Sending Out A Message – Part 2

Write Right, Please!

So, before this I was writing about the type of emails and letters that I received from other people, BOTH fresh graduates and experienced personnel. Although I’m not an expert, but I’d love to share some of the things that I’ve learned. 

I should remind you, this confession is NOT the complete guide to writing a formal email/letter. It’s just the rule of thumb that I’ve been practising for quite some time.

Put some thoughts into it! A last minute writing can lead to a lot of oversights
(Source: Internet)

Before You Pen It Down

Let’s be frank here, why do you write your email/letter? Are you selling something or asking for something? 

Even when you think you’re only writing to inform the recipient something, it is still considered selling because you’re selling an idea, concept or a belief. For example, when you’re writing to inform people about an event. Don’t you mean to sell your event so that people will attend? BINGO!

Selling an idea might be a little easier than asking for something, mind you. Asking for something, for example, a job or sponsorship requires a much stronger power of persuasion. Always remember, what makes you think you’re the only person writing to the same recipient? 

So, give it some time before penning it down.

Writing letters or emails, well, both require a carefully planned structure
(Source: Internet)

Dear Sir/Madam

Yes, yes, yes! We were all taught to write this for the salutation. When it’s understandable for the recipients that we are not familiar with, just try as much as possible NOT to make it a habit. 

Seriously, in this modern day where everyone is becoming more and more tech-savvy, what’s your excuse not to find out who your recipient is? What’s wrong with calling the recipient to find out? This usually happens when you’re sending a generic email or letter. 

Or, simply ask Mr. Google! Oh, come on! You’re telling me that you can find the driver of CDM25 and you can’ find the name of your recipient? What about your ex who dumped you big and was suddenly rumoured to be getting married soon? If you can find these people and every one else who is related to them, you can work miracles to find out the identity of your recipient. 

Admit it! At least at one point in life, you cyber stalked someone!
(Source: Internet)

Finding out names and titles is extremely important. Might I remind you fellow Malaysians that our country is known for people with the longest names? Hahaha, never mind those names derived from the romantic novels, think of all the Datuk’s, Datuk Seri’s, Tan Sri’s, Tengku’s, Professors, Dr.’s, etc that you might offend by calling them Encik or Puan. 

One of the best examples which happened to an old friend…

Excuse me, I did not graduate with a Ph.D. to be called a Mister!

Yup, some people are actually that vain! 

Seriously??? Unless you’re a doctor with a long queue of patients,
 let’s acknowledge who we are writing to.
 If not, they might not be concerned of your message too.
(Source: Internet)

Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

When I was attending this amaaaazing business writing class conducted by Mr. John Hagedorn (feel free to Google him up!), he taught my colleague and I many, many great things about formal writing. You’d be surprised with the eye-opening revelations of formal writing.

One of the things that he pointed out was the exaggerated usage of ‘Dear‘. Coming to think about it, it’s true isn’t it? Why are you calling strangers ‘Dear‘? Hahahah! Are they so ‘Dear‘ to you? Or are you secretly wanting to be a ‘Dear‘ and beloved of that person? Haha! Besides, is it like a ‘Dear Diary‘ kind of thing? Or a ‘Dear Abby‘ column?

When someone wrote ‘Dear Paris’ nowadays, I just giggle
 (Source: Internet)

During the class, when John Hagedorn asked us, what might be suitable to substitute ‘Dear’, everybody including yours truly Dear Miss Paris Diaries came up with clichés such as ‘Good morning‘, ‘Good day‘ and everything good, except a good answer. Such salutations with specific time may not be suitable by the time the recipient reads your email and letter. It’s like, okay I’ve just had a long day and by chance I read your email which says ‘Good morning‘. Yes, I know you wrote that this morning, but I read it when it was already a good (or not so) evening. 

There we were, trying to figure out which ‘Good…’ should we use and John simply asked us if ‘Hello‘ would suffice. You see, being trained in an old school education system, I actually thought ‘Hello‘ may not sound formal enough and I was shameless enough to ask him back. Why should I be ashamed to ask? My HR Department did not spend thousands on a business writing class so that I come back with zero knowledge and improvement!

So, John made it very clear, it was just like making a telephone call. You use ‘Hello‘ whether you know the person or not, so why shouldn’t ‘Hello‘ be considered formal as well? 

That was the time when my simply was simply “Aaaaaah…“. It does make sense, doesn’t it?

Let’s say it with me, “Aaaaaahhhh….

Feel free to use this…. only with me! Haha! (Souce: Internet)

Another thing that you might want to consider. Don’t simply assume whether the recipient is male or female by just looking at the name. This is when ‘Hello, Miss Sandy Smith‘ might actually be ‘Hello, Mr. Sandy Smith‘. Or ‘Hello, Mr. Lee James‘ is actually, ‘Hello, Miss Lee James‘. This usually happens when dealing with foreign or unfamiliar recipients

*Note: Heck, I had a male Chinese colleague whose name is Bee Leng and a female colleague whose name is Hayatulnizam! So, ‘Hello, Sandy Smith’ or ‘Hello, Lee James’ would suffice!

Don’t Be A Tone Deaf!

And no, we’re not going to turn you into a musician or anything. However in every letter and email, you must determine the tone of your contents. So, how can we do this?

Well, one of the ways is to watch your format of writing. Remember when to use capital letters and small letters. Of course, this one is easy for all, yet some people still think it is a fun thing to practice. Mind you, all-caps do emphasize your subject or idea depending on your usage. When words such as FREE and AMAZING can give positive connotation, others such as WHAT and the name of your recipient (for example, PARIS!) may give a negative tone to your message. 

Yup, strike the right tone in your writing before you strike out!
(Source: Internet)

Other than that, don’t be narcissistic! Your message shouldn’t just be about you, you, you. It should be about your recipient as well. Try to have more second person point of view than first person point of view. Your contents should be about your recipient, not you. Even when you’re promoting your event or yourself to apply for a job; always remember, it must benefit your recipient

Here are some examples:

We want to introduce our newly improved website…”

And compare it to:

You’ll be excited to know of the newly improved website...”

