Let It Go… Well, I’m Not, At Least Not Yet

Every Girl Secretly Wants To Be Elsa

Recently, my Kak Erine informed me that her little sister, Asha is getting married this December. So, the Nordin Sisters (yes, all 5 of them) are planning to fly to Bandung, Indonesia to get their dresses done. Kak Erine invited me to join them scheduled some time after Hari Raya. 

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As Intimate As A Kiss…

Beauty Secrets Revealed?

As I was looking for ideas to write for our beauty column and came across this article on www.dailymail.co.uk which was written by Sarah Griffiths and published on 19th August 2014 about a chemistry teacher, Andy Brunning who did his own experiment to check up on the contents of *gasp* LIPSTICK!

Reds, corals, berries, nudes, browns… they just take my breath away!
(Source: Internet)
Of course, as a woman who loves anything related to beauty, I love lipstick! I just love, love, love lipstick! What woman in her sound mind does NOT love lipstick? My first memory of having my own lipstick was probably just before attending kindergarten with one of those lipsticks in swan casing (gincu angsa) that my late Grandma from Pontian brought back after performing her Hajj in Mecca. 
Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you don’t know this! 
Don’t they bring back memories? (Source: antikpraveda.blogspot.com)


Of course back then, I didn’t know what colour to pick for such a tender, delicate age. I believe, I went for a purple-plum colour that was more suitable for a theatre performance. That is, if you’re playing the Great Witch!
As I grow older, I learned more and more about lipstick and other beauty products. In high school, I signed up as an Avon dealer to enjoy buying stuff at discounted price, haha! Yes, funny isn’t it? But, I did that. Besides, at that time, they always gave out those tiny, lippie samples that were just so adorable! Yes, they were supposed to be samples for other, but I ended up using them all. Haha!
You have to admit, Avon has the best colour collection in lipstick!
(Source: Avon UK)
At the same time, I would go to my usual stop for Maybelline brand. I believe, back then, Maybelline was considered quite a high-end brand for high schoolers. So, you can imagine how I’d save up just to buy lipstick. Back then, I remember buying this long-lasting lipstick in red and plum. Not too long later, the Kawaii tsunami hit Malaysia and suddenly the lipstick shades were toned down so much, with added shine. Hence, the new collection was called Maybelline Water Shine with Josie Maran as one of the models. Somehow I ended up buying in at least three shades! Besides, my Mum took my lipstick whenever she ran out of hers. 
Aaaah, this Maybelline shade is simply divine.. And I have two!
(Source: Maybelline Malaysia)
And now that I am, ahem, a lot older and I can afford to buy lipsticks (within my budget of course!) that suit various occasion. Back then, I was too scared to experiment with colours, but I guess now, I’m as fearless as an eagle; an eagle wearing lipstick, haha! Still there are some colours that I wouldn’t really wear for work unless I do it on purpose to piss some ‘kepoh aunties’ off! We have plenty of them at work, so, sometimes, we give them the chance to gossip about us and allow us to enjoy all their pahala, haha!
So, what’s this whole thing about lipstick? 
Let’s pucker up for a smooch… (Source: Internet)
Well, this chemistry teacher, Andy Brunning apparently found strange compounds in the ingredients used to make lipstick. Generally, a lipstick contains 65% castor oil, 15% beeswax, 10% other waxes, 5% lanolin, 5% dyes, pigments and perfume. Although, different brands may use different amount of each ingredients for their lipsticks. It’s like making nasi lemak. Some makcik will use more coconut milk in the rice, while some may put more chillies in the sambal
Waxes such as beeswax, Carnauba wax from Brazil and Candelilla wax are commonly used to make lipstick. Other than giving shape to the lipstick and keep it in that solid state to a certain extent of heat (Malaysia is warm, as we all know), these waxes are also the key ingredients that allow you to apply lipstick smoothly to create that sexy pout you’ve always dreamed of. 
Beeswax has been found in Egyptian tombs, Vikings ship wrecks and Roman ruins
(Source: Internet)

Same goes with oils. In the beauty industry, castor oil is the most commonly used. Castor oil is also said to have many, many beauty benefits from head to toe.

Errrm, no, those are not rambutans.. those are the flowers
from castor oil plant (Source: Internet)

When we look at lipsticks, the first thing that strikes our heads is the burst of colours that beauty brands offer to women (ahemmm, and in some cases, men), convincing our faint hearts that ONE LIPSTICK IS NOT ENOUGH. Well, I couldn’t agree more! Coming to think about it, we women are so smart when it comes to finding excuses to buy more lipsticks. There is a colour for work, another for play. Party lipstick has to be bold and bright, while the casual wear for weekends is usually nude or pinkish. Suddenly there is a rule when to wear matte and when to wear glossy. And we keep telling our partner, a woman must have a lipstick in all 20 of our handbags, for safety reason, in case we forgot to bring one for reapplication. There is always, always an excuse to grab at least one new shade from the recently introduced collection, haha! 

