source: Internet)

And here’s Russia and the famous Kremlin in Moscow (Source: Internet)

And in all its glory, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the iconic Twin Towers (Source: Internet)

Of course, coming to think about it, it must be extremely hard, considering Paris/Malaysia/Russia might probably lead you to holiday packages or flight tickets, haha! Yet, he didn’t stop. He even asked his friends to help him look me up on Google using Chinese and Malay keywords; but to no avail. Honestly this part got me thinking really hard and I was like, ‘Huh?’. He even shared with me how he came across: MALAYSIA BLOGGER PARIS RUSSIA-HILTON-SOPHIE-L’OREAL-MIKI-NUXE-FRANCE-ENCHANTEUR. How cute was that? 

How many times have I been jested and linked to Paris Hilton?
(Source: Internet)

Still he didn’t find me. And probably around 10pm, he was led to my friend, Dik Bee’s blog post on ‘Russian Dance‘ which featured AZ’s friend, Lisa Zhevnovataya whose father, Captain (Navy) Sergey Valeriyevich Zhevnovatiyy is an acquaintance of mine. That was when he found my full name and yes, finally he found my Facebook profile. 

I was so touched by such gesture. Yes, people may say, “Oh, come on, he’s only a child!“. To me, what truly matters is the effort that AZ showed to Google me up. If he was old enough, I’d give him a big hug for making me feel so beautiful and sexy. I mean, would anyone really go through lengths to Google someone up like this? Ladies, how many men you met at events or parties would actually do this for you?

Any woman in her right mind would be flattered by such gesture
(Source: Internet)

So, in my defence, I’m entitled to feel gorgeous with such attention given to me. Yes, some people may say, “The boy is developing a crush“, but I think he just found me interesting, considering that we are both Mass Communications people and we also learned German. How’s that for common ground? 

Haha, oh, no! I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m just still very much delighting in such thought that someone just did something absolutely sweet. So, allow me some more time to revel in this cute adoration! It’ll give a major boost to my ego as a woman!

And no! We’re not going to end up like Harold and Maude! Hahaha! Not that much of a cougar!

A famous story of an old lady and a young boy, Harold and Maude
(Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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