How about when applying for a job?

I am a resilient, hard working and resources person. On top of that, I have years of experience…

Try this:

“For your kind information, I have worked with several years of experience in marketing which will be beneficial for your company’s activities”.

This is what you must avoid (Source: Internet)

Truth is, the more ‘I’s’ you have, the more ‘you’s’ you might bore. Don’t forget, the world does not revolve around you. It also revolves around your recipient. Besides, you write it, he or she receives it. Put yourself in their shoes too! Again, you are not the only person trying to make contact with your recipient. 

A good tone makes a good impression. A good impression makes a good contact. And with contact, the world is an oyster! If you’re lucky, this oyster comes with a big, white pearl in it too!

See? Yes, it makes me want to go to a sushi bar, but you get my meaning
(Source: Internet)

KISS – Keep It Short and Simple!

I know you have a lot to tell, much to share, but why don’t we spare the agony and keep our messages short but straight to the point; write them in a simple manner but with an impact

More often that not, most of us just want to impress our recipient with bombastic jargons and extensive thesaurus, thinking that such would make us appear smarter. I’m not saying your recipient is stupid or they don’t read a book, but is there a need to be a little boastful? 

KISS! And not ‘Keep it (mouth) shut, stupid!’, haha! (Source: Internet)

Being humble yet impressive in a message can be as easy as writing with common courtesy. Nobody is going to judge you for using simple and understandable terms. It makes their lives easier too. Particularly when you’re writing to someone high up there whose emails usually go through their assistants who might not be at all impressed with your attempt to be the next Professor Henry Higgins

And finally, remember to say ‘Thank you’! Nothing seals common courtesy better than a sign of gratitude

Although I’m not really an expert on writing letters and emails, I do however learn more and more from people around me. And finally, have fun when writing. Why should you lose hair over an email? Just take a deep breath and be sincere about what you’re going to write. People are very smart these days, if you mean well, they know it too.

Have fun and keep your head up! Writing should come from the heart
(Source: Internet)

Even if you’ve made some mistakes in your past, don’t fret! Look back, learn and move forward. There is always room for improvement. Besides, once you get the hang of writing, you will be the first person your colleagues turn to for reference. Remember, sharing your knowledge with others also earns you some pahala to last you even when you’re no longer around, Insya-Allah.

If you have more tips on writing or anything, feel free to share with me! I’m always keen to learn new things from others as well. 

And yes, THANK YOU for supporting The Miss Paris Diaries!

Thank you! You really love me! (Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Sending Out A Message – Part 1

The Tiny Little Things You Might Oversee

Yes, yes, I know, I haven’t updated The Miss Paris Diaries in a while. I’ve just been bogged down with work that I couldn’t even sneak time to finish up some drafts. Haha!

Let’s not procrastinate any longer and start sharing something that might be useful for you. For the past couple of years, I believe I’ve gone through some phases of writing for work. The more I write, the more I learn how I can make my official writing better.

Some need to start writing from scratch… literally! (Source: Internet)

Of course, I’m not an expert at writing in English. It’s not even my first language. On top of that, I was never formally trained to write in English nor did I graduate from a TESL Programme. I have always loved learning the language since I was young and slowly I start to write more and more in English. I guess it began when I was in high school when I was selected by the teachers to join the editorial board for the school magazine. I wrote a couple of short stories and poems, just to fill up the English section. 

You see, our school Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Melati in Setapak was not a very popular school back then. Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s popular now. There were whispers of local celebrities attending that school, but I don’t like to kiss and tell. *wink*

So you can imagine why I had to help the teachers with the English Section of the magazine. There weren’t that many of us who could write in English well. Besides, I was always one of those over-achievers who just had to score 100% during English tests and exams. I was so obsessed, the bullies at my school called me Shikin London which was pretty dumb because if they had listened to me carefully, I spoke American English having spent years of watching and learning from American TV. I only spoke  British English during oral tests so that I could pass with flying colours. 

When my teachers told me to watch more of this… (Source: Internet)

I watched more of this… (Source: Internet)
Yes, there’s Yiddish and all, but I enjoyed it anyway! (Source: Internet)
And this… aaaaaaahhhh! (Source: Internet)

Anyway, remember back in the days when our English syllabus taught us a certain way of writing a formal letter, with the specific format and language. There was the address at the top, followed by the date and yes, the famous salutation of ‘Dear Sir/Madam‘, sounds familiar? 

Well, yes, we were all trained with the same format of writing for many, many, many years. Plus many more years. Although the syllabus that we learned had somewhat laid the foundation of writing for most of us, then there is college, but I still didn’t think it was enough nor was it quite relevant once we join the real world. 

Surprisingly, even now I still need to crack my head when
writing letters and emails (Source: Internet)

In fact, I’m actually quite surprised that we do not really give proper training to students on how best to write formal letters or emails particularly to the Human Resources or Public Relations Department of a company. I mean, back during my UiTM time, I was actually quite lucky to have attended several graduate courses on writing. Still, I didn’t think it was enough because I learn more and more along the way. 

To tell the truth, I don’t mean to diss anyone, I just think the Malaysian syllabus might be a little outdated because I keep seeing the same format from fresh graduates who actually made an effort to write a proper letter or email. Yes, I understand they didn’t have exposure, but would it kill to FOR ONCE use Google for a good cause? I mean, back then we didn’t have Internet or WiFi as extensive as we have now, and I still made an effort to go to the Internet Cafe to look for some samples of formal letters. Trust me, back then, you could barely find a decent one.

Never mind the numerous replicas I’ve received, at least again, may I stress here that at least they made an effort. Since I’ve started working in Public Relations two years ago, I’ve been bombed with many, many letters and emails that make me want to meet the senders in real life and just punch them in the faces! Yes, as brutal as that sound, you have nooooo idea what I have to face on a daily basis.