I will marry the man who buys me all these shades of lipstick! I’ll be in heaven!
(Source: www.koopoi.com)

Pigments and dyes are the ingredients that give colours to all the sinful pleasures neatly packaged in these cute tubes. Be it reds, corals, pinks, nudes, berries, or even browns; we must have at least one from each colour scheme. I personally think it’s a cardinal sin NOT to have at least one red lipstick in our make-up bag. There is a red lipstick and there is THE RED LIPSTICK. Usually THE red lipstick is the one we wear for special occasions. 

Carmine red (carminic acid) which is a common pigment used to make red lipstick is actually derived from scale insects; cochineal bugs. Eawww, huh? These insects are boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate solution. Later, hydrated potassium aluminium sulphate is added. 

Do you see red? Well, this is your shade of red, Madam!
(Source: Internet)

So, what is the red lipstick of your choice? The deeper reds or the lighter reds? To achieve that deeper red shades, a fluorescent acidic compound called eosin is added. The dye will change to an unnoticeable slight blue tinge when applied to skin as the amine groups in the proteins of the skin, causing a chemical reaction that will intensify the colour to appear darker. Eosin is also the same compound that gives your lipstick more long-lasting effects. The name Eosin originated from Greek God Eos which means ‘dawn‘. Perhaps it’s a sign, if you put on the wrong shade of red on a wrong occasion, you don’t want to be seen as a supporting cast in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘. Just like the Malay joke that says something about too red of a lipstick, “Lipstick merah menyala macam buntut beruk!” which literally translates ‘The red lipstick is so bright, it looks like an ape’s behind‘. 

This is NOT the kind of love I’m looking for! (Source: Internet)

I know why you love pink lipstick so much! Every girl has Barbie as the ultimate definition of beautiful for as long as she can remember. Barbie always wears the iconic pink lipstick, so all girls must have a pink lipstick in their collection too. Before you get too excited, let me share what Mr. Brunning found. So, if eosin is used to create darker shades of red, guess what is used to lighten them? Titanium dioxide is a white compound that dilute the reds of your lipstick and voila, they become your Barbie pink lipstick!

MAC Cosmestics came up with their special edition Barbie Loves MAC
a few years ago! (Source: Internet)


All the Barbie pinks you can enjoy, ladies (Source: Internet)


Barbie in Nutcracker is still the best of all Barbie movies! (Source: Internet)


Aaaah, yes, I had a Barbie make-over myself when Barbie loves MAC was first launched

And if you think that your lipstick ingredients are not funny enough, wait until you read this. A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that 32 brands of lipstick contained lead, aluminium, chromium and manganese, albeit in tiny, tiny doses. Besides, it was done based on humans ingesting lipstick which got me wondering, why would anyone want to eat lipstick? Then, it dawned on me, how many times have we been kissed with full lipstick on, ladies? Aaaaaahhhh, now I know why Berkeley conducted that study. Well, still, don’t worry, babes. It’s NOT the time for you to get your man to sign a will saying you’d inherit EVERYTHING should something happen to him, like… a lipstick poisoning or something, haha! The contents of heavy metals in lipstick are NOT heavy enough apparently to kill anyone, haha!

Have you kissed your man today? (Source: Internet)

 Every woman in the world is envious of Angelina Jolie‘s sexy lips. It’s so obvious why. Remember in all the movies she acted, she can just go around in nude lipstick and still look so God-damn kissable! And whenever she looks at a man and starts laughing, how could not love/hate Angelina Jolie? She did marry the sexiest man on Earth anyway. Well, we don’t act in million-dollar movies, nor do we marry the sexiest man on Earth, but cosmetic brands do promise that we can achieve her bee-stung sexy lips with only lipstick! So, how do they do it? 

Angelina Jolie can pull off that nude lipstick look anytime! (Source: Internet)
Okay, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley came close! (Source: Internet)

Okay, before you start panicking thinking they might put bee sting or bee dung in your lipstick, fret not. It’s actually capsaicin, a compound found in chillies. Yes, chillies, ladies, chillies! Just as some of us who cannot eat anything spicy food as they can get swollen lips, the same idea was put into lipstick. The capsaicin acts like a minor skin irritant to give you a fuller, plumper look. So, remember back in the days when mothers said, “Nak kena cili mulut tu?” which was a common threat made by mothers to stuff chillies into a child’s mouth for saying something foul, I guess, old Malay mothers inspired cosmetic companies to add capsaicin into their lipsticks! Yes, Malaysia Boleh!

Red, hot chillies for that red, hot look! (Source: Internet)

It gets better, some of these ingredients can also be found in your *gasp* FOOD!

Ahaaa, did I manage to spook you with these beauty revelations?

