Let It Go… Well, I’m Not, At Least Not Yet

Every Girl Secretly Wants To Be Elsa

Recently, my Kak Erine informed me that her little sister, Asha is getting married this December. So, the Nordin Sisters (yes, all 5 of them) are planning to fly to Bandung, Indonesia to get their dresses done. Kak Erine invited me to join them scheduled some time after Hari Raya. 

A bride and her bridesmaids! (Source: True Photography)

Being the Miss Workaholic that I’ve always been and not knowing what I might be working on around that time, I just told her, I’ll pass her some money and maybe she can get a couple of dresses made for me. Besides, I do need some dresses for special events I attend once in a while. 

Yes, I have many, many dresses in my closet. Some are with more grandeur than others. Some are ready-to-wear, some are custom-made to suit my liking. Of course, my rule of thumb is, I don’t wear the same dress more than once a year. Yes, the most awkward thing that could ever happen is when somebody notices your outfit and actually points it out to you. Oh, no! That’s not nice at all! Besides, knowing how shallow some Malaysians can be, it’s just not the most pleasant experience that could ever happen… and may I remind you, at a special event.

Still, I’ve never met anyone who wore the same outfit… much to my relief!
(Source: Internet)

So, anyway, I was Googling for some of the nice dresses for inspiration. Somehow, I came across some Elsa-inspired outfits and I immediately fell in love. I mean, yes, Frozen is like so two Christmases ago, but admit it, you can still sing at least the chorus if not the whole song. In fact, I believe, when you read this, you’re already humming ‘Let It Go’ very, very quietly, haha! 

The 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Classic series inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ‘Snow Queen’ is undeniably among the most successful movies ever produced. Not bad for an animation, huh? Of course, if you’ve read ‘Snow Queen’ before then you should know that the Snow Queen in the main villain of the story. 

The Snow Queen, beautiful as she is dangerous (Source: Internet)

Yet, Frozen has brought light to the dark characters. Yes, in Frozen, Elsa is good only her fear has driven her into a negative state. So, thinking that if she lives alone, she will not cause harm to anyone, she sings ‘Let It Go’ and change her wardrobe which has captured our hearts worldwide. The song is just annoyingly addictive and will forever be embedded at the back of your brain for many years to come. Don’t believe me? I dare you to play it RIGHT NOW and tell me that you won’t even remember when to jump into the chorus, haha! 

And the dress, ooooh, the dress! How many people all over the world have Little Elsas going trick or treating and the Big Elsas posing at costume or themed parties. Although blue is not really my colour, but what colour best suit ice, frost and snowflakes other than blue. Besides, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have blue dresses too. 

Of course, Elsa’s blue is more of much recognized Tiffany blue with her sparkles and bling bling and the gorgeous snowflake-inspired cape. Of course, everything looks good on a size 2 cartoon character, haha!

Ooooh, tell me you did not swoon when she magically changed into this dress!
I know I did, haha!
(Source: Internet)

So, it got me thinking, why not work on an Elsa-inspired dress for my upcoming events? And no, I won’t follow the design inch by inch. Now that would be overdoing it and again, this is Malaysia after all, where on our Malaysian earth that I can ever wear this without drawing too much attention and ahem, eye-rolling, tongue-sticking sneers from the prihatin Malaysians we have. 

I was thinking of either a two-piece modern kebaya or maybe just a one-piece long dress. Something with lace, something with chiffon and maybe a nice satin lining underneath to hide these ugly timbers I have for legs, haha! So, I went through some designs online and came across these.

Anyone for an Elsa dress this Hari Raya? (Source: Internet)
Too prom queen? (Source: Internet)


This is one of the dresses that I can wear to National Day celebrations , woot woot!
(Source: Internet)
Here’s the winner! Now I know I can cover up a a little here and
there for a more Malaysian-friendly outfit
(Source: Internet)


This is not too bad, eh? (Source: Internet)

Don’t they look great? Aaaaaahhhh, I know, I’ll be making me an Elsa dress soon! Whoop dee do dee do! Of course, it won’t be for Hari Raya or else, my own mother will sneer and start hissing insults like any old Malay mother would in this humble country. I guess, it’s her way of showing concerns. 

Of all things, let’s keep the Elsa-hype minimal especially when dressing up because we don’t want to end up like this Elsa now, do we?

Too bad, I couldn’t find the video (Source: Internet)

Put the Elsa dress aside, let’s focus on the bridesmaid dress. Although we may not be the popular Bridesmaids like Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy….

Yes, she was somewhat villainous, but Rose Byrne was awesome!
(Source: Internet)

But we will pull it off with a swaaaaag!!! 

Oh, yeaaaahhhhh! (Source: Internet)

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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