It will take some time but making an effort to write a good letter/email
 comes with great rewards (Source: Internet)

Let me share some of the worst emails I’ve encountered and tell me if any of these sounds familiar. 

No Subject

Okay, you’re sending an official email to the PR of the company and you didn’t put a subject. Surprisingly, even people who have years of experience do this too by mistake. 

As tiny as the mistake might appear, it doesn’t look good on the recipient. It appears just like any other spam that we receive everyday. Most people will simply ignore emails like that. 

The nicer ones including yours truly when she’s in a good mood; will at least glance at it. However, pass mal auf when I decide to reply with some notes in it too. It doesn’t mean that I care about your email, it simply means that I’m actually pissed off. Haha! 

So, what should you do when you realized that you’ve sent an email without a subject? Just resend and don’t forget to apologize. We PRs are used to receiving crappy emails, an apology with resend will turn our days around. 

Email is a very convenient way to communicate on professional basis
(Source: Internet)

No Contents

This is another email that gives me a heart attack. Many a time, senders only attach a presentation or information but not the contents. And surprisingly, these people are the ones who want something from our company; sponsorship, media coverage and so on. 

So, with only attachment and nothing else, what am I supposed to do? Read your mind telepathically? If people ask, why can’t I just download the attachment and go through the details? 

My answer is simple, why should I? You’re the one who sent me the email, so it means that you want something from me. The least you could do is, make an effort and get your message across. 

Once, I’ve received a Whatsapp text from an acquaintance asking whether or not the company I’m working for can sponsor one of their events. I told him to send me an email with details. Yes, he did. With only a subject and an attachment, no contents. Considering he was an acquaintance and because his wife also texted me to remind me of their proposal, I replied and asked for a more formal email with details. Later, the guy just Whatsapped me with this message, “Everything is in the attachment“. 

And that was when I clicked on the BIG BLACK X that says ‘Delete’. Honestly, I didn’t need it. It was disrespectful and the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility fund was better spent elsewhere. 

I don’t mind if you whatsapp me on professional matters
if you’re one of my close friends,
but I still need an official email (Source: Internet)

Informal Contents

Since I started working in Public Relations, I’m actually surprised that many, many people see me as their personal piggy bank; thinking that they can just email me to squeeze funds out to finance their activities. 

Yes, true, most companies have set aside a certain amount of money for Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This fund is more for branding purposes, a way to show the public that a company cares about the community around their business. Most of the time, CSR projects don’t bring much monetary returns to the company. Still, as a company that runs a business, a CSR project is expected to bring in some tangible and intangible returns. 

So considering the possibility of receiving a little portion of this fund, surely people ought to write to impress. Put yourself in our shoes, who would you give it to? 

Would you give it to a stranger who wrote something like this…?

Hi, Paris, I’m XXX’s friend. Hope you’re in a good mood, huhu. TQ!

So, you tell me!

May I remind you, a Public Relations is not your piggy bank.
He or she is responsible for the company’s CSR fund as well.
(Source: Internet)

And Your Point Is…?

Most of the time, when I receive emails from people, I actually have to go through the emails over and over again just to find the main point of contact. Some emails are just toooo lengthy, particularly, ahem, excuse me, those written in Malay. Is it me or am I being judgemental, I just find formal emails/letters written in Malay are just exhaustingly long. 

It got me wondering, how should I react to it?

And then, there’s the nonsensical ones that don’t appeal to me at all. Most of them are written in a narcissistic manner. When I say narcissistic, I do mean, it’s all about you, you, you. What about me and my company? Where do we come in? 

Trust me, you don’t want to bore your recipient before
 he or she finishes reading your email/letter (Source: Internet)

I’ve got so much to share! Why don’t we meet and discuss this again soon?

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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The Weekend of Terror

When Your Neighbourhood Is NOT Safe Anymore

It was quite a long weekend for most of us in Malaysia with Chinese New Year happening on Thursday and Friday. On top of that, the company that I work at ‘forced’ us to take one extra day off on Wednesday, it being a replacement holiday. So, what was to you guys a long weekend, for us, it was a longer weekend, haha! 

What will the Year of the Goat be to an Aries like me? (Source: Internet)

Most of the time, I’d just stay at home when everyone else goes ‘balik kampung‘ in Johore. Since my sister married a Nogorian, they’d make a stop in Seremban too. In case anyone is wondering why I prefer to be left behind, I usually go back to Batu Pahat on regular weekends so I won’t be dragged to go visiting relatives here and there. Sorry, I’ve been a selfish b***h since my Atok (both paternal and maternal grandpas) passed away on my two separate birthdays, but let’s talk about that in my next confession. 

Do you remember back in the days when we watched PSAs by the police department talking about simple safety measurements to take when ‘balik kampung’ during festive seasons? 

One of the reasons NOT to balik kampung during peak seasons, haha!
(Source: Internet)

Well, my family (surprisingly from the oldest to the youngest member) has always had issues with simple safety measures such as switching on some lights when leaving home. To them, it’s wasteful since nobody will be around and by the end of the month, the bill will just be a killer. No matter how many times I keep reminding them, even on a regular day, whenever they leave the house and plan to arrive home later in the evening, just leave the lights on. At least the one at the porch or the one in the living room. 

Of course, numerous reminders and warnings fall on deaf ears. Stubborn people are just like mules, they simply won’t budge. 

Yes, I believe at times, my family can be something like this!
(Source: Internet)

So, this CNY break, as usual, it was one of those moments that I could just laze around the house, cooking my favourite food and watch all my favourite shows either on TV or YouTube; at the moment, I’m hooked on Hallmark Channel and Lifetime TV movies. When I’m home alone, I’d switch on the lights on alternate, perhaps one day the porch’s yellow  lights, sometimes the white ones. I’ll also make sure the lights in the kitchen and the living room upstairs are also switched on. It gives the indication that someone is home. Besides, you never know who might be lurking outside, waiting to make a move.