Yup, I don’t think so! How could we women possibly live without lipstick? It’s the most basic thing to have in our handbags. Of course, if you dig deeper into my handbag, you might find at least three, haha! 

Ooooh, this look screams, ‘I’m as hard as diamond, you can’t break me!’
(Source: Internet)

A lipstick is like a miracle invention that can change a woman’s whole face. With lipstick perfectly applied, it enhances our feminine aura and gives a boost of confidence when we really need it. Whatever colour that we apply, a good lipstick with moisturising properties that lasts for hours without re-application is indeed a girl’s best friend. It completes a woman’s make-over and tells her, “You are beautiful as you are, a lipstick only seals your beauty“. Even when you don’t have the time to apply full make-up, just dab a little powder to reduce shine and apply a good lipstick, voila, you’re good to go. 

Besides, who’d want to kiss a woman with chappy lips? So, put on your best lipstick, ladies, pucker up and start kissing!

Nothing says CONFIDENCE better than the perfect red lipstick!
(Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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When Girls Get All Dolled Up

The Girlie Pre-Event Secret

Aaaaah, Russia… (Source: Internet)

Tomorrow, yes, on Thursday tomorrow, I’m invited to attend the Celebration of the Armed Forces Day of the Russian Federation at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Having worked with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia on numerous collaborations make me a familiar face among the Russian diplomats working in Malaysia. 

So, the Defence Attaché, Captain (Navy) Sergey Valeriyevich Zhevnovatiyy and his wife, Madam Natalya Zhevnovataya are among the nicest people from the Embassy and it’s a great honour to attend the Russian Armed Forces Day celebration. Actually, he forgot to send me the invitation last year. And honestly, I blame my former Russian flame, Iskandar for not sending me the invitation. But it was fine, we crashed the party anyway, my friend, Shanina Stepanenko and I while attending an event organized by the Ministry of Tourism. 

The night Nina and I crashed the party next door last year 

Usually before any special events as such, I’d have to crack my head just to decide on what to wear. Last year, during the Russian National Day celebration, I wore a custom-made white dress which was inspired by ahem, a bridal gown actually. Haha, yes, this is what we Malaysians call ‘berangan‘ (daydreaming). It took me a few weeks just to get the idea to come up with the design and a few more weeks to get my tailor, Kak Ina to make it. On top of that, I also sow some glittery beads on the sleeve and beaded lace on the hem. And voilà, it was done. 

I was a bride that night. Even the former Russian Ambassador, HE Lyudmila Giorgievna Vorobyeva said that I was ready to have a wedding. Forgive me, Your Excellency, my groom was standing somewhere in the hall drinking vodka with his friends while secretly eyeing me from a distance, so said my spies. Okay, this is a story in another confession!

I love my dress last year! 

My Russian friend, Polina Matveycheva and I sort of agreed to wear something red this year. Yes, we’ve planned it, but in between, we’d Whatsapp each other and say, “I don’t know what to wear“. Finally, I’ve bought a dress from an online boutique and will keep my fingers crossed that nobody will wear the same dress! The dangers of buying online stuff, haha. And Polina also sent photos of lovely dresses and probably, she had a shaky moment, red or not red, haha! Of course, she’s sticking to red, we’ve promised, haha!

The thing with us girls is, no matter how many dresses we have; when it comes to a special event, suddenly we couldn’t find the perfect dress and end up buying a new one. In my case, when I buy something new, most of the time, I end up buying Plan B and Plan C. The same goes with when getting something tailor-made. I usually have Plan B and Plan C. So, ladies and gentlemen, the vicious cycle continues. So, let’s test your Maths! If I buy or make a dress for a special event, and plus the Plan B and Plan C, just imagine how many dresses do I really have in the closet (and outside the closet?). Haha! And yet, I still don’t have a dress!

Looks familiar, girls? (Source: Internet)

And then, there’s the make-up and hair. Although, I generally can dab colours onto my face and try to look as decent as possible, I do however prefer it to be done by a professional. When I do my own make-up, I end up looking like my usual self, thanks to my Parkinson hands. I never get the shading right, nor the right spot to apply blusher. And eyeshadow, urghhh! When so many people have taught me how to apply eyeshadow, I still don’t get the smokey eye look correct. I have no idea what’s the V that they told me to create with deeper tone of colours. When people say blend, do I blend better with brush or my own fingers? Blahhhhh! When I get a special touch by others, aaahhh, that’s when magic happens. As the saying goes, leave it to the professional.

