My Romance with Pies

Oh, my sweet tooth! (Source: Internet)
Oh, my sweet tooth!
(Source: Internet)

I have possibly the worst sweet tooth issue among my family, friends and colleagues. I can just pop everything sweet, sinful and delicious into my mouth guilt-free. The guilt only starts to seep through much, much later when I stand naked in front of the mirror and see folds of skin holding on to the fat I myself brought upon.

One of those sweet delights I love is pie! Be it sweet, fruity pie or something savoury with lots of meat and vegetables inside, I just love pies! Even the ones from McDonald’s are just irresistibly tasty! The new Spinach Pie is awesome too! I hope, they’re gonna be around for a while.

strawberry pie
What wouldn’t I do for a piece of this right now? (Source: Internet)

Pies are just heavenly so I understand the kind of comfort they bring at each mouthful bite. You see, Malaysians are not so high on pies like they are with cookies and cake. That’s why you see many people taking baking classes specializing in cookies, cakes and more recently, macaroons.

When I was on the exchange programme in Germany is 2002/2003, I lived with a family of bakers, the Fesenbeck. My host dad, Horst whom I called ‘Papa’ was possibly the best baker in all of Saarland, the smallest federal state in Germany, but my fondest, most beautiful memories were made there.

My host mum, Mama Karin Fesenbeck was the most loving stranger I’ve ever met. Although we were not at all related, by hosting me, she has proven that you can love almost as much as you would to your own blood.

My home for almost a year, Schmelz (Source: Internet)
My home for almost a year, Schmelz
(Source: Internet)


They loved baking pies for the community there. In fact, many people loved their bread too! I learned to eat funny German bread like the Schwarzbrot and many other brot (bread), which were as hard as rock but once you get used to them, you’ll love them more than your usual Gardenia or High Five.

After a year in Germany, I lost close to 30 kg eating this every day! (Source: Internet)
After a year in Germany, I lost close to 30 kg eating this every day!
(Source: Internet)

Every Friday the Fesenbecks would organize a high tea and invite their close friends and neighbours where they would enjoy food, usually pie and coffee. I’d help out with serving food and doing the dishes in the kitchen.

It was fun because I learned German faster that way. Located so close to France, just about 70 km if my mind serves me correctly (too lazy to Google), people are more motivated to learn French.

One day, Mama Karin gave me a slice of rhubarb pie. It was my first because I never knew how rhubarb looked like, even. It was sweet and delicious and I believe, I have fallen in love right that moment.

My first rhubarb pie romance was in the Fesenbeck kitchen in Schmelz, Saarlouis in Saarland, Germany in 2002.  (Source: Internet)
My first rhubarb pie romance was in the Fesenbeck kitchen in Schmelz, Saarlouis in Saarland, Germany in 2002.
(Source: Internet)

My host family, the Fesenbecks are very good bakers. They would wake up very early in the morning and start baking. I packed freshly baked pastries and bread to school every day. To me, it was a luxury because everything was right downstairs where I used to live, The Fesenbeck House, Robert-Koch-Strasse 39, 66839, Schmelz, Germany.

I spent the entire summer helping them to bake pies and bread. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of the recipes. I don’t think I can find the exact same ingredients in Malaysia, but I’m thinking of learning to bake pies now.

The peach pie looks great and the crust looks very crispy! (Source: Internet)
The peach pie looks great and the crust looks very crispy!
(Source: Internet)

I believe, every dessert has its own strength in bringing comfort and pleasure to anyone who consumes it. Some people like cookies because of the crunchy bites and even better, when the cookies have tonnes of chocolate chips on them! Some prefer cake because it glides smoothly in the mouth and it comes with all sorts of flavours, topping and finishing. And yes, macaroons are crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside, they’re made in small size that you can continuously pop into your mouth at will.

Pie is different. ‘Pie is home, people always come home’. That was taken from Pushing Daisies, one of the best TV series ever produced. Ned, the Pie Maker bakes pie using rotten fruits because he can bring back the dead with one touch. Second touch, die again, forever, as the narrator repeatedly says.