It actually happened during this long break. One night, as usual, after I’ve made some spicy pasta bolognaise for dinner, I retired to my room and started watching one of those romantic comedies on Hallmark. While I was enjoying my sinful pleasures, I heard some noises right outside my window which was opened since the weather had been very warm even at night. Instantly, I jumped off my bed and quickly closed and locked the window. I didn’t even bother checking if there was anything outside. 

The night can be a little scary at times (Source: Internet)

You see, once upon a time, my Dad carelessly left the ladder outside the backyard. One fine morning when I was about to take the LRT to work, I checked my purse and realized that all my cash was gone. So was my cellphone. Luckily, there were some coins and I called home, asking my Dad to pick me up again. Upon reaching home, my brother complained that his cellphone was missing too. I went to my bedroom and looked outside my window which was usually left opened at night.

Guess what? The ladder was stacked on our cement wall, giving easy access to my window. So, someone actually broke into the house and stole small items that he could find. Luckily, I must’ve slept downstairs in the living room while watching TV on the same night and my brother was charging his cellphone in the living room upstairs. No one else lost anything. If you’re wondering why our windows are not installed with grills for safety, please refer to the photo of Donkey as you scroll up. Trust me, my Dad and I have argued about this like a thousand times and the result is still the same. Even when I told him, the staircase was not safe for children, he simply ignored me. I guess, the older the mules, I mean, men, the more stubborn they become. 

We ended up not reporting to the police because my Dad was embarrassed if the police would check the backyard and tell him the things that I’ve been telling him for many years. Truth be told, our family have had some unpleasant history with the local police, so let’s not dwell into it or I might get into trouble for writing s**t about them; no matter how true things are.

So our house was broken into… (Source: Internet)

So, the next day, I opened my window and looked outside. I noticed the plastic roof which covered the backyard was broken. The plastic roof was installed to avoid rain from falling and splashing water from the neighbour’s roof into our kitchen. So you can imagine if a cat walks on it, it won’t break. Imagine a full-grown person? So, I guess, somebody tried to break into the house again, thinking it was vacant. 

Sometimes I wonder, when is the right time to call the police? When you heard strange noises outside your house? When you actually see someone trying to break in? Or when somebody has broken into your house, then only you’re allowed to make a phone call? 

Then, what happens after you make the call? Will the police come to patrol around the neighbourhood? Or will they really come to your house to investigate? When they investigate, what happens? Could they identify people who tried to break in?

Call 999 for police (Source:

Well, I guess, I don’t have the answers either. All I could say is my neighbourhood has NOT been a safe place for many years now. I’ve stopped jogging around the neighbourhood, be it day or night because the last time I wanted to go out for a jog on a Saturday morning, three boys on motorbikes tried to attack me. Don’t even get me started on how many times my Mum, my sister, my neighbours and me myself had been victims of snatch thieves!

As much as I’d love to continue complaining about this neighbourhood for all its flaws, this is home and I grew up here. So, when people tell me to move to a better place, let me ask you this, I’ve lived here for so many years, why should I move? Shouldn’t those criminals be caught instead? 

At the same time, let’s do our part to protect our own homes and neighbourhood. Light up when at night, even a small one, even when you’re at home. At least if anything happens, you won’t trip over something while trying to find out. What is your electricity bill compared to the safety of your home?

This might be useful for your next long break (Source: Rakan Cop)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Saying Goodbye to A Great Woman

A Farewell Event for the Russian Ambassador

My friends have known me to be a pro-Russian since I started working with them through several collaborations since 2 years ago. Okay, perhaps the phrase ‘pro-Russian‘ sound a little too political, but I couldn’t describe such love and adoration I have for Russian culture, despite not having the chance to visit Russia myself.

Agent Lyubov’ S. Klubnichkina, Bond Girl, haha!

It all started 2 years ago by chance when I met the absolutely delicious former Third Secretary/Press Attaché, Alexey Kalugin for a discussion. Let’s keep the delicious story for another confession, yeah? Haha! Anyway, he was not sure on how we could work together, well, I don’t blame him. I guess he has never worked with a highly positive and creative person like me before.

When the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation emerged in December 2013, Alexey called and asked for a favour to help him with the publicity. Of course, having not much information about the history behind it, please excuse me, Russia was such an alien country to me, I requested to meet the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Malaysia, Her Excellency Liudmila G. Vorobyeva

During an interview for our magazine 

The initial idea was to tag my CEO along and get to know as many prominent people as possible, which would serve our company well. Honestly, I hadn’t the slightest idea about HE Liudmila Vorobyeva other than the info that I gathered from their website. I also copied her photo so that I wouldn’t mistaken an elderly lady for the cook and call her ‘Auntie’ or something. 

During the opening of The Art of Russian Luxury

Honestly, her photo on the website did not do her justice as she was a very stylish beautiful woman with a certain aura, albeit being rather petite compared to the delicious Third Secretary who was 1.91cm tall. (Please don’t ask me how I got to know all this info about him, haha!). I was first intrigued when she shared facts about the relationship between Russia and Malaysia, particularly the story of the Battle of Penang. It was very surprising that most of us Malaysians are not aware of this historical event, perhaps in another confession.

The meeting turned out great as I’ve also met her PA, Polina Matveycheva who speaks excellent Malay, so ‘jangan main-main’ (don’t play-play, haha!) when she’s around. As the world is getting smaller and smaller, let me tell you this, the world is indeed very small. I was there monitoring the International Public Speaking Competition the year before and recognized her as one of the contestants. Yes, Polina actually won Number 2, which I forgot, I just remembered a beautiful ‘orang putih’ (white girl); blonde and wearing a gold-coloured kebaya. 