Parkinson hands, stop making me look like Mimi! (Source: Internet)

Same goes with hair. I swear, I can never get the hair right. I have hair dyer and curling thong and by right, I should be able to make my own hair. Unfortunately, I can’t achieve that wavy, poofy hair look that I so long desire. It’s what my girls and I call ‘kepuk-kepuk asmara‘. Again, I go to the professional. Usually I go to Michael Ong, my stylist to get my hair done. He does a wonderful job with creating the perfect crown for this so-called princess. And by the way, he’s the only great AND straight hair stylist I know.  Besides, I just enjoy having a moment of pampering with me sitting back and let Michael turn my fine but limp baby hair into Farah Fawcett’s oh-s-famous waves

Who does NOT love this hair? (Source: Internet)

This is more me (Source: Internet)

These are the things that we girls would love our adoring fans to see. And then, there are the small little bits and bobs that we want to hide. Yes, yes, not all of us are born with the perfect Barbie doll figure. Some of us including yours truly have figures like Kim Kardashian‘s plastic surgery gone wrong. In my case, my boobs are too small and my ahem, derrière is too big. To top it up, my tummy is what you may cite as the inspiration for Big Mac, haha! So, how do we achieve that post Nip/Tuck look? 

Well, there’s this invention of torture for women we call body shaping undergarments, haha! Ooops! I’m not going to share too much with you. Let me enjoy my night with the Russian hotties first and I’ll tell you in the next confession.

So this is how I really look like underneath, haha! (Source: Internet)

See you in the confession from the Armed Forces Day!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman – Photo Diary

My favourite spa 

Speaking to Mama Rosidah recently on her spa, Emares Spa & Beauty, she shared some stories behind the establishment. She’s faced several health challenges and undergone some surgeries. Upon advice from her friends, she started taking gamat-based products under the House of Healin brand developed by Professor Dato’ Dr. Hassan Yaakob. Healin products actually accelerated her recovery and based on her own personal experience, she decided to get involved in the business.

Here are some of the Healin products that are available at Emares Spa & Beauty:

Look for House of Healin products here at Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman

Some of the Healin products available at Emares Spa & Beauty
Each Healin supplement type has its own benefits

Healin’s Gamogen is among the best-sellers

Zaniton is increasingly becoming a favourite among Healin consumer
Another hot-selling item, Mirakel Soap, very good for the skin
Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste salty like sea-cucumber! Haha!
This gamat shampoo smells heavenly

And here are my favourites of the Healin range!

This shower cream is absolutely divine. Try it and you’ll know
This energy drinks can be quite addictive!

Visit Emares Spa & Beauty:

Lot G43, Plaza Idaman, 
Batu 5, Jalan Gombak, 
53100 Kuala Lumpur

See you in the next Photo Diary!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman, Kuala Lumpur

A Weekend to Pamper Myself

I was born with dark skin, so, as you all know, in Malaysia that’s considered not beautiful. So, I’ve tried all sorts of whitening products. During my younger years, products from Thailand and the Philippines with excessive amount of hydroquinone to bleach my skin.

What was the result like? BIG MISTAKE! According to Wikipedia, in human medicine, Hydroquinone is used as a topical application in skin whitening to reduce the colour of skin. It can also cause skin sensitivity. Hydroquinone is sometimes combined with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that exfoliate the skin to quicken the lightening process. It was actually common to find beauty products containing up to 2% Hydroquinone, including in the US. The use of Hydroquinone is banned in some countries, including member states of the European Union, EU. 

So, there you have it, my skin was red all the time. I had to stay away from direct sun due to the burning sensation. Skin peeling was unavoidable. It looked as if I had residues from one of those peel-off masks, only the mask was actually MY own skin. And although I noticed my skin was much fairer and seemed flawless, not even the , I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. So I stopped.

The side effects only came much later. Due to the skin sensitivity, my skin gets acne very easily. Although, I’d say I was somewhat blessed my acne problem was nothing super serious like zits the size of Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose, still it didn’t look good and eventually, I felt somewhat embarrassed when most of my friends had very beautiful skin.

My girlfriend and neighbour since I was 12, Izyan Farhani actually took me to a spa near our beloved Setapak. I was introduced to her classmate, Dalila Shaharom whose future mum-in-law, Puan Rosidah Sohod at that time owned the spa, Emares Spa & Beauty. I tried their facial services. Of course, after damaging my skin for many months, nobody could expect speed recovery.

Emares Spa & Beauty at Plaza Idaman, Gombak

I went to the spa a few times for the next few months and noticed positive changes on my skin. Aaaah, I’ve found my second home there. From the facial services, I tried their full body massages too and most of the time, I’d opt for both at the same time. Massage first, then facial. Now that’s relaxing. 

Now, I’m proud to say that I’m a satisfied regular customer at Emares Spa & Beauty. In fact, I no longer call Puan Rosidah by her name, instead, I just call her Mama. Back then, I’ve got more time to come over for facial treatments and massages. Then, I started working shifts and mostly ended up till late at night. I didn’t have the luxury to go for facials and massages anymore. At times, when I came, Mama couldn’t slot me in since there were a lot of customers. 

