The Russian Armed Forces Day Celebration

Belle of the Ball

After so long, finally, I manage to steal some time to update The Miss Paris Diaries. Sorry! It has been a hectic period for most of us, with two deadlines blooming soon!

So, surely some of you are wondering what happened during the recent celebration of the Russian Armed Forces Day at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Well, here’s the story.

The Armed Forces Day of Russia celebration

I asked an ex-colleague from the old broadcasting station to help me with my make-up. Apparently, Edlyn Ellyna has taken classes and she does wonderful make-up, I swear, I love her works that she posted on her Instagram. Since she has also helped the Russian journalists interview her family members on the MH17 Tragedy, one of the co-pilots was her cousin, Innalillah, so I guess it was only fair to extend the invitation to her as well. Besides, she’s probably wondering why I love working with the Russians for the past couple of years. 

Behold, the pontianak before! (Photo: Edlyn Ellyna)
Hello, hello! (Photo: Edlyn Ellyna)

I was glad the dress that I bought online fitted perfectly, in fact it was a bit loose because I asked for a size too big. Oh, it didn’t matter. At least nobody turned up wearing the same dress that night! Honestly, there’s no telling if people buy dresses from the same online boutique, right? Hahaha! Now that would be extremely awkward, especially considering that I’m one of those who’s NOT blessed with the perfect size zero, limiting my options to buying plus sizes. And only certain online boutiques offer stuff for voluptuous women like yours truly here.

True to my promise, I wore this red dress with lace finishing on top. Even looking for the perfect dress was a struggle for me because I was so fickle-minded that I didn’t know which red outfit would be perfect and finally I settled for this one! Tadaaaa!

The first photo is usually taken in the bathroom with a full mirror, hahaha!

We’re a little early, but we’ve got extra time to powder our noses!

So, Edlyn and I arrived quite early which was quite a record for me, haha! Honestly, I have a thing with attendance, either I was simply early or fashionably late! So, we waited for my friend, Polina Matveycheva who was still nowhere to be seen. At the entrance of the banquet hall, we were greeted by Captain (Navy) Sergey Valeriyevich Zhevnovatiyy and his wife, Madam Natalya Zhevnovataya. The Captain seemed like he was busy running around, so Edlyn and I entertained ourselves.

Captain (Navy) Sergey V. Zhevnovatiyy welcomes the guests

The thing about attending an Armed Forces Day celebration is, being a former Navy Officer’s daughter I have the tendency to bump into a few familiar faces. Not only that, I was also working with the Ministry of Defence Malaysia on so many occasions, so, I do know some of the senior officers too. Since the Defence Attaché of Russia is a navy, of course, there were many Navy men around. In fact, that night, I bumped into two of his juniors; Vice Admiral Dato’ Sri Panglima Ahmad Kamarulzaman Haji Ahmad Badaruddin, the Deputy Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy and Vice Admiral Dato’ Nasaruddin Othman whose daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago I MC-ed. And yes, of course, the big guns were there too, Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, the Deputy Minister of Defence and General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, the Chief of Armed Forces Malaysia

The VIPs on stage

The night got more interesting when my friend, Polina appeared with her colleague, Anita Iriyanova *gasp* and she didn’t wear red like we’ve planned. Apparently, she was caught up with so many things to do that she didn’t even get to go back home to change. With her not wearing red, I sort of felt I was a little overdressed, haha! Polina and I were supposed to be, ahem, the Belles of the Ball! Hahaha! With Barbie Moscow by my side, even Plain Jane like me would look a little bit more than decent, haha! Here’s to wishful thinking!

Ladies must have their favourite LBD!

Anyway, it got a little funny too, when suddenly, a certain Deputy Defence Attaché from a country that shall remain unnamed came up to us and introduced himself. He started chatting and obviously trying his luck to flirt. Even Anita started squeezing my arm, trying so hard not to laugh. When Edlyn sometimes turned to me, I just played along and listened to how the guy was single and all, haha.

Then, as Edlyn and I walked around, another Defence Attaché came up to us and introduced himself. Exchanging numbers was easy to me because it simply opened up doors for me at work. Besides, working in Public Relations means that I need to build strong network professionally and personally. Like I always tell my friends, you never know when you might meet these people again and work together. 

Enjoying quiche that night after days of dieting!

And later, I met another Defence Attaché and then there was a Political Attaché. Edlyn kept asking me how did I do it, gliding from one corner to another and making small talks with ease. Well, it comes naturally after years of practice. Working in different areas of profession and meeting many, many people along the way. And of course, sometimes you just need to pretend that you’re not shy and step up to sell yourself better. 

Read my previous confession titled ‘Be Nice, Play Nice, Speak Nice‘ here:

Of course, I always keep in mind, I’m not talking to my friend of 20 years. I’m talking to someone from another embassy, a diplomat. I need to constantly remind myself never to overdo it and send the wrong signal. Although, as much as I try to keep things professional, some of these men just don’t understand the boundary! Most of the time, I just play along yet still keep a safe distance. 

More stories of gossips coming out soon!

In the meantime, here are some photos we took that night.

With Lt Col Saif Saeed from the Embassy of UAE

With Alena from the Russian Cultural Centre and
Captain (Navy) Maurizio Subiaco from the Embassy of Italy

With Madam Natalya Zhevnovataya (green) and daughter, Lisa (pink)
and the other Russian girls

This is somewhat our hot official photo

A close-up of the Russian and Malaysian babes

And finally, the gila-gila pose!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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