‘Jangan main-main’, she can speak excellent Malay

The longer I get to know the Russian Ambassador, the higher my respect for her becomes. She knows her stuff, and I do mean, she can just print out some notes and share them with an audience with charisma. In fact, when working on her publicity, people can just throw her any questions and she has every info and update at her fingertips. 

While managing some of HE Liudmila Vorobyeva’s publicity

At Capital TV, Channel 420 HyppTV

Once I learned more personal stuff about her, the stories she shared, I like her even more. Sometimes we’d swap mummy stories, getting daughters pierced, daughters and boyfriends and so on. She tells very funny jokes too. In short, HE Liudmila Vorobyeva is simply amazing. 


My friends had a lot of fun learning ‘The Navy’ dance with the Russian children
Sob … sob… I’m not in this photo, sob… sob… because I was the photographer

Even my Abah Careno’s son had the chance to sit with the humble Russian Ambassador

After 4 years posting in Malaysia, HE Liudmila Vorobyeva will fly back to Moscow and heads the Asia Pacific Division under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, I wouldn’t miss her farewell party. I decided to bring Amelyn with me, it’d be great to have her at the party. 

One of the days we get to hang out together

Unfortunately, the school just so happened to finish late. I ended up waiting for close to an hour, and then the hair salon issue. Urghhh! I couldn’t go with the Hair of Horror so Amelyn and I made a stop at Publika to find a hair salon. Imagine this, we went to two hair salons, both closed. Luckily, the third time, we found a hair salon and started getting our hair done. I had no idea which part of ‘in a hurry’ the shampoo girl didn’t understand, she just kept spending too much time massaging. So, I don’t think I’ll ever go there again.
Stuck in traffic for more than an hour, we arrived at the nick of time; just half an hour before the party was over. Of course, no party ever starts on time, and no party ever ends on time; except during election, yes that sort of party, haha!

Our hair didn’t look too bad eh?

If people are wondering why I’d go through lengths to be at that party, well, I just didn’t think, I’d feel good not properly saying goodbye to the Russian Ambassador. Besides, if there was any embassy that makes me feel at home and an alient at the same time, it’s definitely the Russian Embassy, haha! 2 years down the road, the love-hate relationship I have with it and the people there, will definitely be a part of great memories in my life. 

To HE Liudmila Giorgievna Vorobyeva, wishing you all the best for your future endeavours!

Thank you for giving me a chance to work with you and your wonderful staff! 

Thank you for opening up doors for me to do many, many great things with your Embassy. 

Thank you for organizing such a great Russian lunch for my friends and I.

Thank you for inspiring me to get a third piercing on my left ear, had always wanted that since I was 18 but I was too paranoid until I met you. 

And finally, thank you for promoting me to Chief Gardener this year, haha! This is a private joke between the Embassy and I!

Our last photo together, will always remember her as a great woman

Malaysians and Russians, friends forever, hopefully
Hot Stuff United!

I’ll share more stories in other confessions. Right now, I just want to prepare for 26th February, the celebration of the Russian Armed Forces Day at the KL Convention Centre. The Defence Attache, Captain (Navy) Sergey Zhevnovatiyy has already sent me an invitation. Polina and I are already planning what to wear, probably red, but definitely sexy, haha! So, stay tuned to more updates on The Miss Paris Diaries.

One of our best photos together, taken on the
Russian National Day 2014 (Photo: Roman Isaev)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

Now why did Amelyn snap this photo while I was talking
 to the fresh blood at the Russian Embassy?

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Kenyataan Rasmi JAKIM Sempena Pengumuman Status Pencarian MH370

Kenyataan Rasmi KP JAKIM


1. Saya mengambil kesempatan bersama seluruh rakyat Malaysia berkongsi kesedihan di atas tragedi yang menimpa pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH370 yang telah diisytiharkan kemalangan dan kesemua 239 penumpang dan anak kapal pesawat tersebut dianggap telah terkorban seperti yang telah diumumkan oleh Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) petang tadi.

2. Ekoran daripada pengumuman tersebut Kerajaan telah mengesahkan bahawa semua penumpang dan anak kapal telah dianggap meninggal dunia, saya ingin menjelaskan beberapa perkara mengenai kedudukan hukum dan berkaitan dengan tragedi MH370 sepertimana yang telah diputuskan oleh Muzakarah Khas Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan pada 25 Mac 2014 yang lalu telah mengambil beberapa ketetapan bahawa Solat Jenazah Ghaib tidak perlu dilaksanakan. Sebaliknya semua umat Islam adalah diseru supaya mengadakan tahlil dan doa kepada semua penumpang dan anak kapal MH 370

3. Sehubungan dengan itu, Masjid Negara akan mengadakan Tahlil khas sebaik sahaja selesai Solat Jumaat esok, 30 Januari 2015. Manakala, Masjid-masjid di bawah seliaan Jakim iaitu Masjid Putra, Putrajaya, Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Putrajaya serta seluruh masjid di bawah kelolaan Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (Jawi) juga akan mengadakan Majlis Tahlil khas sejurus selepas Solat Jumaat. 

4. Dalam masa yang sama, seluruh masjid di bawah pentadbiran Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri-Negeri seluruh Malaysia adalah dipohon kerjasama untuk mengambil inisiatif yang sama.

5. Mengenai hal-hal berkaitan pengagihan harta pusaka, pembubaran status perkahwinan mangsa, atau hukum-hukum lain yang bersangkutan daripada tragedi ini, ianya hendaklah dirujuk kepada pihak berkuasa berkaitan berasaskan peruntukan undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan setelah pengesahan atau pensabitan kematian diputuskan oleh mahkamah. 

Sekian dimaklumkan.


‘Saya Yang Menurut Perintah’


29 Januari 2015

The National Mosque Kuala Lumpur is organizing
a Tahlil for MH370 (Source: Internet)

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DCA (Malaysia) Declared MH370 An Accident



A press statement made by Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai: Malaysia, China and Australia remain committed to the ongoing search.