So, I tried other spas within the Plaza Idaman Complex. The first spa I went to did a terrible job during the facial. I was quite shocked with their style of conducting facial treatment. They actually used one of those ‘Good Morning’ towels to wipe my face and it got me wondering, why use towels instead of facial sponges? Guess what happened when I woke up? I saw a guy lying on another bed just behind mine and doing his facial too with his shirt off. Eawww!!!

The other spa I went to was right upstairs. The owner boasted about her products that were more superior than others. Okay, let’s see. And again, I was unsatisfied with the service because the next day, I see tiny pimples growing on my T-Zone. Oh, no!

I ended up crawling back for Mama’s mercy, and of course, being the lovely mother figure, she gave me a special treatment for sensitive skin. After a couple of sessions, my skin was better. 

I love coming here when I’ve got the time 

So, let me tell you why I love going to Emares Spa & Beauty, Plaza Idaman.

1. It’s a Muslimah spa
Although it’s not an all-Muslimah spa, however, only facial treatment is available for men. Emares Spa & Beauty does not perform massages and body treatment for men. In fact, the spa has two separate rooms in case there is a male customer. Only husband and wife are allowed to share the two-bed spa room for facial treatments. 

You can choose to get facial treatment here, if you prefer privacy
If you bring your friend or spouse, this room is perfect!

Other than that, they also have ample space for customers to perform their prayers. Hence, shoes and slippers are to be left right at the door. 

2. Head-to-Toe Health & Beauty Treatments
As a teenager, I was only exposed to doing facial treatment. As I grow older, I realized the need for regular health and beauty regime, including body massage, sauna, scrubbing, waxing and mani/pedi. 

Aromatherapy Massage Oil that will leave you
feeling refreshed with trails of floral scents

Emares Spa & Beauty also offers treatment such as Lulur Bath (mandi lulur), Milk Bath (mandi susu) and Floral Bath (mandi bunga). Mandi Lulur is an ancient beauty treatment originated in the Javanese Island centuries ago in the palaces of central Java as a purifying ritual for Javanese princesses usually before their wedding day. Traditionally, Mandi Lulur uses herbs and spices rich with nutrients and minerals, fit for the Royal Family. The ingredients are mixed and used to scrub dead cells from the body, to reveal a fairer and softer skin. 

For lulur bath

For milk bath

Its milky counterpart, Mandi Susu or Milk Bath is as simple as bathing in milk instead of water. Cleopatra, Elizabeth I of England, Elisabeth of Bavaria and other legendary beauties have historically acclaimed the beautifying benefits of these baths. It utilizes lactic acid; a chemical compound (alpha hydroxy acid) found in milk that can dissolve proteins that hold together dead skin cells

A nice time to soak in beauty secrets 

Mandi Bunga or Floral Bath is famously known by the Asians, especially in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China as part of their ritual practice for beauty, good future, to dispel bad luck, to refresh the mind and body and of course, to get rid of unpleasant body odour. Over here at Emares Spa & Beauty, it’s better to call Mama for an appointment and to prepare items such as kaffir lime (limau purut), key lime (limau nipis) and sweet-scented flowers; all in 7s or extra just in case. Flowers like red roses (mawar merah), white roses (mawar putih), ylang-ylang (bunga kenanga), michelia champaca (bunga cempaka kuning), michelia alba (bunga cempaka putih), jasmine (bunga melur), gardenia (bunga cina), bullet wood flowers (bunga tanjung), tuberose (bunga harum sundal malam/bunga sedap malam), bread flower (bunga kesidang/bunga kerak nasi) and Orange Jasmine (bunga kemuning) are quite easy to find in Chow Kit Road Market actually. In fact, Mama told me, the person who wants to experience mandi bunga must choose the flowers that she personally likes so that the positive energy from the colourful flowers will better enhance the person’s aura

Here’s an article written by Meran Abu Bakar from Utusan on Floral Bath at Emares Spa & Beauty.


*Note: Floral baths known as banos florales are a tradition in Peru, a shamanic healing from high Andes to the Amazon basin to wash away bad spirits and to correct the energy and universal balance. 

Or you can also go for a monthly or fortnightly sauna session. As for either the regular, aromatherapy or herbal sauna; whichever that you prefer.

Sauna usually last between 15 to 30 minutes,
so drink lots of water before and after each session 

3. It’s clean, comfortable and safe
Of course, a spa needs to be clean and comfortable. As a woman who is working all the time, I’d attend events at night and in the weekends; going to Emares Spa & Beauty is one of those little luxuries I have to strip naked and relax for a therapeutic bath, massage and facial. In fact, don’t be surprised if I say, more often than not, I fall asleep and usually will only be awaken later, haha! Mama and her staff know that I’m usually exhausted after work. 

