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Wow! It has been a while since I last wrote something on The Miss Paris Diaries! Yes, I blame pure laziness for this.

If you’re wondering, why suddenly do I feel like writing again, well, I’ve had a very interesting time in my life recently. In fact, all and all, it only happened in less than 2 months. I met someone… and this is our story.

The beautiful sight of Eiffel Tower from a distance (Source: Internet)
The beautiful sight of Eiffel Tower from a distance
(Source: Internet)


I thought, I wouldn’t attend the Italian National Day celebration this year because a certain someone who was supposed to take me as his plus one told me that he was flying back to Rome for a month and would only arrive after the event. Of course, I was a little frustrated but my Fairy Godmother, Madam Camelia N. Tudose, the Deputy Head of Mission of Romania told me that I could go with her.

Friendship beyond geographical borders. (L-R) Tatiana Gounar (Russia), Dr. Cinzia Giordanelli Kohlreiser (Italy), Madam Camelia N. Tudose (Romania) and yours truly (Malaysia).
Friendship beyond geographical borders. (L-R) Tatiana Gounar (Russia), Dr. Cinzia Giordanelli Kohlreiser (Italy), Madam Camelia N. Tudose (Romania) and yours truly (Malaysia).


Upon arrival (albeit a little late because I was stuck in the very famous KL traffic), I walked into the ballroom and there he was, my Mr. Mambo Italiano (yes, I shall give everyone a nickname) was there in his uniform. I whispered to Camelia and her response was simple, “What a jerk!”

Now, before anyone thinks that I was dating Mambo Italiano, I wasn’t. We were friends, or at least that was what I thought we were.  We had fun meeting up once in a while and I always sent him a box of my famous batik cake which he called ‘chocolate bomb’ almost on a weekly basis. So, I didn’t know what happened actually.

Mambo Italiano and I at the Pakistan Day celebration in March. I was working for the High Commission of Pakistan on several projects.
Mambo Italiano and I at the Pakistan Day celebration in March. I was working for the High Commission of Pakistan on several projects.

Truth is, I was pissed off and I told myself, don’t get mad, get even. Or at least, show him, what Miss Paris is capable off. So I started mingling around, even met Mambo Italiano’s boss whom I’ve met during the Russian Armed Forces Day celebration last year. Then, hopping from one person to another bumped me into Joshua Norman, one of the guys from the US Embassy who lost a bet with me two years ago and owed me RM100. Good thing, he remembered the bet and gave me the RM100, haha! I was happy.

After 2 years! Yeayy! He forgot to calculate the interest though, LOL!
After 2 years! Yeayy! He forgot to calculate the interest though, LOL!

That was when he came towards me with a nice, wide smile and he told Joshua, “That’s not how you give money to the girl, mate”. We were somewhat puzzled at that time. I mean, who was that guy in his navy uniform. Then, he asked, “May I?”.

Being the frivolously happy person that I have always been, I just said, “Sure!”

This old dude just took the RM100 from my hand and slipped it between my boobs. Instead of finding it offensive, I just laughed out really loud. Then, he stepped closer, took my hand, kissed it and introduced himself, “Pierre, French DA”.

What startled me was how non-French he sounded! In fact, he had this sexy British accent that might’ve thrown my guard off if I was not careful. “You sound very British, if I may say so,” I replied. I took the business card he gave me. Yup, he’s French. Captain Navy, uh-huh.

Oh, Richard Gere! You made every woman dream of being held like this! (Source: Internet)
Oh, Richard Gere! You made every woman dream of being held like this!
(Source: Internet)

So, that was how we met. I thought he was delightful, so full of life. Not the best-looking man around, a little too skinny for my liking, not tall enough for a girl who loves high heels, perhaps a tad too old, but I was more interested on the rank on his shoulders. And I will tell you why.

Just several feet behind him, was Mambo Italiano talking to a bunch of girls, probably charming their socks off with his thick Italian accent, rugged good-looks and probably the same sweet lines he used on me and some other girls before this, haha!

Yup, in his uniform, I'm sure ladies will find him incredibly charming!
Yup, in his uniform, I’m sure ladies will find him incredibly charming!

So, in my head at that time, (please don’t hate me!) I was already devising a plan how to use this perfectly available Captain Navy at my disposal. But first, I needed to check whether or not, I could charm him into playing this game with me. So, I was on flirtation mode. The Paris smile, the Paris giggle, the Paris proximity without touching and some more tricks I have developed over the years when I’m around the boys.

Gladly, he was reciprocating, sending out his flirtatious signals. When Mircea, my Romanian friend asked me to accompany him for a smoke, I said yes. And yes, you guessed right, the charming Captain followed us too. That was when we took our first photo together, which I thought looked pretty good. I mean, what woman would not look good in photo standing to a man in a navy uniform?

Miss Paris strikes a pose with the French Defense Attaché, Captain (Navy) Pierre Mesnier
Miss Paris strikes a pose with the French Defense Attaché, Captain (Navy) Pierre Mesnier

And surprise, surprise, Mambo Italiano was out there having a cigarette too! Well, Staff Sargeant, I was with a senior officer, LOL!

So, the Captain and I started chatting about other things too. He was so animated, unlike Mambo Italiano’s boss who often struggled to communicate. Kinda reminded me of Captain (Navy) Sergey Zhevnovatieyy, the former Russian DA. It turned out that they were such great friends. Aaaah, then I knew, I’ve met the right people to mingle with. And all the sudden, I didn’t care about Mambo Italiano anymore. I just wanted to enjoy having a decent conversation with this crazy captain, haha! He was incredibly funny, telling the worst of jokes with the best of stoic expressions! He was proud of it too, saying that everybody knew that he was the joker among the diplomatic community.