 Today the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia has declared MH370 an accident.

 In accordance with International convention and practice as well as the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation has been tasked to make this Declaration of Accident. It will ensure that every assistance possible is provided to the next of kin.

 This has been a trying time for the next of kin of the passengers and crew. My thoughts and prayers, and those of the nation, are with you at this difficult moment.

 Today’s announcement, which was agreed between the governments of Malaysia, China and Australia, is intended to enable the families to move forward.

 The announcement has no bearing on the search operations. The search for MH370 will continue. The governments of Malaysia, China and Australia remain firmly committed to the ongoing search.
The following steps have been taken recently with regards to MH370:

1)    Malaysia has sent additional assets to the search area. Fugro Supporter has just arrived to assist with the underwater search. There are now 4 vessels participating.

2)    The MH370 website has been enhanced and now includes a section specifically for the next of kin.

 We thank the governments of China and Australia for their assistance in this matter. 

Malaysia owes each and every one of the nations and individuals who have assisted us a tremendous debt of gratitude. We thank them for their support during one of the most challenging and trying periods in the history of aviation.

Released by The Ministry of Transport, Malaysia
29th January 2015

A tragic moment for all, but God has His own plans (Source: Internet)

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is monitoring closely with concern the current developments taking place in Yemen, particularly in Sana’a.  

The Government of Malaysia welcomes the deal reached by the Government of Yemen and the opposing faction on 21 January 2015. 

The Government of Malaysia hopes that all parties will honour the United Nations (UN) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) brokered Peace and Partnership Agreement and work towards lasting political stability and peace. 

Malaysia also calls on all parties to remain committed to the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference and commends the efforts by President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and the United Nations Special Envoy, Jamal Benomar.

The Embassy of Malaysia in Sana’a is in constant contact with Malaysians residing in Sana’a, mostly students, who are safe and located away from the conflict area.

 As the current situation in Yemen remains fluid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to advise all Malaysians to defer all non-essential travel to Yemen. 

All Malaysians who are still in Yemen are advised to register with the Embassy of Malaysia in Sana’a which can be contacted at the following:

Address: Iran Street, Hadda, P.O. Box 16157​
No.Tel    : (00) 967-1-429781/(00) 967-1-42978
E-mail    :
Fax : (00) 967-1-429783

23 January 2015

Map of Yemen (Source: Google)

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Choose Your Partner Like You Choose Your Dog

The whelp helps? Really?

Just as I was driving home from dinner last night, I tuned it to the Lite FM and the radio was playing some excerpts from The Lite Breakfast with Steve and Shaz. Well, pardon me, since I’ve reached XX number of age, I realized that Lite’s Breakfast Show was the only radio that I could stand listening to while driving to work every morning.

Laughing? Yes, wait until you reach my age, haha!

My morning tonic now that I’m XX years old (Source:

Except yesterday because I left home a little later than usual. Anyway, I thought it was funny that they were talking about ‘finding partner the way you choose dogs’, so as soon as I reached home, I quickly Googled for the related article and came across this report on written by Deni Kirkova dated January 18th, 2015 titled ‘Want to find The One? Choose your partner the same way you choose your DOG! Relationship expert’s radical new approach to finding love’. 

Author and relationship coach, Dr. Annie Kaszina Ph.D suggested there are parallels between picking the perfect partner and the way you choose your dog. Based on her experience when she met Orlandino with the big brown eyes, the irresistible looks, the knack he had of making her laugh; she thought it was love at first. Apparently, Orlandino was the dog from hell. So, when she chose her second dog – and her current partner – with a lot more care, and shared with hundreds of women simple ways to spot the right man for them; using her pet as the template. 

Dr. Annie Kaszina Ph.D. and her radical ideas
about relationship (Source:

So, the article also shares 10 tips inspired by Dr. Annie Kaszina’s new book ‘Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?’ which will be out by Valentine’s Day (perhaps a little later for the Malaysian market). 

The key is to find a man who parallels with a sweet, natured dog (Source: Internet)

1. Temperament is King
Look for someone sunny and sweet-natured. As much as the mean, moody and magnificent sounds exciting, it’s actually hard work in a relationship.

2. Check the pedigree
Listen to the way the guy speaks of his parents, family and friends. Might give you a heads-up either he is good with people or not.

3. Beware yappiness
Be careful with those who talk so highly about themselves. Haha, oh, yeah, this I definitely know! ‘Hey, I’m Mr. Great’, ‘I’m Mr. Awesome’, ‘I’m off to a gym’, ‘I’m going to make cover of the magazine’, bla bla bla. Men should take interest in you too, which I totally agree!

4. Good manners
The article wrote, good manners don’t just stop at the table manners. Some men have selective good manners, so chances are they are not GENUINE people. They might want to impress you at first until you fall into their arms, and then, wooosh! Out come their true colours! Trust me, not all true colours are as pleasant as Cyndi Lauper’s famous song,

But I see your true colours shining through
I see your true colours and that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colours, true colours are beautiful
Like a rainbow
(Song: Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours)

5. Over-exuberance
When a man shows signs of being pushy, well, stop. It means he doesn’t respect boundaries. Yes, in my case, one guy told me to lose weight quickly so he could take me to a social event. *burn*

For someone to have and to hold till death do us part (Source: Internet)

6. Good behaviour
If you have standards on how to dress and behave on your first date, he should too. Violations of good behaviour, even as unnoticeable as leering at other women, well, take that as a sign. Once, I went out with a guy who couldn’t stop taking photos with celebrities, especially female; models, socialites and beauty queens. Call it a habit, I guess. It ended nowhere, I swear!

7. Docility
Your date ought to be sensitive and responsive to your wishes. If a guy keeps making decisions for you, well, how long do you think before he makes BIG DECISIONS for/without you? Don’t settle to become ‘Miss I-Do’, or sooner or later, you’ll lose your own personality.

