About Miss Paris

Hey, peeps!

My name is Paris Ashiqin and I’m currently working in Media & Publishing at a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’m generally easy-going and fun. Although to most people, I’m just plain boring because I don’t engage much in the social scene anymore. My idea of a great vacation is staying in bed with a cup of hot coffee and a good book, usually by Jane Green and Tasmina Perry, love them! If I have the time in the world, I’d probably learn a new language.

I love writing, reading, exploring, movies, meeting new people and so many, many more. If you’re in Malaysia, you might even bump into me at events, mostly cultural events and also at the shopping malls for my weekly movie dosage!

Whatever I write on The Miss Paris Diaries are purely my own thoughts and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT reflect my employer’s opinion what-so-ever, so please DO NOT quote me on anything. However, I will still share some of the nicest things about work and not so nice things about work that is not related to our policies for fun.

Feel free to contact me at paris.evilicious@gmail.com if you have any ideas. Although, I cannot promise an immediate response should I be engaged to run something for the job that pays for my monthly expenses, haha!


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