I honestly don't remember why we posed like this, but this actually happened!
I honestly don’t remember why we posed like this, but this actually happened!

When it was time to go, I bade him goodbye and went back with my Fairy Godmother. Before I left, I actually went to see Mambo Italiano and tapped him on the shoulder. He just dismissed me and said that he was busy. So, although I did not know what transpired between us, but I knew it was not worth it. On our way back, of course, my Fairy Godmother and I were bitching about Mambo Italiano the whole time, how immature he had behaved.

But the truth is, I was looking forward to something else.


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The Russian Armed Forces Day Celebration

Belle of the Ball

After so long, finally, I manage to steal some time to update The Miss Paris Diaries. Sorry! It has been a hectic period for most of us, with two deadlines blooming soon!

So, surely some of you are wondering what happened during the recent celebration of the Russian Armed Forces Day at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Well, here’s the story.

The Armed Forces Day of Russia celebration

I asked an ex-colleague from the old broadcasting station to help me with my make-up. Apparently, Edlyn Ellyna has taken classes and she does wonderful make-up, I swear, I love her works that she posted on her Instagram. Since she has also helped the Russian journalists interview her family members on the MH17 Tragedy, one of the co-pilots was her cousin, Innalillah, so I guess it was only fair to extend the invitation to her as well. Besides, she’s probably wondering why I love working with the Russians for the past couple of years. 

Behold, the pontianak before! (Photo: Edlyn Ellyna)
Hello, hello! (Photo: Edlyn Ellyna)

I was glad the dress that I bought online fitted perfectly, in fact it was a bit loose because I asked for a size too big. Oh, it didn’t matter. At least nobody turned up wearing the same dress that night! Honestly, there’s no telling if people buy dresses from the same online boutique, right? Hahaha! Now that would be extremely awkward, especially considering that I’m one of those who’s NOT blessed with the perfect size zero, limiting my options to buying plus sizes. And only certain online boutiques offer stuff for voluptuous women like yours truly here.

True to my promise, I wore this red dress with lace finishing on top. Even looking for the perfect dress was a struggle for me because I was so fickle-minded that I didn’t know which red outfit would be perfect and finally I settled for this one! Tadaaaa!

The first photo is usually taken in the bathroom with a full mirror, hahaha!

We’re a little early, but we’ve got extra time to powder our noses!

So, Edlyn and I arrived quite early which was quite a record for me, haha! Honestly, I have a thing with attendance, either I was simply early or fashionably late! So, we waited for my friend, Polina Matveycheva who was still nowhere to be seen. At the entrance of the banquet hall, we were greeted by Captain (Navy) Sergey Valeriyevich Zhevnovatiyy and his wife, Madam Natalya Zhevnovataya. The Captain seemed like he was busy running around, so Edlyn and I entertained ourselves.

Captain (Navy) Sergey V. Zhevnovatiyy welcomes the guests

The thing about attending an Armed Forces Day celebration is, being a former Navy Officer’s daughter I have the tendency to bump into a few familiar faces. Not only that, I was also working with the Ministry of Defence Malaysia on so many occasions, so, I do know some of the senior officers too. Since the Defence Attaché of Russia is a navy, of course, there were many Navy men around. In fact, that night, I bumped into two of his juniors; Vice Admiral Dato’ Sri Panglima Ahmad Kamarulzaman Haji Ahmad Badaruddin, the Deputy Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy and Vice Admiral Dato’ Nasaruddin Othman whose daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago I MC-ed. And yes, of course, the big guns were there too, Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, the Deputy Minister of Defence and General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, the Chief of Armed Forces Malaysia

The VIPs on stage

The night got more interesting when my friend, Polina appeared with her colleague, Anita Iriyanova *gasp* and she didn’t wear red like we’ve planned. Apparently, she was caught up with so many things to do that she didn’t even get to go back home to change. With her not wearing red, I sort of felt I was a little overdressed, haha! Polina and I were supposed to be, ahem, the Belles of the Ball! Hahaha! With Barbie Moscow by my side, even Plain Jane like me would look a little bit more than decent, haha! Here’s to wishful thinking!

Ladies must have their favourite LBD!

Anyway, it got a little funny too, when suddenly, a certain Deputy Defence Attaché from a country that shall remain unnamed came up to us and introduced himself. He started chatting and obviously trying his luck to flirt. Even Anita started squeezing my arm, trying so hard not to laugh. When Edlyn sometimes turned to me, I just played along and listened to how the guy was single and all, haha.

Then, as Edlyn and I walked around, another Defence Attaché came up to us and introduced himself. Exchanging numbers was easy to me because it simply opened up doors for me at work. Besides, working in Public Relations means that I need to build strong network professionally and personally. Like I always tell my friends, you never know when you might meet these people again and work together. 

Enjoying quiche that night after days of dieting!

And later, I met another Defence Attaché and then there was a Political Attaché. Edlyn kept asking me how did I do it, gliding from one corner to another and making small talks with ease. Well, it comes naturally after years of practice. Working in different areas of profession and meeting many, many people along the way. And of course, sometimes you just need to pretend that you’re not shy and step up to sell yourself better. 

Read my previous confession titled ‘Be Nice, Play Nice, Speak Nice‘ here:

Of course, I always keep in mind, I’m not talking to my friend of 20 years. I’m talking to someone from another embassy, a diplomat. I need to constantly remind myself never to overdo it and send the wrong signal. Although, as much as I try to keep things professional, some of these men just don’t understand the boundary! Most of the time, I just play along yet still keep a safe distance. 