8. Playfulness
Yes, you want to have fun, but at the same time, he has to be someone fun to be around. Don’t confuse fun with childish, by the way. You might end up playing mother figure all the way. MILFs are just good to watch, but to date, that’s a bit tricky, haha.

Understand what you want from your dog and
 perhaps later your man (Source: Internet)

9. Beware rogue breeders
Yes, you’ve been a while and yes, your friends might want to set you up with ‘lovely dates’. Just be careful, we all have different tastes in everything. Your friends might like the guy, but you may not. Do your own homework, many a times, your instinct helps.

10. Leave the paperwork at home
Aaah, women are known to be completely romantic. Most of the time, we imagine things way up ahead. Immediately after the first date, we’re already flipping through bridal magazines for ideas. Haha, honestly, I’ve had that too when I met that beautiful doctor. Although our planned rendezvous was postponed and eventually cancelled, I actually had a big dream which included a wedding gown with 10 metre-train and a tiara! I blame his beautiful smile for that! 

Take a first date as a pilot of a TV series, and always remember, not all TV pilots are picked up by networks, haha! Some might be, but the cast has changed!

The goal is to find your perfect match in a relationship (Source: Internet)

So, how do you choose your future partner now?

Here’s the full article for you:

*Note: According to, the word ‘whelp‘ means:

1. Any of the young of various carnivorous mammals and especially of the dog
2. A young boy or girl

Origin of WHELP
Middle English, from Old English hwelp; akin to Old High German hwelf whelp

First Known Use: before 12th century

Reading this article really made me laugh realizing how true the points are. Okay, being a Muslim, of course, I never had a dog (don’t go to that ‘I Want to Touch Dogs’ thing with me here!). As a child (even until now), given the chance, I’d love to have a dog as a pet too. 

It’s like going shopping!!! (Source: Internet)

So, let’s see which dog best describe my potential partner, shall we? 

1. Chow Chow 
This dog is known as one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, originated from northern China and was referred as songshi quan which translates into ‘puffy-lion dog‘. Look at that fur! That fur!

A unique trait of the Chow Chow is its blue-black tongue (Source: Internet)

And here’s my future partner…

Jay Chou? Yes, yes, yes! (Source: Internet)

Haha, sorry, peeps, I couldn’t bear to put Chow Yuen Fatt or Stephen Chow as my future partner, so, Jay Chou sounds pretty much the same.

2. Golden Retriever
Oh, this is undeniably one of the world’s favourite dogs! This breed earned its name for the long golden (may vary depending on the breed) and its ability to retrieve items during shot game undamaged. Golden Retrievers are water-loving, fun animals and playful too. Due to its sweet nature and intelligence, they’re often trained to be guides for the blind

How could you not love this little puppy? (Source: Internet)

So, how do I envision my Golden Boy? Well, the American type! Haha!

Aaah, Nick Carter, my first blue-eyed blond crush! (Source: Internet)

3. Australian Shepherd
Commonly known as Aussie, but surprisingly, this medium-sized breed was developed in the USA. Aussies are loved by many for its agility, playfulness and trainable nature. Generally, an Aussie’s life span is between 12 to 18 years but prone to have vision problems as they age. In a merle to merle breeding, some puppies have an increased risk of being born blind or deaf, but that shouldn’t be a reason to love your Aussie any less. 

And I shalt not love thee any less, my beautiful Aussie! Claws, I means, flaws or not!

Hugh Jackman, the ultimate Australian hunk! (Source: Internet)

4. German Shepherd
What is up with me with shepherd breed? But you have to admit, as scary as this large-sized breed is, it does look very heroic in police drama. The German Shepherd is also known as Deutscher Schaeferhund (in German-speaking countries) or Alsatian (in some English-speaking countries). Although originally bred for sheep herding, this dog is also trained for various works mainly in the police-related and military industry as it is known to be very strong, intelligent, obedient and highly trainable. 

The most famous German Shepherd is Rin-Tin-Tin! Yes, I remember reading about him as a child. 

Honestly, when I see one like this, I feel like
 running at the speed of light! (Source: Internet)

Und wer ist mein Deutscher Freund? (And who is my German boyfriend?)

I swear, Michael Fassbender, I don’t have drugs on me!
You can sniff me just to be sure! (Source: Internet)

5. Pit Bull 
Yes, Malaysians were in a massive shock when a pit bull breed attacked an elderly man to his death not too long ago. Should you be surprised, since this breed was originally created as fighting dogs by cross breeding bulldogs, mastiffs and terriers to produce champions. Since blood sports have long been banned, this dog is later bred for working and commercial purposes.

Like all other dogs, a Pit Bull requires solid
 socialization training as a puppy to reduce
 the potential aggressive genes (Source: Internet)

So, do I want a Pit Bull by my side? Heck, why not?

¡Ay, caramba! It’s Pitbull! (Source: Internet)

6. British Bulldog
The bulldogs are originated from, well, Britain, hence the name. It is among the top most popular purebreed (and not of vampire or lycans, mind you!) under the canis lupus familiaris category. The canis what? Oh, canis lupus familiaris is the Latin term for dog, haha! Yes, there are other breeds of bulldog including the American and French ones, but the medium-sized dog is definitely of a British origin. 

And no, this dog is not a cross breed of a canis lupus familiaris and a Boss taurus (that’s a bull, not Hugo Boss’s pet!). It earned its name because of its use in bull baiting sports. Please don’t ask me what’s bull baiting, it was too inhumane, I’d rather not write about it in this confession. Feel free to Google. 

By the way, although bulldogs are commonly associated to the Brits especially Sir Winston Churchill, did you know, 39 American universities (as of January 2015) use bulldogs as their mascot? Do you know another famous bulldog mascot? 

It’s medium-sized but rather heavy because of the muscles
and known for its wrinkly face and push-in nose (Source: Internet)

So, who is my ultimate British bloke?