Pushing Daisies, a fantasy forensic romance. (Source: Internet)
Pushing Daisies was my ultimate favourite TV show! I’d anxiously wait every week for this!
(Source: Internet)

Ned bakes pies, a trade he learned from his mother. He started baking pie in school whenever he missed his mother and ended up opening the Pie Hole diner.

Well, the TV series is about Ned helping Private Investigator Emerson Cod to solve murders happening around town with his magical touch. Ned also brought his childhood sweetheart, Chuck back to life but could never touch her again at the risk of causing her death, permanently this time.

One of the only ways Ned and Chuck could kiss throughout the series. (Source: Internet)
One of the only ways Ned and Chuck could kiss throughout the series, with plastic wrap.
(Source: Internet)

Then, there’s a movie ‘The Waitress’ starring Kerri Russell and Nathan Fillion, about a small town married waitress, Jenna who is pregnant with her abusive husband’s child. She works at a pie diner and bakes pies on a daily basis. She also bakes pie that reflects her mood like ‘I Hate My Husband’ pie, to which her friend, Dawn (Adrienne Shelly who also wrote and directed the movie) responded by saying, “You can’t put that on the menu”.

This movie is so sweet, I've watched it a few times already! (Source: Internet)
This movie is so sweet, I’ve watched it a few times already!
(Source: Internet)


She seeks solace in baking pies and yes, having an affair with her physician, Dr. Pomatter who is also married.

I just love this quote in the movie, when Dr. Pomatter came to her house after her first attempt to end their affair. He held her in his arms and she wrote about the feeling in her baby journal.

Dear Baby, I hope someday somebody wants to hold you for 20 minutes straight and that’s all they do. They don’t pull away. They don’t look at your face. They don’t try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold you tight, without an ounce of selfishness to it

pie waitress scene
Jenna is teaching her physician how to make Lonely Chicago Pie (Source: Internet)

So, these two shows tell me that pie is love. In Pushing Daisies, Ned bakes pies. Emerson Cod always orders pies. Chuck adds Gruyere cheese on the crust. Olive Snook helps to deliver pies to Chuck’s aunts.

While in The Waitress, baking pies are a way for Jenna to express herself. There are about 18 different pies featured or mentioned throughout the movie. ‘Falling In Love Chocolate Mousse Pie’ and ‘Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie’ sound wonderful, right?

Anything with chocolate and strawberry can never go wrong! (Source: Internet)
Anything with chocolate and strawberry can never go wrong!
(Source: Internet)

So, what would my pie be?

How about ‘The Miss Paris Diaries Pie’? Considering the things that are happening in my life, it will be a mixture of everything sweet, sour and spicy with a big dollop of whipped cream on top!

Just the way I love it!


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Nothing Says ‘Forever’ Better Than Diamonds

A Valentine to Remember

My editor, Miss Lira J and I are working on a couple of articles on jewellery pieces so yesterday we went to Starhill Gallery to visit four high-end brands under Mystique Universal Sdn. Bhd. We were amazed to see the gorgeous bling blings of gold, diamonds and other precious stones. 

Let’s start with the first boutique we visited, Carrera y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera is known as an international jewellery brand for its traditional and exceptional craftsmanship. Based in Madrid and now has spread its wings to 48 countries worldwide, Carrera y Carrera is among 30 most prestigious jewellery firms. This icon of luxury with more than 125 years of history is familiar among jewellery lovers for its unique style, imaginative designs and magnificent jewellery pieces where gold and precious stones come to life. With the beautiful Olivia Palermo as the Brand Ambassador, Carrera y Carrera is also famous among famous celebrities including J-Lo (she has two of Carrera y Carrera’s Tiger Rings!), Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Alicia Keys and Paris Hilton

*Note: Oh, when will Miss Paris Ashiqin get her own Carrera y Carrera’s jewellery pieces? Will someone buy me one of the Reina Collection?

The Carrera y Carrera Tiger Ring is so famous that people
 call it the J-Lo ring (Source:

Actually, there were so many gorgeous jewellery pieces at the boutique, but let’s save that for our magazine. Here, I’ll share Carrera y Carrera‘s brand new LOVE Collection specially designed for Valentine’s Day

This beautiful collection is an exquisite take on love, drawing inspiration from both its written form and its many representations. Intricately carved and sculptured by the house’s skilful artisans, these pieces feature small diamond elements that bring a special sparkle. Carrera y Carrera’s signature combination of matte and polished finish is also beautifully showcased, giving these whimsical pieces a life of their own. 