More stories of gossips coming out soon!

In the meantime, here are some photos we took that night.

With Lt Col Saif Saeed from the Embassy of UAE

With Alena from the Russian Cultural Centre and
Captain (Navy) Maurizio Subiaco from the Embassy of Italy

With Madam Natalya Zhevnovataya (green) and daughter, Lisa (pink)
and the other Russian girls

This is somewhat our hot official photo

A close-up of the Russian and Malaysian babes

And finally, the gila-gila pose!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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The Sweet Escape @Quill City Mall – Photo Diary

Could this be any sweeter?

More photos from ‘The Sweet Escape’ at Quill City Mall

A box of these??? Yes, I say, I do!
The Candy Factory

The Candy Kane!!!

This is the marshmallows dispenser

See you in the next photo diary!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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The Worst Food Review I’ve Ever Been To

Another #SentapSaturday for me

The term #SentapSaturday was the original idea of a Blogger friend, Rawlins Una when our group of friends attended an event at the City Hall Auditorium a couple of months ago and received bad treatment from the organizer. We did what we usually do together, took a group photo and put as many hashtags as we wanted including #SentapSaturday. We’d usually post the same photo on Instagram and see whose post pop up first among us. 

So, recently I was invited to a food review in Kuala Lumpur by a bistro that shall remain anonymous in this confession. Another blogger friend, Miera Nadhirah was the one who put my name as her plus one and I thought, well, why not. Besides, I love going out, meeting new people and trying new food. 

We arrived a little early since I was panicking when my cellphone ran out of battery, like totally flat. A real-deal 0% case and I couldn’t charge it. So, I thought I just might make a stop first and being the fickle-minded that I am, I changed my mind and went to the event straight. 

Gotta love the concept here

So, Miera and I spent some time to take photos at the bistro. Honestly, the place looked very cozy. I absolutely loved the interior and the way the chairs were arranged. It was nothing like the typical restaurant setting I’ve seen.

See? I had fun shooting outdoor 

And the outdoor? Ooooh, don’t even get me started on the outdoor. Despite the rather long drive from the main entrance to the bistro, the scenery there was actually very beautiful considering the location in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. There was a pond, green landscape, everything. In fact, we spotted a small iguana while taking photos just outside the bistro.

Can you see that iguana?
Too bad I didn’t have my long lens with me!
Oh, there he goes!
And then, there was the worst food review I’ve ever been to.

Here’s the story. The organizer came a late, well, I didn’t really mind. It’s perfectly understandable, it being a Saturday and surely the traffic on a Saturday afternoon could be as unpredictable as the tidal waves or the strong wind. While waiting, we were served cold drinks. No chips? Well, I didn’t really mind. I didn’t want to ruin my appetite with junk food too.

The first thing that sort of alarmed me was when a young man sporting a rather radical hair-do (please forgive me, I’m an old lady) came to our table and introduced himself as the owner of the bistro. Okay, I thought, “Very nice to meet you” until he said, “Sorry, I was only told there’d be 6 of you because I’ve only prepared 6 sets of food”. 

So, the other media reps mainly food bloggers (about 10 of us) and I (from a magazine) started looking at one another. We all knew we’ve RSVP-ed before attending. So, what was going to happen? Only 6 of us eat and the other 4 watch? 

Finally, the organizer came. She apologized, yada yada yada and gave us a pretty gold-coloured envelope with the menu inside. Okay, pretty neat and adorable.

And then the terror began. 

Let’s start with the appetizers, shall we?

They served us ONE bowl of mushroom soup, ONE bowl of pumpkin soup, ONE serving of Insalata Di Polpo (marinated octopus)  and ONE serving of escargot

The hostess said, this portion is enough for 10 people

So, we began taking photos of the food. Since they didn’t put the food on another table for display, we had to take turns to snap photos. You see, the tables were arranged closely together so all 10 of us could sit together. So, it was a rather awkward having to pass one bowl after another to the couple next to us. 

The escargot story was funny. It was served in a set of 6 pieces. So, after we were done taking photos, we waited for the bistro owner to serve us the actual appetizers. I was imagining an individual serving so that we could take our own sweet time to enjoy each menu . Well, guess what?

Apparently, sharing is caring

The ONE bowl of mushroom soup, the ONE bowl of pumpkin soup, ONE serving of Insalata Di Polpo and the ONE serving of escargot were meant for us to share among this small group of TEN people. We just stared at one another, speechless. 

What’s up with the facepalm, doc? (Source: Internet)

Being the rather out-spoken person, I simply raised my hand and asked for more appetizers. Her answer TOTALLY made my day. She said in her funny English, “You can share the appetizers. We don’t want to serve too much because there will be more food later. We don’t want you to be too full to enjoy the other food. You can share the escargots right? There are 6 pieces there”.
Orang Utan doesn’t eat escargot! (Source: Internet)

Yes, Ah Moi, but there were 10 of us. Somehow, we managed to get her to get another serving of 6 pieces of escargots and the owner confidently spoke of as-car-got with a T being the famous delicacy among the French. Gee, tell us something we didn’t know! Honey, you invited professional food bloggers. You think they didn’t know? Well, I’m not a professional food blogger, but I’ve definitely had my share of European dishes while living in Germany. Besides, there are soooo many European restaurants in Malaysia now.

If we’re sharing the soup, who gets the garlic bread?

You know, what totally put me off that moment? Since there were only 2 bowls of soup, one mushroom and one pumpkin; guess how did we ‘enjoy’ the soup? We asked for extra soup spoons and had to scoop the soup and pour into our spoons before slurping it. Can you imagine 10 people sharing TWO bowls of soup with 10 different spoons?

