Top 10 Songs My Gay Friends Love At The Karaoke

I am not a Disco Diva or anything of the sort, but when I find the time and the ‘kaki’ – This is a Malaysian term for buddies, actually it literally translates as ‘foot’ – I will be hogging the microphone at the karaoke like it’s nobody’s business.

karaoke 1
My singing is best compared to Cameron Diaz’s Kim in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ (Source: Internet)

Of course, when you talk about karaoke, the best gang to the karaoke are definitely your gay friends. They are a wonder to ‘lepak’ (hang out) with. I’m not promoting LGBT on my blog, if that’s what you’re thinking, I’m merely sharing fun moments I had with them.

Just like many of us, we each have our own signature song set. In my case, friends know me as an avid fan of *gasp* old traditional Malay songs and at some point, oldies from the 60s. I also love ‘dangdut’ songs where I can twerk like an idiot among men who will never had any sexual desires towards me, haha!

My gay friends however share a common passion for some songs. Although they are not from the same cycle of friends, but they’d sing their heart out to these songs. Are you ready?

Top 10 Sings My Gay Friends Sing at The Karaoke

Beyonce – Listen

There’s something about this song that will instantly drive my gay friends MAD! They’ll start strutting and bending and dancing and writhing! Haha!

Ziana Zain – Anggapanmu, Madah Berhelah and other songs

Particularly ‘Anggapanmu’ and ‘Madah Berhelah’,¬†many of my gay friends love Malaysia’s Whitney Houston particularly her older songs from one of her live concerts.

Katy Perry – Peacock, Last Friday Night and others

When this song was first released, my gay friends were more than eager to perform LIVE specially for me. At first, I didn’t get the whole song, but I later realized that it was the perfect song for my daily wake-up call, haha!

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock… your peacock, cock!

Sadly, this song is no longer searchable at most karaoke places!

Anuar Zain- Sedetik Lebih, Keabadian Cinta and others

Well, it’s not a surprise why gay men love his songs! Haha! I love ‘Sedetik Lebih‘ just as much as they love him! Haha! This is one of his best songs ever, from the official soundtrack of ‘Merong Mahawangsa‘. In case you don’t know, he is the younger brother of Ziana Zain!

Britney Spears – Toxic and other songs

How could any gay boy NOT want to sing a Britney? He must be mad, or perhaps he’s from #TeamChristinaAguilera, yes, if you still remember their old feud between the two pop princesses back in the days when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

Toxic is easily the top pick. If you ask me, I’ll go for I’m A Slave 4 U! Woooot wooot!

Alyah – Sesal Separuh Nyawa and other songs

Alyah has recorded many great songs that will continuously be played on the radio and subsequently sung at the karaoke too. We love her sultry and powerful vocal. A couple of years ago, we all sang to Kisah Hati, so this year, we sing Sesal Separuh Nyawa, which was rumoured to be based on real life story. Whose? Well, I don’t know!

Dayang Nurfaizah – Di Pintu Syurga and other songs

Yes, this song was a chart topper back in ‘Ariana Rose’ TV series days. It catapulted Keith Foo’s name to stardom, as well as his leading lady, Fathia Latiff, who looks a lot like my friend, Nik Sara Sofia from Kelantan. Dayang Nurfaizah is also known as Malaysian Beyonce for her R & B Take a listen to this song and you’ll understand why people love it and gay men sing it.

Pussycat Dolls – Sway and other songs

Most of the time, they don’t even know what they’re singing, but they choose this song for the fun of moving, shaking and swaying within that small room we call karaoke paradiso. Another PCD’s song that deserves to be on the list would be Buttons featuring Snoop Dog. Hush Hush ain’t too bad either!

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza – Bicara Manis Menghiris Kalbu, Kesilapanku Keegoanku and others

Malaysia’s No 1 singer is undeniably an icon among my gay friends. They will sing her songs at karaoke. Oh, and this is another indicator that your supposedly macho, straight friend might be gay after all. Don’t believe me? Well, check their iPod!

Charlie Puth featuring Meghan Trainor – Marvin Gaye

Oh, this is the absolute winner! This is one of my go-to songs at the moment. I could drive around in heavy traffic and sing this song non-stop to ease my boredom. And the video clip is just so … ahem… sexual, but in a cute way. I mean, those orgy scenes are just too high school, isn’t it? Haha!

Honestly, every time I hear this song, I can only think of one person and how I wish I could turn back time and tell him, “Baby, let’s Marvin Gaye it and get it on!”

Truth be told, I miss going to the karaoke with my girlfriends too. Most of them are married, some have moved out of Kuala Lumpur. But my distorted memory of singing our girly hearts out is something like this…

Sex and the City 2 karaoke scene
Haha, naaaah, we’re never dressed up like this at the karaoke!¬† (Source: Internet)

So, when is our next karaoke session?


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