Thank you, Carrera y Carrera for the info and photos!

The next boutique was Garrard

 Welcome to Garrard Boutique (Source:

Garrard is the oldest jewellery brand in the world, first established in London in 1735. Garrard is widely known as the jeweller of the British monarchy and has been in charge with the upkeep of the Crown Jewels for many years. Globally, Garrard is known as the designer of the famous sapphire ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana of Wales which was later resized and passed on to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge when Prince William proposed to her. Garrard has also been commissioned by 
our local monarchy for the design and craftsman of many beautiful jewellery pieces, including the medals of honour in Perak
(Source: Wikipedia and Garrard Malaysia)

The iconic sapphire ring worn by Lady Diana and later,
passed down to Kate Middleton (Source: Internet)

The stunning collection brings a new dimension to the lace-like design of the Anniversary collection, as well as a dazzling splash of colour. The collection is a brilliant reinterpretation of Garrard’s Wings Classic Collection, which celebrated its anniversary in 2013, marking 10 years of this much-loved collection. Available in white and rose gold, and set with rubies, sapphires, tsavorites as well as cognac diamonds and black diamonds, these pieces are a testament to the Garrard ethos of combining its rich history and excellent craftsmanship, with contemporary and relevant design. 

Thank you, Garrard for the info and photos!

Then, there’s some lovely items from Gübelin, a Swiss jeweller that has been running for six generations. It first started as a watchmaker’s shop on October 11th, 1854 by Jakob Josef Moritz Breitschmid at the age of 22. Jakob married Emma Mohr and had five sons and a daughter named Bertha Sophia who later married a watchmaker Eduard Jakob Gübelin. In 1923, the Gübelin Family began making jewellery along with watches and clocks. They also set up their own gemological laboratory to determine real stones from fake ones. Gübelin opened its door on 5th Avenue in New York in 1971. After 160 years, Gübelin has become another household name in jewellery.

The new Red collection from renowned Swiss jewellers Gübelin celebrates the magical fire inside red gemstones. While the inimitable ruby is the star of the show, spinels, garnets and other fascinating red gems add their sparkle as well. Each piece is inspired by the unique story hidden deep within the stone, a story which is brought to stunning life by the company’s master jewellers.

Thank you, Gübelin for the info and photos!

And finally, Samer Halimeh New York! 

Samer Halimeh was a teenager when the Civil War in Lebanon broke and his parents sent him to California. After graduating from Business School and Gemology, he started travelling extensively to America, Africa and Russia to build network with important diamond suppliers. At 24, he started his own wholesale company located at 5th Avenue in New York with worldwide offices. Samer Halimeh’s Collections are known for the world’s most unique, hand-crafted custom jewellery using some of the rarest diamonds and precious gems. Partnering with some of the largest and most prominent diamond mines in the world, buyers get to select the finest, rarest and most unique rough diamonds and gemstones directly from the source. 

When visiting the Samer Halimeh Boutique at Starhill Gallery, I was introduced to one of the managers, Calvin, who was extremely friendly and funny too. My guide, Melissa informed me that most of Samer Halimeh’s Collections have been packed away for delivery to a jewellery fair in Dubai but I saw some very gorgeous pieces. The necklaces on display were mostly long ones that one could turn into double- or triple-tier necklace. And Calvin was so nice, he knew I was there to write about the brands, he even took out some of the rings that he had already packed and sealed so that I could see and try them on.

Surprisingly, of all the four jewellery boutiques I’ve been to, Samer Halimeh’s rings fit my fat fingers perfectly. Even, Calvin told me, “I think, Samer Halimeh is for you. Maybe tonight you’ll dream of the rings calling you back“. Haha, once I find a rich sugar daddy, perhaps, Calvin! In case you’re wondering, the rings Calvin asked me to try on were worth more than RM 1 million each! 

Thank you, Samer Halimeh for the info and photos! And thank you, Calvin for making me feel very beautiful with those million-ringgit rings!