I should be so Loki, I mean, lucky if I get someone
 like Tom Hiddleston! (Source: Internet)

7. Bearded Collie
Although the common nickname for Bearded Collie is Beardie; I think most Malaysians are more familiar with the name Shaggy Dog after the 2006 movie ‘The Shaggy Dog’ starring Tim Allen. Like its Shepherd furry-buddies, the Bearded Collies were primarily bred for herding by Scottish shepherds. 

You’d be impressed as I am when reading about the historical origins of the Bearded Collie. One source claimed that the Bearded Collie was a cross breed between Polish Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny) and local Scottish dogs. Another source spoke of several dog owners who began breeding their dogs the old fashion way.

The Bearded Collie needs regular grooming for
 a fur-free home (Source: Internet)

So, who’s the Scottish Beardie that I have in mind?

The Ugly Truth is, Gerard Butler, my love,
P/S- I love you with that sexy beard! (Source: Internet)

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Yes, this dog has a name longer than its common Latin term, haha, but this breed is one of the favourite companion dogs among the ‘toy’ category. The breed standards recognize four colours for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Blenheim (after the Blenheim Palace) which is striking chestnut and iridescent white colour, black and tan, tricolour (black, tan and white) and Ruby (fully covered in rich chestnut fur). 

This breed is a direct descendent of Toy Spaniels represented in paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th Century. In fact, this warm and snuggly breed was a top favourite among the ladies at court during the Tudor times.

So, which of these puppies you’d choose? (Source: Internet)

So, which of the Tudor boys you’d like to bring home?

Well, I don’t mind these two Tudor arm candies;
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill! (Source: Internet)

9. Poodles
Yes, surely some of you wonder, am I ever writing about poodles? Of course, I am, I’m doing it right now. When most people might remember the Miniature Poodle, well, there are two other sizes; the Standard Poodle and a Toy Poodle. Known for its long, curly fur; a poodle requires many hours for grooming on a weekly basis. 

This famous show-dog needs to be clipped to lower maintenance and for hygiene purposes. Surprisingly, there are many types of clips; standard clip, Continental clip, English saddle clip and a few more. If you ask me, Poodles are boring!

Having one of these require patience, imagine having three (Source: Internet)

Glad he’s decided to get rid of the Poodle look!

Bye-bye, Poodle hair; Justin Timberlake is a major hottie now! (Source: Internet)

10. Siberian Husky
Aaaah, finally, another favourite of mine, the Siberian Husky or Sibirsky Haski (сибирский хаски) in Russian. As the name suggests it, this breed was originated from Siberia, Russia. And among my friends, I’ve been called the Russian Spy, Agent Lyubov’ S. Klubnichkina (some preferred Petrova) since I started working closely with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. So, anything that says Russia, people tend to look my way, and honestly, I’m proud of it!

Anyway, this magnificent dog breed is known for its double-coat fur, erect triangular ears and distinctive markings. Think Siberian Huskies, you’ll remember the legendary Balto and or that devilish Demon (from Snow Dogs movie).

Oh, the grey eyes! I will call this one Alyosha (Source: Internet)

So, how would my Russian partner look like?

Ansel Elgort (Russian descent) might be
 too young for me, haha! (Source: Internet)

With you, I can never be a Lone Ranger,
Armie Hammer (Russian descent)! (Source: Internet)
You can drink my blood any time, Danila Kozlovsky! (Source: Internet)

Hahahaha! Yes, they’re all very pretty, but at one point in life, I’ve set my eyes and heart on another Siberian Husky, I mean, Russian guy. My verdict, the hardest dog to tame, haha! Always in my heart, always in my mind…

That’s my Iskandar Zulkarnain … 

*Note: Info and details of dogs are mostly referred from Wikipedia, thank you!

Haha, if only finding a partner is THAT easy, I just might go through a catalogue, or visit a place full of men and pick one, like one might do when picking a dog at the pet store. Still, the article has some great advice too. In the end, let’s just get to know our potential partner and see if things work out. 

Anyway, this confession is written for fun with lots of love, no pun intended! For my True Love, I’ll see you soon, wherever you may be, hopefully not at a pet store since I’m allergic to animal fur, haha! So enjoy, Baha Men’s Who Let The Dogs Out!

*P/S – jangan cakap nak samak blog aku plak! Cakap pakai kepala otak, bukan kepala lutut! Kalau tidak, lutut ke mukamu jawabnya!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Latest Development On Tugboat Incident In China


For Immediate Release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets to inform that the Chinese authorities on Saturday 17 January confirmed that a Malaysian national was killed in the tugboat incident which happened on Thursday, 15 January at Fubei Channel, Yangtze River nearby Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China

The victim is Mr Cheong Kin Chin from Negeri Sembilan. Out of the 25 victims, there were only 3 survivors, while the rest were confirmed dead, including 4 Singaporeans, 1 Malaysian, 1 Indian, 1 Indonesian and 1 Japanese.

The Ministry expresses its deepest condolence and sympathy to the family of the deceased. The Ministry will also facilitate the family’s travel arrangement to China. 

The Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai is working closely with the Chinese authorities in making the necessary arrangement for the remains of Mr Cheong to be transferred to Malaysia.

18 January 2015

Relatives of the victims (Source: Internet)

Search and rescue (Source: Internet)

Search and rescue (Source: Internet)

The team is bringing the body into their boat (Source: Internet)

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Tugboat Incident In China – Info Diary



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to confirm that a Malaysian is reported missing in the tugboat sinking incident at Fubei Channel, Yangtze River nearby Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The incident which took place in the afternoon of Thursday, 15 January 2015, involved a few workers who were on the boat and were reported missing when the boat sank during testing. Local authorities are working on the search and rescue of the victims involved.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Consulate General of Malaysia in Shanghai is trying to get more information from the local authorities on the incident.

17 January 2015

One of the tug boat models (Source: Internet)

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