A better view to show how clean the place is

This spa is also equipped with security cameras. Don’t worry, there is no camera installed at the actual spa area. And the spa area is also covered, nobody can peek in while you’re enjoying a relaxing journey to a beautiful, healthier you. 

The main entrance and cashier
The other entrance 

4. As a regular, I get extra services
Of course, I get the occasional discounts on special packages, but it’s unfair. Although, Mama is like my second Mum, but she’s still a business woman. I’d rather pay for the services that I enjoy here. Naturally, I get extra services such as prolonged massage time, extra facial massage during treatment and many more. So, you need to come here to find out.

Extra service also means that popping my zits
will be a real torment, haha, in the name of beauty!

5. Mama is a qualified spa operator/owner
When you go to any spa, surely you’d be at ease when you know that you are in the safe hands of a qualified spa operator. 

Emares Spa & Beauty at a glance

About Emares Spa & Beauty

Puan Rosidah binti Sohod, or fondly called Mama, a local Gombak resident, was a graduate from Universiti Teknologi Mara in Secretarial Science. When she got married and have 3 children, she took up Islamic Studies in Syariah at Universiti Malaya

According to Mama, she just accidentally ventured into the beauty and spa business as she was formerly a full-time house wife. She took up various beauty courses organized by MLVK, Mustika Ratu and several more, thus earning her licence to open a professional spa. Starting off operating at home providing services for her family and neighbours; her late husband encouraged her to open a spa.

She believes in honesty and takes full responsibility for services provided to her customers. She always ensures that she gives the best to them, a reason why most of them are her regulars for many years (including yours truly). 

Like ‘Emares Spa & Beauty‘ on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/emaresspa

Feel free to call Mama Rosidah for an appointment at +6019-223 7619 or walk-in for a nice, relaxing get-away at Emares Spa & Beauty:

Lot G43, Plaza Idaman, 
Batu 5, Jalan Gombak, 
53100 Kuala Lumpur.

Find Emares Spa & Beauty on Maps or GPS:

Coordinates: 3.213343, 101.713266

Among the services provided here:

Facial Treatments:

  • Skin tags and oil cyst (by appointment only)
  • Sinus treatment
  • Acne treatment 
  • Whitening treatment
  • Regular facial

Therapeutic Baths:

  • Mandi Bunga
  • Mandi Lulur
  • Mandi Susu
  • Mandi Bunga (by appointment only)


  • Regular sauna
  • Aromatherapy sauna
  • Herbal sauna


  • Spa massage (full-body, back, leg, etc)
  • Traditional massage
  • Post-natal massage (by appointment only)

Other services:

  • Waxing, manicure, pedicure, etc.
  • Make-up services (by appointment only)
  • Bridal rentals, etc. 

These services are available ala-carte and in packages. Packages range from RM160 to RM220 (except make-up and bridal rentals). 

I usually go for facial treatment and full body massage. Occasionally, whenever Mama is free, I’ll pop in for mandi bunga, haha! 

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Switch (1991) – Movie Diary

The old switcheroo 

One of the things that I love doing when I’m alone and bored is to start reading movie summaries on Wikipedia. Sometimes, From one link, I can continue clicking until I read something else altogether. So, I was reading about ‘Interstellar’ and clicked on ‘Matt Damon’ which led to ‘Ocean’s Thirteen‘, and came across this name: Ellen Barkin. Curious to know who she was, I clicked on her profile and read that she was known for the 1991 movie, ‘Switch‘.

Promotional Poster (Source: Internet)

Aaah, it turned out that ‘Switch’ was a movie about the old switcheroo, body swapping. What I read was a very, very short summary with little info. So, I decided to look for the movie on Youtube. And guess, what? I found it! So, I watched it. 

The movie began with Steve, a womanizing advertising executive who is murdered by this three ex-girlfriends. Yes, THREE! What he assumed was a fun orgy in the jacuzzi turned out to be a payback for the way he treated women. 

When drowning Steve doesn’t do the trick, Margo (middle) shoots him (Source:Internet)

So, he is stuck between Heaven and Hell and requests from God to return to Earth to find the one female who liked him, in order to be in God’s good graces. The Devil however has another idea. Since he is recruiting, he makes Steve’s journey more difficult by deciding that, Steve should come back as a woman so he could not simply pretend to be a good guy to sway women into liking him.

This is when things start to get really interesting. Of course, since God agrees with the Devil, Steve came back as a beautiful blonde played by Ellen Barkin. Hysterical at first, Steve decides to call his colleague, Walter (Jimmy Smits). 

Steve is in the bathroom for his usual morning business 
for the first time as woman(Source: Internet)

Steve goes to see one of his murderer, Margo and spooks her into lending Steve a dress. Steve meets Walter at a bar and introduces himself as ‘Amanda’, derived from ‘A MAN’, haha, how convenient! (So now, I will address Steve as Amanda) Supposedly, Amanda is Steve’s half-sister to whom Steve confides about his miserable life and decides to take a sabbatical in the manner of French painter, Gauguin which was repeatedly mentioned in the first half of the movie. 