Honestly, it was a great day for me. Yes, although I cannot afford to own any of these lovely items, but at least for a while, I got to try some of them! Aaaaah! What a bliss to feel such cold precious metal wrapping my fingers and yet, they give me such warmth I could never explain. 

Ahaaaa, for the girls out there, nothing says ‘FOREVER’ better than diamonds! And you are diamonds, you’re precious yet extremely tough, so don’t let anyone tell you any less. 

Trying out the Reina Collection from Carrera y Carrera, inspired by the Spanish Queen costumes

This Reina ring really puts my diamond and gold to shame!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Choose Your Partner Like You Choose Your Dog

The whelp helps? Really?

Just as I was driving home from dinner last night, I tuned it to the Lite FM and the radio was playing some excerpts from The Lite Breakfast with Steve and Shaz. Well, pardon me, since I’ve reached XX number of age, I realized that Lite’s Breakfast Show was the only radio that I could stand listening to while driving to work every morning.

Laughing? Yes, wait until you reach my age, haha!

My morning tonic now that I’m XX years old (Source:

Except yesterday because I left home a little later than usual. Anyway, I thought it was funny that they were talking about ‘finding partner the way you choose dogs’, so as soon as I reached home, I quickly Googled for the related article and came across this report on written by Deni Kirkova dated January 18th, 2015 titled ‘Want to find The One? Choose your partner the same way you choose your DOG! Relationship expert’s radical new approach to finding love’. 

Author and relationship coach, Dr. Annie Kaszina Ph.D suggested there are parallels between picking the perfect partner and the way you choose your dog. Based on her experience when she met Orlandino with the big brown eyes, the irresistible looks, the knack he had of making her laugh; she thought it was love at first. Apparently, Orlandino was the dog from hell. So, when she chose her second dog – and her current partner – with a lot more care, and shared with hundreds of women simple ways to spot the right man for them; using her pet as the template. 

Dr. Annie Kaszina Ph.D. and her radical ideas
about relationship (Source:

So, the article also shares 10 tips inspired by Dr. Annie Kaszina’s new book ‘Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?’ which will be out by Valentine’s Day (perhaps a little later for the Malaysian market). 

The key is to find a man who parallels with a sweet, natured dog (Source: Internet)

1. Temperament is King
Look for someone sunny and sweet-natured. As much as the mean, moody and magnificent sounds exciting, it’s actually hard work in a relationship.

2. Check the pedigree
Listen to the way the guy speaks of his parents, family and friends. Might give you a heads-up either he is good with people or not.

3. Beware yappiness
Be careful with those who talk so highly about themselves. Haha, oh, yeah, this I definitely know! ‘Hey, I’m Mr. Great’, ‘I’m Mr. Awesome’, ‘I’m off to a gym’, ‘I’m going to make cover of the magazine’, bla bla bla. Men should take interest in you too, which I totally agree!

4. Good manners
The article wrote, good manners don’t just stop at the table manners. Some men have selective good manners, so chances are they are not GENUINE people. They might want to impress you at first until you fall into their arms, and then, wooosh! Out come their true colours! Trust me, not all true colours are as pleasant as Cyndi Lauper’s famous song,

But I see your true colours shining through
I see your true colours and that’s why I love you
So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colours, true colours are beautiful
Like a rainbow
(Song: Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours)

5. Over-exuberance
When a man shows signs of being pushy, well, stop. It means he doesn’t respect boundaries. Yes, in my case, one guy told me to lose weight quickly so he could take me to a social event. *burn*

For someone to have and to hold till death do us part (Source: Internet)

6. Good behaviour
If you have standards on how to dress and behave on your first date, he should too. Violations of good behaviour, even as unnoticeable as leering at other women, well, take that as a sign. Once, I went out with a guy who couldn’t stop taking photos with celebrities, especially female; models, socialites and beauty queens. Call it a habit, I guess. It ended nowhere, I swear!

7. Docility
Your date ought to be sensitive and responsive to your wishes. If a guy keeps making decisions for you, well, how long do you think before he makes BIG DECISIONS for/without you? Don’t settle to become ‘Miss I-Do’, or sooner or later, you’ll lose your own personality.