Did you want me to pay for an extra bowl of soup?
I don’t mind, just let me have a proper amount of soup! (Source: Internet)
Let’s continue, shall we?

Now, the main course. 

We were served ONE serving of braised lamb shank, ONE serving of Coq Au Vin (braised chicken), ONE serving of seafood paella and ONE serving of calzone. And yes, you’ve guessed it right, again, we had to share among 10 people. 

A quarter chicken, so who gets the chicken wing?

But that was not the best part. First, we asked, “How are we going to eat this?”.

The ‘lovely’ host brought the main course dishes back into the kitchen, came back with a bone-less lamb shank

One blogger commented, “They think, we can’t remove the bone ourselves?”

Again, the food bloggers and I looked at one another. I believe, my patience has its limit. But somehow I managed to keep calm and asked for individual servings for each of us. After a while, each of us was served with perhaps a thin slab of lamb, two tiny slices of chicken, two spoonfuls of seafood paella. 

I got the calamari in my scoops of seafood paella!
I usually share a calzone with another person, if not 2 people, NEVER 10!
The calzone was cut into smaller sections and guess which section I got? The crusty part with NO filling at all. Hey, the bistro owner thought ONE calzone can feed 10 food bloggers!

Homer, what happened to the calzone? (Source: Internet)

I guess, after a while, no matter how patient I tried to be, the evil side in me got the best of me. I actually told some of the bloggers that it was by far the worst food review I’ve ever been to. I was thinking of leaving and not writing anything. But of course, that wouldn’t do. I know, I’d try to find something good to write. However, I did inform the others, how lucky that bistro owner was now that I no longer worked for the mainstream media! 

So, the petite hostess asked if we wanted anything else; which got me wondering, why didn’t they give us ANYTHING ELSE that we requested earlier? Everything served was not 6 sets of meals. Instead, ONE multiple-course set!

I don’t remember anybody eating the pizza. We just wanted to leave ASAP.

Finally, another blogger spoke her mind. She said, “Why don’t you just cancel this food review and organize another one next time? You cannot serve the media like this. The food was not enough for everybody and by the time the photographers finished taking the photos, the dishes are already cold. We don’t know whether they were best served hot or cold”.

The hostess seemed to panic for a while and called the bistro owner. They discussed about the food review. You want to know how I know? Well, first, they were standing just next to me. Second, despite being Malay, I could understand some Chinese. I actually told the two, “Excuse me, we’re right here. Would you like to speak to us directly and get out feedback?”.

Apparently, no. 

Why are you whispering next to Miss Paris? (Source: Internet)

The bistro owner and the hostess went outside to further discuss. Finally, they decided to cancel this review and organize another one. They even asked us NOT to write anything and promised an even better review next time. Honestly, I just couldn’t be bothered at that time. I told Miera to pack her stuff, so that we could go back. And guess what, the bistro owner had the balls to shake my hands and thank me for coming. He didn’t smile, he didn’t apologize. Wow, budi bahasa budaya kita??? Really????

So, Miera and I ended up eating at Delifrance AEON Big Wangsa Maju. Even she said it was the worst food review.

And the hostess texted me and asked me out for coffee to apologize. Mmmmm… We’ll see. Overall, the food was not too bad. Prices were not too expensive. Sadly, the way the review was organized was extremely bad. 

(Source: Internet)

What a day! What a #SentapSaturday!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Rimba Racer – The Latest Malaysian Animation in 3D

Another milestone in the Malaysian creative industry

Miss Paris’s Note

I dare you to watch the trailer first!

Recently, GLUE Studios launched RIMBA RACER; a 3D programme animationseries made up of 13 episodes in its début season. 

So this is what happens when Harimau Malaya
 gets behind the wheel! (Source: Glue Studios)

RIMBA RACER was initially made and voiced in English during its pilot episode and gained massive attention and positive feedback that later granted them the green light to produce a full series in both Bahasa Malaysia and English to cater to a wider audience.
Attending as the honorary guests during the RIMBA RACER Private Screening and Gala Launch were Y.A.Bhg Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamadand Y.A.Bhg Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Binti Mohd Ali as well as a collection of VIP guests from local and international companies, GLCs and media friends.

Tun Dr. M was the pillar behind the growth of
Malaysian animation (Source: Glue Studios)

When asked to comment on the voice acting behind the RIMBA RACER characters, voice director Azizul Hakim said, “We definitely have a pool of very strong and diversified voice talents. The way they portray the character, gives the characters a massive dose of adrenaline. It has been an excellent journey for GLUE Studios and we are extremely blessed to have the support of families and friends to make it this far.”

RIMBA RACER is a combination of action and comedy, Racers possess unique individual driving skills & heavily-customized racing vehicles, packed with hidden gadgets and devices, designed to give them an edge over the competition.

Gentlemen, start your engines! (Source: Glue Studios)
Scheduled to air January 10, 2015, on TV3, RIMBA RACER is sure to be a breath of fresh air to many Malaysian animation enthusiasts. Its concept of car racing topped with its fantastic special effects and intriguing story line make it a series not to be missed. 

Thank you, Dessy Barnaby for the info and photos! Sorry, had to miss the official launch.

The characters of Rimba Racer (Source: Glue Studios)

More on GLUE Studios and Rimba Racer

Ahaaaaa, let’s see what I found on GLUE Studios official website

GLUE Studios is a vibrant, dynamic, super fun and passionate about making engaging and meaningful stories come to life. They specialise in creating dynamic 3D/2D animation fused with strong story-telling direction and unique visual styles.