So, Amanda manages to get a big, fat raise from Steve’s boss on grounds that ‘Steve doesn’t give you a hard-on’, which I thought was extremely funny since as a viewer, I knew that was Steve talking to his own boss. Yet, that scene proved how some women could just get away with murder with just the way they look.

Amanda explains how Steve needs time off like Gauguin (Source: Internet)

So, Amanda began her search and tries to reach out to so many women who know Steve just to get a positive feedback to escape the sentence in Hell. It turns out that no women like him, not even a little. His secretary cries in joy when she knows that Steve is never coming back. Other women call him ‘a major asshole’, hahah, well, you can imagine you horrible he had been treating women. Including one model who slept with Steve to be on the cover of the magazine. 

*Guess what, this Connie model was played by the forever adorable Tea Leoni!

Amanda meets Connie, who graces the front 
cover of a magazine after sleeping with Steve (Source: Internet)

In the meantime, Amanda becomes the centre of attention at work and when she goes out. Steve’s boss try to hit on her. A colleague, Dan who just moves to her office tries his luck too. Even Walter, in a drunken state actually confesses how he found Amanda totally irresistible. 

Amanda even catches the eye of Sheila (Lorraine Braco), a potential client who she meets with Margo’s help. At first Amanda plays along, and then she realizes that she’s a homophobe. Yet, she tried her best until she and Sheila both got into a brawl at an all-lesbian party. Somehow Sheila must’ve been very impressed that she decided to hire Amanda’s company to manage her advertising needs. 

The Blonde vs The Brunette (Source: Internet)

I actually loved the scene during a business meeting when Amanda and Sheila clearly show their hostility (jealousy, perhaps?) towards each other. Sheila requested the ever-obnoxious Dan to manage her account. Dan asks Amanda to join his team and she purposely pressed her breasts against Dan’s face, asking him out to discuss the account. When she asks which place does Dan prefer, some place public or private? Dan answers, the former and Amanda spits out, ‘Good, then I can show you off!‘ and walks away, with the camera panning to Sheila to show her silent reaction.

Like all movies with similar body swapping plot, Amanda learns how horrible Steve has been treating women. In fact, she finally understands the whole deal about being a woman. How sometimes women are discriminated against, subjected to sexual harassment, etc. On a drunken night with Walter, they ended up making love. I thought it was really funny how she punches Walter in the face a couple of times and accuses him of being a rapist. 

Amanda’s new look (Source: Internet)

Steve’s body is found and Amanda is tried at court, since Margo plants the gun at Steve’s apartment. Since Amanda can’t prove she IS Steven Brooks, so she is sent to jail. During her sentence, she finds out that she is pregnant with Walter’s child.

Later, Walter informs her that Amanda can’t carry the baby to full term due to complications and suggests an abortion, of course, Amanda refuses having grown used to being pregnant. I cried during this scene!

Walter: He (the doctor) said that if you carry the baby to full term, it’s possible that you might … (trails off)

Amanda: Die? What about the baby, Walter?

Walter: That’s the thing. He said that if you decide not to have the baby, well, then… 

Amanda: Oh, no! I’m having the baby, Walter. 

Walter: Can we talk about this here?

Amanda: No, we can’t talk about this! Walt, you can’t imagine what it’s like to have a life inside you. It’s growing, Walter. It’s moving. It lives because I live and when I die, there’s a part of me that goes on. It’s truly amazing thing. It is an honest-to-God miracle. 

How do you feel about marrying your basketball partner, buddy? (Source: Internet)

A tear-jerker scene turns into something funny, when Walter asks Amanda to marry him. She actually snickers when saying her ‘I do’. Walter quits his job at the firm after being pressured by his boss. Amanda later dies after she delivers a beautiful baby girl. 

Finally, a female who likes Steve Brooks, his/her own daughter (Source: Internet)

The scene ends with Walter and their daughter visits Amanda’s grave. The tombstone reads ‘Amanda Brooks Stone – A great guy and a very special woman. May they rest in peace. 1955-1991’. And up there, Amanda is given a choice either to be a male or female angel to which she responds, ‘I really liked being a man, but being a woman has its advantages’. 

Okay, now, why I love this movie? Throughout the movie, I was wondering, when will Amanda ever turn into Steve again. And of course, how could he explain Amanda’s disappearance? Going to Tahiti like Gauguin as well? Hahaha! But I was proven wrong. Amanda stayed as Amanda until the end. It was quite different from all the old switcheroo movies I’ve watched before. 