8. Playfulness
Yes, you want to have fun, but at the same time, he has to be someone fun to be around. Don’t confuse fun with childish, by the way. You might end up playing mother figure all the way. MILFs are just good to watch, but to date, that’s a bit tricky, haha.

Understand what you want from your dog and
 perhaps later your man (Source: Internet)

9. Beware rogue breeders
Yes, you’ve been a while and yes, your friends might want to set you up with ‘lovely dates’. Just be careful, we all have different tastes in everything. Your friends might like the guy, but you may not. Do your own homework, many a times, your instinct helps.

10. Leave the paperwork at home
Aaah, women are known to be completely romantic. Most of the time, we imagine things way up ahead. Immediately after the first date, we’re already flipping through bridal magazines for ideas. Haha, honestly, I’ve had that too when I met that beautiful doctor. Although our planned rendezvous was postponed and eventually cancelled, I actually had a big dream which included a wedding gown with 10 metre-train and a tiara! I blame his beautiful smile for that! 

Take a first date as a pilot of a TV series, and always remember, not all TV pilots are picked up by networks, haha! Some might be, but the cast has changed!

The goal is to find your perfect match in a relationship (Source: Internet)

So, how do you choose your future partner now?

Here’s the full article for you:

*Note: According to, the word ‘whelp‘ means:

1. Any of the young of various carnivorous mammals and especially of the dog
2. A young boy or girl

Origin of WHELP
Middle English, from Old English hwelp; akin to Old High German hwelf whelp

First Known Use: before 12th century

Reading this article really made me laugh realizing how true the points are. Okay, being a Muslim, of course, I never had a dog (don’t go to that ‘I Want to Touch Dogs’ thing with me here!). As a child (even until now), given the chance, I’d love to have a dog as a pet too. 

It’s like going shopping!!! (Source: Internet)

So, let’s see which dog best describe my potential partner, shall we? 

1. Chow Chow 
This dog is known as one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, originated from northern China and was referred as songshi quan which translates into ‘puffy-lion dog‘. Look at that fur! That fur!

A unique trait of the Chow Chow is its blue-black tongue (Source: Internet)

And here’s my future partner…

Jay Chou? Yes, yes, yes! (Source: Internet)

Haha, sorry, peeps, I couldn’t bear to put Chow Yuen Fatt or Stephen Chow as my future partner, so, Jay Chou sounds pretty much the same.

2. Golden Retriever
Oh, this is undeniably one of the world’s favourite dogs! This breed earned its name for the long golden (may vary depending on the breed) and its ability to retrieve items during shot game undamaged. Golden Retrievers are water-loving, fun animals and playful too. Due to its sweet nature and intelligence, they’re often trained to be guides for the blind

How could you not love this little puppy? (Source: Internet)

So, how do I envision my Golden Boy? Well, the American type! Haha!

Aaah, Nick Carter, my first blue-eyed blond crush! (Source: Internet)

3. Australian Shepherd
Commonly known as Aussie, but surprisingly, this medium-sized breed was developed in the USA. Aussies are loved by many for its agility, playfulness and trainable nature. Generally, an Aussie’s life span is between 12 to 18 years but prone to have vision problems as they age. In a merle to merle breeding, some puppies have an increased risk of being born blind or deaf, but that shouldn’t be a reason to love your Aussie any less. 

And I shalt not love thee any less, my beautiful Aussie! Claws, I means, flaws or not!

Hugh Jackman, the ultimate Australian hunk! (Source: Internet)

4. German Shepherd
What is up with me with shepherd breed? But you have to admit, as scary as this large-sized breed is, it does look very heroic in police drama. The German Shepherd is also known as Deutscher Schaeferhund (in German-speaking countries) or Alsatian (in some English-speaking countries). Although originally bred for sheep herding, this dog is also trained for various works mainly in the police-related and military industry as it is known to be very strong, intelligent, obedient and highly trainable. 

The most famous German Shepherd is Rin-Tin-Tin! Yes, I remember reading about him as a child. 

Honestly, when I see one like this, I feel like
 running at the speed of light! (Source: Internet)

Und wer ist mein Deutscher Freund? (And who is my German boyfriend?)