Glue Studios presents Rimba Racer (Source: Glue Studios)

Rimba Racer is an action-packed animation series revolving around Tag, a talented rookie racer and newcomer to the prestigious Rimba Grand Prix, a racing competition full of tough rivals, dangerous challenges and hidden agendas.

Rimba Racer promotional poster (Source: Glue Studios)
Tag is the rookie driver in Rimba Racer (Source: Glue Studios)

See you at the finishing line (Source: Glue Studios)

Oooooh, can’t wait!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Photos from Magnum’s As Good As Gold – Event Diary

Here are some photos my colleague, MelZura shared with me. He wanted to go with him to the event, but I was too busy with this online contest we ran at work. *sob sob*


At the event 
Have a Magnum-ficent Moment, peeps!
One of MelZura’s favourite gals, Lexie Rodriguez 
Mel’s getting his own personal Magnum fix
Dipping Magnum in rich Belgian chocolate
I call this the MELZURA 
Thanks, Mel for the lovely photos! I’ll go with you next time!

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Magnum Gold Pursuit

As Good As Gold

My first love affair with Magnum began in primary school, when Magnum ice-cream was introduced as the luxury dessert of all time. Well, it was true. Compared to the daily dose of 10 cents ice-cream or even Cornetto came close, but nothing was comparable to Magnum

The first Magnum love affair (Source:

Of course, back then, I had to cut down on spending during school break and save a little for more than a week to be able to afford one. Yes, back then, I didn’t have that privilege like most kids do now. Although, I’d be lying if I said that my forever adorable dad didn’t buy us any. Honestly, my dad has always been the kind of dad that buys stuff for his kids. Even now that we’re no longer kids, my dad still buys us stuff. So, if my daily saving was not enough to buy Magnum, well, there was Dad! Haha!

Friends know me more as a chocolate person, not quite the ice-cream one. However, with Magnum (my personal favourite is the almond!), I always make an exception. Besides, how could anyone say ‘no’ to the rich, chocolatey taste? 

I was so busy recently that I didn’t get to attend the Magnum event at Sunway, so thank God for the press release. Just to have a touch of Magnum here and there on The Miss Paris Diaries. Exclusive visit to the Magnum Cafe is in order, perhaps? Keep your fingers crossed!

So, let’s enjoy “The Greatest Heist in History” video first.

First there was The Greatest Heist in History”where Magnum a purveyor of chocolate expertise and a luxury lifestyleintroduced the Malaysian Pleasure Seekers to Magnum Gold – The world’s first golden ice cream – A luxurious soft vanilla ice cream with sea–salt caramel sauce covered in Belgian Chocolate and double coated with Gold Belgian Chocolate.

Magnum Gold’s limited edition positioning was completed in true Hollywood style. A total blockbuster experience which was epitomised by the appearance of an international movie actress Caroline Correa launching the Magnum Gold ice cream, stunningly draped in a 24-carat Magnum Gold couture retailed at USD 1.3mil earlier this year.
The irresistible Magnum Gold (Souce: FB Magnum)
Let’s take an inside look, shall we? (Source:

As a brand known for its exciting launches and parties tailored to the unique experience of each product innovation, Magnum activated Magnum Gold Pursuit, an online consumer contest from August 2014 – 31st October 2014. This contest aims to engage with consumers and reward Magnum’s loyal pleasure seekers with prizes as a way to show Magnum’s appreciation towards its consumers.

The Majestic Magnum (Source: FB Magnum)

In line with the tagline As Good As Gold, Magnum Gold has gone beyond drenching pleasure seekers’ thirst with a palette of gold by rewarding them with a once in a lifetime experience. Magnum Gold Pursuit is a platform to engage the consumers’ experience of golden ice cream beyond every delectable bite. As a brand we understand each pleasure seekers’ unique indulgence and are always looking for exciting ways to enhance the Magnum experience, voiced by Mr Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.
The contest was open to everyone through the purchase of a Magnum ice cream (90ml). By keying in the 13 digit alphanumeric code found on the Magnum ice cream stick,  pleasure seeker would either be rewarded with a Magnum Gold coin or stand a chance to win the grand prize, a BMW 3 Series.  In order to compete for the grand prize, pleasure seekers had to participate in the online vault game and open the Magnum Gold Pursuit Vaults to discover hidden Magnum Gold coins. The top 20 scorers from the online game competed for the grand prize at the Magnum Gold Pursuit grand finale.
We love Magnum Gold (Souce: FB Magnum)

The 20 finalists were put through 3 stages of individual mind and physical game challenges against time. The challenge was crafted in line with “The Greatest Heist in History” concept where the ultimate challenge for them is to break into the Magnum Gold Vault to win the grand prize at the final stage. The first stage required them to solve a blue print puzzle leading to a secret code enabling them to unlock a door to pass through to the 2nd stage. Only 10 finalists made it to the 2nd stage and each of them were introduced to the media and guests before proceeding to their challenge.
Go, go, Magnum Gold (Source: FB Magnum)

Members of the media and guests were given the opportunity to experience the high adrenaline rush of “The Greatest Heist in History” final two stages through a live feed during the event. The second stage put them in booby-trapped compound where they were required to deactivate the bomb. In order to do so each finalist needed to take the bomb with them from the start going through three obstacles and detonating the bomb at the finish line.
3 finalists made it through to the final stage of breaking the code to enter the Magnum Golden Vault and win a gift of gold.  The chase came to a close as one of the finalists managed to decode the Magnum Golden Vault and there in the corner of the main ballroom stage was the grand prize a BMW 3 series. Mr Herry Budiazahari presented the grand prize winner with the key to the car and the other finalists with a consolation prize of 2gm Magnum Gold Coins of 99.9% gold purity.
Sweet, sweet ride (Source: FB Magnum)

The Magnum Gold Pursuit grand prize winner and finalists celebrated the experience As Good As Gold at the Magnum Solid Gold Party. Magnum Gold Golden Girl Lexie Rodriguez and guests were treated with golden inspired desserts and sound as good as gold by the dynamic Danger Disco spinning top disco house remixes of today’s hits.

