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A day after the Italian reception, I was at home and going through some photos in my phone. I saw the photos I took with the French captain and then, I went through my bag to find his contacts. I was imagining that either I’ve lost it or, I might have not even asked for it.

So, I did what every person in his or her (not-so) right mind would do in cases like this. GOOGLE!

Ogle with Google, LOL!  (Source: Internet)
Ogle with Google, LOL!
(Source: Internet)

I Googled. If you have read my earlier post (click here) about being cyber-stalked by a certain young Russian boy last year, well, I would say, at least I wasn’t so obsessed about finding The Man in White. Mainly because I have never been the computer genius who knows how to do a complex search online.

So, I Googled for the most obvious keywords: Defence Attaché of France to Malaysia. Yes, something popped up but mostly about his official visits to some military facilities in Malaysia. Ahaaa! But at least I got his full name. The next thing to Google was ‘Embassy of France in Malaysia’. Aaaaahhh, only the news related to the defence section. Blaaaaahhhhh! Then, something came across my mind: Why don’t I just call the Embassy and ask to be directed to him? I mean, I could pretend that I wanted to speak to him on some matters, haha! Well, a PR Girl like me can always find ways to work with various organizations.

The only I found when I clicked the Defence link, urghhhh!
The only thing I found when I clicked the Defence link, urghhhh!

Just when I thought I was going to take the desperate measure, his card fell off from my purse. And I thought it was a sign that I should just email him immediately. Then, I looked at his card again. Hello, there was a cellphone number! Ahaaa! Usually diplomats or defence attachés never give out their cellphone numbers. Like the Russians, I guess, very paranoid, haha! So, I punched in his number and prayed that he has Whatsapp, so it would be less embarrassing to email to his official contact, haha!

Aaaaah, somebody up there loves me!
Aaaaah, somebody up there loves me!

Somebody up there must’ve showered me with blessings! The second I saw his name popping up on my Whatsapp list, I started getting a little nervous. Me? Nervous? Really? Yes, I was kinda nervous, which was a little strange.  So, I started tapping some messages at 9.30 am.

Me: Hello, Captain! It was very nice to meet you last night. Sharing photos we took together.

Just a minute later, I received his reply: Hi, sweet lady. Thank you so much.

That was how it happened. The first follow-up. He pointed out that he didn’t get my business card. Yes, I was like a dingbat, I forgot to bring extra the night before. He also told me, he didn’t get my name other than ‘sweet angel’. What a sweet talker! He claimed to have met me before but never got my name. I actually thought when he approached me the first time, he must have known me from my previous works with embassies especially when I was working for HE Liudmila Giorgievna Vorobyeva, the former Russian Ambassador to Malaysia. Yes, at one point in life, I was famously known as the Russian Spy; Agent Lyubov’ S. Klubnichkina (which Polina hates and christened me as Lyubov’ S. Kalinina, sweet and easier to spell too, LOL!)

Codename: Agent Lyubov' S. Kalinina
Codename: Agent Lyubov’ S. Kalinina

And naturally, the first hint of flirtation continued. I told him, I’d be happy to give him my business card in person. To which he replied, he’d be happy to receive it personally. Then, came my spontaneous question, “Lunch today too soon? Next week is already Ramadhan!”

So, lunch actually took place at the Manhattan Fish Market at Ampang Park. I was wearing the Moroccan blouse that my darling Assia gave me before she flew back to Belgium. The funny captain and I started chatting about many things over the course of salad and iced tea. He was very brilliant, a cultured man who had vast of experience and incredibly funny too. I found myself laughing and giggling to his amusing anecdotes on things.

Having lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market with a sailor, LOL
Having lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market with a sailor, LOL (Source: FB/The Manhattan Fish Market)

Then, he asked me the inevitable: The Boyfriend Question! Very daring on the first date (okay, it wasn’t a date, I just wanted to make this entry sound spicy and sexy). I could just lie and say the usual, too busy for a boyfriend, but somehow I felt comfortable enough to talk about the two men I was going out with; Mambo Italiano and the American. I left Mi Amor out of the conversation, not the right time. I also told him, the incident the night before when I caught Mambo Italiano in his uniform surrounded by girls and how I began to put a distance between the American and I because he asked me too many questions about the Russian Embassy; hence he was nicknamed ‘The CIA’.

We used to hang out regularly, but after a while, I realized he was looking for information from the Russian Embassy. WTF!
We used to hang out regularly, but after a while, I realized he was looking for information from the Russian Embassy. WTF!

“Paris, you’re a Queen! Don’t lower your standards for anyone. Don’t forget, a Queen only leaves her throne to meet her subjects,” the Captain said. I have heard of something similar when it comes to boosting my low self-esteem (yes, I have low self-esteem issues!) but I’ve never heard it that way before. Somehow it gave quite an impact on me.

Just as we were pushing away our empty plates, he put my fork and knife away and said, “These are the stupid Italian and the CIA. Get rid of them, forget them”. I laughed so loudly, I thought the other patrons at the restaurant must have heard me. Then, he put a wet tissue and an empty wet tissue wrap together in front of me on the table. He tapped on the empty wrap and said, “This is the Russian ADA”. Aaaah, in case you’re wondering who the Russian ADA is actually he was nobody in my life. I just told the Captain that I was interested in the younger Liutenant Colonel when one of my gay best friends is the one who is dying to get into those army green pants!

Yes, ladies (and gay boys), you will like this one! I'm done with Russians, LOL!
Yes, ladies (and gay boys), you will like this one! I’m done with Russians, LOL!

“This,” the Captain added as he took the new wet tissue. “This is the French DA!”

That was the moment, I burst out laughing. Oh, my God! That was over confident if I might say so. I took the tissue from his hand, smiled widely and replied, “So, the French DA is the good one?”

“The best!” he exclaimed with that adorable smile of his. Yes, despite not being the best-looking man among the diplomatic community (I may share the top pretty boys list one day), the Captain was charming like hell. Plus that British accent, I could imagine how the ladies must have fallen to his feet all the time.

He promised that he was the best, let's see shall we?
He promised that he was the best, let’s see shall we?

When it was finally time to say goodbye, we hugged each other and went our separate ways. I was going to the hospital for a check-up and he had a meeting later in the afternoon. Honestly, I felt so good about meeting him again. Crazy, yes, because although I’ve had diplomats asking me out many times, this is one guy I was quite excited to meet again.

Later, I received his text: “Thank you so much, Queen Paris. What a wonderful time! You made my day! Now I’m back to another reality in my office with a big smile. Have a wonderful afternoon”.

Indeed, the afternoon was wonderful.


I'm imagining a wonderful afternoon in Paris to be something like this...  (Source:
I’m imagining a wonderful afternoon in Paris to be something like this…




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