I swear, Michael Fassbender, I don’t have drugs on me!
You can sniff me just to be sure! (Source: Internet)

5. Pit Bull 
Yes, Malaysians were in a massive shock when a pit bull breed attacked an elderly man to his death not too long ago. Should you be surprised, since this breed was originally created as fighting dogs by cross breeding bulldogs, mastiffs and terriers to produce champions. Since blood sports have long been banned, this dog is later bred for working and commercial purposes.

Like all other dogs, a Pit Bull requires solid
 socialization training as a puppy to reduce
 the potential aggressive genes (Source: Internet)

So, do I want a Pit Bull by my side? Heck, why not?

¡Ay, caramba! It’s Pitbull! (Source: Internet)

6. British Bulldog
The bulldogs are originated from, well, Britain, hence the name. It is among the top most popular purebreed (and not of vampire or lycans, mind you!) under the canis lupus familiaris category. The canis what? Oh, canis lupus familiaris is the Latin term for dog, haha! Yes, there are other breeds of bulldog including the American and French ones, but the medium-sized dog is definitely of a British origin. 

And no, this dog is not a cross breed of a canis lupus familiaris and a Boss taurus (that’s a bull, not Hugo Boss’s pet!). It earned its name because of its use in bull baiting sports. Please don’t ask me what’s bull baiting, it was too inhumane, I’d rather not write about it in this confession. Feel free to Google. 

By the way, although bulldogs are commonly associated to the Brits especially Sir Winston Churchill, did you know, 39 American universities (as of January 2015) use bulldogs as their mascot? Do you know another famous bulldog mascot? 

It’s medium-sized but rather heavy because of the muscles
and known for its wrinkly face and push-in nose (Source: Internet)

So, who is my ultimate British bloke?

I should be so Loki, I mean, lucky if I get someone
 like Tom Hiddleston! (Source: Internet)

7. Bearded Collie
Although the common nickname for Bearded Collie is Beardie; I think most Malaysians are more familiar with the name Shaggy Dog after the 2006 movie ‘The Shaggy Dog’ starring Tim Allen. Like its Shepherd furry-buddies, the Bearded Collies were primarily bred for herding by Scottish shepherds. 

You’d be impressed as I am when reading about the historical origins of the Bearded Collie. One source claimed that the Bearded Collie was a cross breed between Polish Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny) and local Scottish dogs. Another source spoke of several dog owners who began breeding their dogs the old fashion way.

The Bearded Collie needs regular grooming for
 a fur-free home (Source: Internet)

So, who’s the Scottish Beardie that I have in mind?

The Ugly Truth is, Gerard Butler, my love,
P/S- I love you with that sexy beard! (Source: Internet)

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Yes, this dog has a name longer than its common Latin term, haha, but this breed is one of the favourite companion dogs among the ‘toy’ category. The breed standards recognize four colours for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Blenheim (after the Blenheim Palace) which is striking chestnut and iridescent white colour, black and tan, tricolour (black, tan and white) and Ruby (fully covered in rich chestnut fur). 

This breed is a direct descendent of Toy Spaniels represented in paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th Century. In fact, this warm and snuggly breed was a top favourite among the ladies at court during the Tudor times.

So, which of these puppies you’d choose? (Source: Internet)

So, which of the Tudor boys you’d like to bring home?

Well, I don’t mind these two Tudor arm candies;
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill! (Source: Internet)

9. Poodles
Yes, surely some of you wonder, am I ever writing about poodles? Of course, I am, I’m doing it right now. When most people might remember the Miniature Poodle, well, there are two other sizes; the Standard Poodle and a Toy Poodle. Known for its long, curly fur; a poodle requires many hours for grooming on a weekly basis. 

This famous show-dog needs to be clipped to lower maintenance and for hygiene purposes. Surprisingly, there are many types of clips; standard clip, Continental clip, English saddle clip and a few more. If you ask me, Poodles are boring!

Having one of these require patience, imagine having three (Source: Internet)

Glad he’s decided to get rid of the Poodle look!