These photos make me kick myself for
 not attending the event, boo-hoo (Source: FB Magnum)

More on Magnum 

Indulge with the tempting Magnum range – combining thick, cracking Belgian chocolate and smooth delicious ice cream made with the finest ingredients. Magnum offers a wide range of choices that includes the original, pinnacle of pleasure Magnum Classic as well as the chunky Almond, the smooth, creamy Brownie, delicious Strawberry and many others.

The whole gang is here! (Source:
Magnum Mini for Mini Me? (Source:


Thank you, Wall’s Magnum for the info and photos!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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LumiAir – A Cirque Sensation – Event Diary

Illuminating your nights with dreams and fantasy

Yes, this is long overdue, but there’s still time to post about this since it’s officially ending on 24th December 2014. So, that’s a good 10-day there, haha!

Thank you, Blogger Miera Nadhirah and Sunway Lagoon for extending this invitation.

‘LumiAir‘ is a playword for a French word ‘Lumière‘ which means ‘light’, and of course, to portray aerial acrobats throughout the performance. Produced by Angelis Productions in Australia, ‘LumiAir‘ is brought to Malaysia for the first time by Sunway Lagoon after touring in other parts of the world. 

LumiAir – A Cirque Sensation (Source:

I went there with another blogger, Kak Hanim of Reading through the LumiAir booklet, I was intrigued with the idea of a theatre performed through a series of ballet and aerial acrobatics. I mean, seriously, I’m only familiar with the usual cirque/acrobatic performances, with people flying and jumping and flying again. Never anything like this.

The performance began with a beautiful girl dressed in white named Diamond. Diamond is trapped in a world of darkness called… well, Darkness (haha!) and like all fairy tales, she has high hopes and dreams that one day she will find something better for herself. Here you will see Diamond is surrounded (I believe, terrorized is also a good description) by the power of Darkness led by the evil Arc Angel and her loyal followers; the Ravages.

Diamond is terrorized by the evil Arc Angel 

Love the way they work with lights and shadows throughout LumiAir

Just when she thinks that there is nothing left in that world for her, a bright beam rescues her and she discovers the magical world of LumiAir. There Diamond meets the people of LumiAir with colourful characters and beautiful costumes welcoming her with a graceful dance. 

Diamond discovers another world of hope and dreams called LumiAir

The Spirit Dancers welcome Diamond to their home, LumiAir

I couldn’t stop staring and gaping throughout the performance

Of course, what is a fairy tale without the love interest? Diamond meets the Prince of LumiAir who rules the land and is loved by his subjects. The Prince is assisted by his two Royal Guards. In LumiAir, Diamond meets the Spirit Dancers, the Monarchs, the Guardian Angels, the Sovereign and the Inx. She also finds happiness and laughter with the Jesters. The Herald sings beautiful songs to guide Diamond along the way.

With swirls of colours, how could you not fall in love with LumiAir?
The Guardian Angels (Source:

Dare to dream? (Source:

Among the Jesters’ performance

Later the audience will learn that the Prince is tasked to control and master the Wheel, a machine that provides power to all of LumiAirAnd like all fairy tales with a beautiful girl and a handsome prince, the friendship blossoms into something more romantic in the end. 

The Prince of LumiAir becomes a hamster in his own game

Now, let me tell you, why I think LumiAir is different from other cirque/acrobatic performances. 

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Porrett, the producer and director of LumiAir. According to her, LumiAir was a retelling of her own story for the first time in Malaysia. “It’s my own personal story, something like a journal entry to depict my life as a former aerialist.  It has always been my love to produce and create”. 

With Susan Porrett, the producer and director of LumiAir – A Cirque Sensation

I love meeting new people at events

I was actually wondering about three ladies balancing each other. Yes, usually we see the men balancing one another and they have to have the strength and muscles to do that. During LumiAir, three women manage to do the same thing. According to Susan Porrett, it took a lot of practice to be able to do something as amazing as that. When some take 5 years to develop the skills, some can go more than 10 years just to get the technique right. And as for the lady-muscle, she also said, it was important to get the perfect balance of nutrition as well. 

*Reminded me of the time when I was working for the National Sports Council to see how the gymnasts train and eat. 

Now, let’s see if anyone can balance ME like this, haha!
Susan also mentioned about her academy, where she trained children as young as two years old to perform. Some of her students later join the production team to perform various shows. Daily training usually takes about 5 hours before they can perform dangerous tricks. Angelis Productions has brought many beautiful performances for the world to share. 

Now she’s on the swing
And now, she’s off the swing! Weeeeeee!

I asked Susan, “Why would anyone want to risk their lives for this? What’s in it for them?”

With a laugh, Susan answered, “It’s amazing being on the stage, my goodness. Once you have this fix, you can never go back. It’s a lifestyle. It is addictive, and it’s like a massive adrenaline rush for us. If I have to describe LumiAir in 5 words, I’d say, spectacular, exhilarating, mind-blowing, terrifying and beautiful!”.
And I couldn’t agree more. 
My favourite performances throughout the night include the Jesters (how could anyone NOT love them?), the Royal Guards, the Guardian Angels and of course, the Prince of LumiAir during his finale. 
The Jesters really whipped up the crowd when they invited members of the audience to join in their acts. First, it was the Gangnam Dance. Second, they threw a biiiiiig ball and allowed the audience to spike the ball to one another.