I honestly think Ellen Barkin played Amanda Brooks so well, with her manly mannerism throughout the movie. Even when she wears a dress and gets all dolled-up, you still see a man struggling in high heels and tries so hard NOT to look at other women’s assets. And Jimmy Smits made his character, Walter Stone so, so, so adorable. You just can’t avoid liking him so much and wanting him to have a happy ending with Amanda, no matter how wrong that might’ve been. 

Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits were adorable together (Source: Internet)

Here’s where I watched Switch. Thank you, Ardi Tan for uploading the movie which moved me to tears. 

But if you’re unsure if you might like the movie, watch the trailer here

Here are among my other favourites!

1. The Hot Chick
Honestly, I still couldn’t get pass Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams experience a body swap. Remember the scenes with Rob adjusting to being a girl? Hahaha! The bar scene with the bartender. The bathroom scene at the club. When he approached Jessica’s boyfriend. Hahaha!

The new face of ‘HOT’? (Source: Internet)

2. 17 Again
Aaaah, the first movie that I could actually stand Zac Efron, haha! Excuse me, High School Musical fans! I absolutely love this movie because when Mark (it’s actually Mike) is chasing his good old days, he realizes that the most important thing in life is his family all along. 

This movie makes me feel like a cougar! (Source: Internet)

3. Freaky Friday
With Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, this was a great movie for the whole family. Haha, who’d have thought the fortune cookies can turn your fortune upside down! 

One of Lilo’s best! (Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Love Is – by Miss Paris

Old memories of you…

Love is when he sees me for the first time and just tells himself, “I should talk to her”…

Love is when he speaks to me for the first time and tells himself, “I want to be her friend”…

Love is when he becomes my friend and tells himself, “I want to share everything with her” …

Love is when he shares one line, “Paris, I love u” …

Love is when I realize that I feel the same way..

Love is when he is all I think about every day…

Love is when he is all I dream about every night…

Love is when his voice echoes in my head every day…

Love is when I touch his hand, I feel his warmth…

Love is when I hold him tight, I feel his heartbeat..

Love is when I kiss his lips, I feel his passion…

Love is when he brightens my day…

Love is when he fills my night with stars. ..

Love is when he completes my life…

If love is a person, his name is… 

Love in sunset (Source: Internet)

*Aaaaahhhh, another blast from the past, circa 2008.

I have to admit, I’m not a good writer when it comes to grammar and structure, everything that says ‘English Literature’. I just love to write.

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,

Miss Paris

I wuv ya!

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Why ‘Confessions’? – by Miss Paris

Confession vs Entry

Yes, it is a little confusing isn’t it? Making it sound so glamorous like ‘The Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and ‘The Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’. 

The Shopaholic Series have driven readers worldwide crazy (Source: Internet)

Since I started hanging out with my blogging buddies, I always hear them talk about their daily entries and what-nots. Honestly, when it comes to anything living on battery and electricity (even calculators, mind you!), I’m as blank as a piece of sketching paper. Haha! Yes, it’s actually that bad. So, instead of seeing myself as a blogger, I’d prefer to see myself as a contributor/writer.

So, whatever I write, comes straight from my heart and mind (hopefully in a good balance). Just as honest one ought to be when writing diaries, I see it more of a confession.

Nope, I’m not a teenager anymore but I could be a DRAMA QUEEN 
if you push me! (Source: Internet)

You see, I look highly on bloggers. To me, they play a significant role in the development of the society, part of the new age media. Youngsters nowadays turn to them for information. Of course, it goes back to the sort of information that you share, and how you convey the messages. I respect how some blogging buddies of mine manage their blogs. Of course, that’s a loooooooot to catch up. In fact, I don’t plan to. I just want to learn from them. They have some great ideas and approach when connecting with the world (remember when I said, when you dream, you dream BIG?) through their writings. 

Let me thank the bloggers who helped me a lot for the past one year!

The Big Papa who made The Miss Paris Diaries possible. 
You want to set up your own blog? This is the guy you seek! 
(Source: www.aimedia.my)

Sweet like honey, Dik Bee – she takes excellent photos for us (Source: Facebook)

Who would’ve thought we all went to UiTM Arau together, 
only different courses. Pojie & Pejal, I call them.

The adorable, big softies! Mawardi & Razi

One of those rare moments Zulhilmi Tempoyak forgot 
to open his mouth widely in photos!

The Visible Voice who voiced out ‘Perlu ke?’ and made it famous!

The Baby Brother, any takers, ladies? (Source: Instagram)

Kak Hanim (3rd from left) who taught me on ethics and responsibility while running a blog and Miera Nadhirah (far right) who often extended invitations to me

As much as some people think that they can get away with responsibilities when posting stuff online, I’d prefer if we all practise a little bit of ethics in this world. One can be personal about something, but at the same time, please be fair to others as well. Remember this famous line from Spiderman, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’? So, let us all carry a little responsibility in the society. 

Back to the ‘confessions’ story, well, hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. I’m planning to share other people’s stories and confessions too in the future! So, stay tuned….

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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