                                                    See this colourful trio?

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Engaging with the audience is definitely key to a successful performance

The funny boys (The Jesters) and me
I asked the Royal Guards (performed by Jacek Marks and Pawel Patel) how it was done. Both of them have been training since they were very young. And apparently, a person’s body weight does determine the pattern of the performance. For example, the macho one (excuse me, I really didn’t know which is which) weighs slightly more compared to the baby-faced one as the former is the one doing most of the hand-balancing act

So, the Macho one has to balance the other one, hence he weighs slightly more
Now you know why I call them the Macho (left) and the Baby Face (right)? 
They make me go “Alexey who?”
And the finale by the Prince of LumiAir. If you think, you’ve seen it all? I can say, no, you haven’t! The Prince of LumiAir performed his tricks not only by balancing himself as he walked, he also skipped on the wheel. And to make matters worse, he even wore a black sack over his head and balanced himself. There were a couple of times that I actually saw him almost tripping while performing. 
Round and round we go.
Inside, out and in again
It’s a dark, dark world indeed (Source:
Of course, being a former journalist (once a journalist, always a journalist), I just had to ask the actor, Warren Brophy. He admitted that he did trip, but he managed to regain his balance. He said, he had never fallen before (and he didn’t intend to!). I asked him, what really happened? He said, probably because of the warm weather in Malaysia and he was still trying to get used to it. So, he lost a little of his focus. Yes, I agree, it’s always summer in Malaysia, buddy.

With Emily Rowles and Warren Brophy of LumiAir

Yeayyyy, with one of my favourite DJ’s, JJ from RedFM!

For more magical world of LumiAir, click here. And for the video, click here

A little bit about Angelis Productions:

  • It’s a dynamic company based in Gold Coast, Australia that delivers spectacular, modern and engaging live entertainment.
  • It specializes in large scale stage shows for various events inclusing theatres, festivals, special events, cruise ships, casinos, tours, theme parks and shopping centres.
  • It’s renowned for its unique headlining specialty acts including singers, dancers, aerial artists and cirque performers worldwide.
So that’s all for today, g’day mate! Happy reading!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Switch (1991) – Movie Diary

The old switcheroo 

One of the things that I love doing when I’m alone and bored is to start reading movie summaries on Wikipedia. Sometimes, From one link, I can continue clicking until I read something else altogether. So, I was reading about ‘Interstellar’ and clicked on ‘Matt Damon’ which led to ‘Ocean’s Thirteen‘, and came across this name: Ellen Barkin. Curious to know who she was, I clicked on her profile and read that she was known for the 1991 movie, ‘Switch‘.

Promotional Poster (Source: Internet)

Aaah, it turned out that ‘Switch’ was a movie about the old switcheroo, body swapping. What I read was a very, very short summary with little info. So, I decided to look for the movie on Youtube. And guess, what? I found it! So, I watched it. 

The movie began with Steve, a womanizing advertising executive who is murdered by this three ex-girlfriends. Yes, THREE! What he assumed was a fun orgy in the jacuzzi turned out to be a payback for the way he treated women. 

When drowning Steve doesn’t do the trick, Margo (middle) shoots him (Source:Internet)

So, he is stuck between Heaven and Hell and requests from God to return to Earth to find the one female who liked him, in order to be in God’s good graces. The Devil however has another idea. Since he is recruiting, he makes Steve’s journey more difficult by deciding that, Steve should come back as a woman so he could not simply pretend to be a good guy to sway women into liking him.

This is when things start to get really interesting. Of course, since God agrees with the Devil, Steve came back as a beautiful blonde played by Ellen Barkin. Hysterical at first, Steve decides to call his colleague, Walter (Jimmy Smits). 

Steve is in the bathroom for his usual morning business 
for the first time as woman(Source: Internet)

Steve goes to see one of his murderer, Margo and spooks her into lending Steve a dress. Steve meets Walter at a bar and introduces himself as ‘Amanda’, derived from ‘A MAN’, haha, how convenient! (So now, I will address Steve as Amanda) Supposedly, Amanda is Steve’s half-sister to whom Steve confides about his miserable life and decides to take a sabbatical in the manner of French painter, Gauguin which was repeatedly mentioned in the first half of the movie. 

So, Amanda manages to get a big, fat raise from Steve’s boss on grounds that ‘Steve doesn’t give you a hard-on’, which I thought was extremely funny since as a viewer, I knew that was Steve talking to his own boss. Yet, that scene proved how some women could just get away with murder with just the way they look.

Amanda explains how Steve needs time off like Gauguin (Source: Internet)

So, Amanda began her search and tries to reach out to so many women who know Steve just to get a positive feedback to escape the sentence in Hell. It turns out that no women like him, not even a little. His secretary cries in joy when she knows that Steve is never coming back. Other women call him ‘a major asshole’, hahah, well, you can imagine you horrible he had been treating women. Including one model who slept with Steve to be on the cover of the magazine. 

*Guess what, this Connie model was played by the forever adorable Tea Leoni!

Amanda meets Connie, who graces the front 
cover of a magazine after sleeping with Steve (Source: Internet)

In the meantime, Amanda becomes the centre of attention at work and when she goes out. Steve’s boss try to hit on her. A colleague, Dan who just moves to her office tries his luck too. Even Walter, in a drunken state actually confesses how he found Amanda totally irresistible. 

Amanda even catches the eye of Sheila (Lorraine Braco), a potential client who she meets with Margo’s help. At first Amanda plays along, and then she realizes that she’s a homophobe. Yet, she tried her best until she and Sheila both got into a brawl at an all-lesbian party. Somehow Sheila must’ve been very impressed that she decided to hire Amanda’s company to manage her advertising needs. 

The Blonde vs The Brunette (Source: Internet)

I actually loved the scene during a business meeting when Amanda and Sheila clearly show their hostility (jealousy, perhaps?) towards each other. Sheila requested the ever-obnoxious Dan to manage her account. Dan asks Amanda to join his team and she purposely pressed her breasts against Dan’s face, asking him out to discuss the account. When she asks which place does Dan prefer, some place public or private? Dan answers, the former and Amanda spits out, ‘Good, then I can show you off!‘ and walks away, with the camera panning to Sheila to show her silent reaction.

Like all movies with similar body swapping plot, Amanda learns how horrible Steve has been treating women. In fact, she finally understands the whole deal about being a woman. How sometimes women are discriminated against, subjected to sexual harassment, etc. On a drunken night with Walter, they ended up making love. I thought it was really funny how she punches Walter in the face a couple of times and accuses him of being a rapist. 

Amanda’s new look (Source: Internet)

Steve’s body is found and Amanda is tried at court, since Margo plants the gun at Steve’s apartment. Since Amanda can’t prove she IS Steven Brooks, so she is sent to jail. During her sentence, she finds out that she is pregnant with Walter’s child.

Later, Walter informs her that Amanda can’t carry the baby to full term due to complications and suggests an abortion, of course, Amanda refuses having grown used to being pregnant. I cried during this scene!

Walter: He (the doctor) said that if you carry the baby to full term, it’s possible that you might … (trails off)

Amanda: Die? What about the baby, Walter?

Walter: That’s the thing. He said that if you decide not to have the baby, well, then… 

Amanda: Oh, no! I’m having the baby, Walter. 

Walter: Can we talk about this here?

Amanda: No, we can’t talk about this! Walt, you can’t imagine what it’s like to have a life inside you. It’s growing, Walter. It’s moving. It lives because I live and when I die, there’s a part of me that goes on. It’s truly amazing thing. It is an honest-to-God miracle. 

How do you feel about marrying your basketball partner, buddy? (Source: Internet)

A tear-jerker scene turns into something funny, when Walter asks Amanda to marry him. She actually snickers when saying her ‘I do’. Walter quits his job at the firm after being pressured by his boss. Amanda later dies after she delivers a beautiful baby girl. 

Finally, a female who likes Steve Brooks, his/her own daughter (Source: Internet)

The scene ends with Walter and their daughter visits Amanda’s grave. The tombstone reads ‘Amanda Brooks Stone – A great guy and a very special woman. May they rest in peace. 1955-1991’. And up there, Amanda is given a choice either to be a male or female angel to which she responds, ‘I really liked being a man, but being a woman has its advantages’. 

Okay, now, why I love this movie? Throughout the movie, I was wondering, when will Amanda ever turn into Steve again. And of course, how could he explain Amanda’s disappearance? Going to Tahiti like Gauguin as well? Hahaha! But I was proven wrong. Amanda stayed as Amanda until the end. It was quite different from all the old switcheroo movies I’ve watched before. 

I honestly think Ellen Barkin played Amanda Brooks so well, with her manly mannerism throughout the movie. Even when she wears a dress and gets all dolled-up, you still see a man struggling in high heels and tries so hard NOT to look at other women’s assets. And Jimmy Smits made his character, Walter Stone so, so, so adorable. You just can’t avoid liking him so much and wanting him to have a happy ending with Amanda, no matter how wrong that might’ve been. 

Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits were adorable together (Source: Internet)

Here’s where I watched Switch. Thank you, Ardi Tan for uploading the movie which moved me to tears. 

But if you’re unsure if you might like the movie, watch the trailer here

Here are among my other favourites!

1. The Hot Chick
Honestly, I still couldn’t get pass Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams experience a body swap. Remember the scenes with Rob adjusting to being a girl? Hahaha! The bar scene with the bartender. The bathroom scene at the club. When he approached Jessica’s boyfriend. Hahaha!

The new face of ‘HOT’? (Source: Internet)

2. 17 Again
Aaaah, the first movie that I could actually stand Zac Efron, haha! Excuse me, High School Musical fans! I absolutely love this movie because when Mark (it’s actually Mike) is chasing his good old days, he realizes that the most important thing in life is his family all along. 

This movie makes me feel like a cougar! (Source: Internet)

3. Freaky Friday
With Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, this was a great movie for the whole family. Haha, who’d have thought the fortune cookies can turn your fortune upside down! 

One of Lilo’s best! (Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Love Is – by Miss Paris

Old memories of you…

Love is when he sees me for the first time and just tells himself, “I should talk to her”…

Love is when he speaks to me for the first time and tells himself, “I want to be her friend”…

Love is when he becomes my friend and tells himself, “I want to share everything with her” …

Love is when he shares one line, “Paris, I love u” …

Love is when I realize that I feel the same way..

Love is when he is all I think about every day…

Love is when he is all I dream about every night…

Love is when his voice echoes in my head every day…

Love is when I touch his hand, I feel his warmth…

Love is when I hold him tight, I feel his heartbeat..

Love is when I kiss his lips, I feel his passion…

Love is when he brightens my day…

Love is when he fills my night with stars. ..

Love is when he completes my life…

If love is a person, his name is… 

Love in sunset (Source: Internet)

*Aaaaahhhh, another blast from the past, circa 2008.

I have to admit, I’m not a good writer when it comes to grammar and structure, everything that says ‘English Literature’. I just love to write.

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,

Miss Paris

I wuv ya!

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