Bye-bye, Poodle hair; Justin Timberlake is a major hottie now! (Source: Internet)

10. Siberian Husky
Aaaah, finally, another favourite of mine, the Siberian Husky or Sibirsky Haski (сибирский хаски) in Russian. As the name suggests it, this breed was originated from Siberia, Russia. And among my friends, I’ve been called the Russian Spy, Agent Lyubov’ S. Klubnichkina (some preferred Petrova) since I started working closely with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. So, anything that says Russia, people tend to look my way, and honestly, I’m proud of it!

Anyway, this magnificent dog breed is known for its double-coat fur, erect triangular ears and distinctive markings. Think Siberian Huskies, you’ll remember the legendary Balto and or that devilish Demon (from Snow Dogs movie).

Oh, the grey eyes! I will call this one Alyosha (Source: Internet)

So, how would my Russian partner look like?

Ansel Elgort (Russian descent) might be
 too young for me, haha! (Source: Internet)

With you, I can never be a Lone Ranger,
Armie Hammer (Russian descent)! (Source: Internet)
You can drink my blood any time, Danila Kozlovsky! (Source: Internet)

Hahahaha! Yes, they’re all very pretty, but at one point in life, I’ve set my eyes and heart on another Siberian Husky, I mean, Russian guy. My verdict, the hardest dog to tame, haha! Always in my heart, always in my mind…

That’s my Iskandar Zulkarnain … 

*Note: Info and details of dogs are mostly referred from Wikipedia, thank you!

Haha, if only finding a partner is THAT easy, I just might go through a catalogue, or visit a place full of men and pick one, like one might do when picking a dog at the pet store. Still, the article has some great advice too. In the end, let’s just get to know our potential partner and see if things work out. 

Anyway, this confession is written for fun with lots of love, no pun intended! For my True Love, I’ll see you soon, wherever you may be, hopefully not at a pet store since I’m allergic to animal fur, haha! So enjoy, Baha Men’s Who Let The Dogs Out!

*P/S – jangan cakap nak samak blog aku plak! Cakap pakai kepala otak, bukan kepala lutut! Kalau tidak, lutut ke mukamu jawabnya!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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‘Ohana’ Means Family

When you find family in the face of strangers

Recently, my Bumblebee (yup, I call my car that, despite being orange) had another incident. I was off to a food review in Bangsar South’s new attraction, Hotel Capri by Fraser. Just as I drove into the basement, suddenly my car stopped moving. Noting something wrong, I just did what I do best, panicking, haha!

This is how Bumblebee would look like on a
good day (Source: Internet)

A nice tomboyish lady came up and asked me if anything was wrong, she even tried to drive Bumblebee but to no avail. So, yup, it was official, Bumblebee had another episode. The security at Nexus, Bangsar Southhelped me to push the car into the parking box, for that I’m so grateful.

I went out of the basement quickly to call my sister, Erine Nordin. She’s been recommending this mechanic who helped to fix her car a while ago. Of course, at first, I wouldn’t go, thinking I’ve had a pretty decent one. But this time, I thought, I might give him a go. I mean, I’ve spent a bit more than RM3,500 on Bumblebee last year and still Bumblebee is giving me a problem. Kak Erine said, she’d call back with information. 

Other than orange, I think Naza Suria looks best
in GREEN like this (Source: Internet)

So, I went to the food review as planned with my editor, Ms Lira J ( and writer, Mel. Lira J and I often joke about finding sugar daddies to cover our daily expenses. We often talk about car maintenance, buying stuff, going to places and so on if we had rich sugar daddies, haha!

Later, while chatting with the potential client, Kak Erine called again and informed me she’s spoken to her mechanic and she’d come immediately after work to pick me up. So, she kept telling me to calm down and finish my work first. 

She is someone I really can rely on, she’s my Kak Erine

One wonderful food review later, I walked to Starbucks at Nexus, Bangsar South and waited for Kak Erine there. I ordered my usual Hot Caramel Macchiato and added a dash of cocoa and cinnamon. While waiting, I began drafting my next confession for The Miss Paris Diaries.

After a while, Kak Erine arrived all the way from Putrajaya and comforted me. She said, she’s spoken to her mechanic about my car and he needed to check my car before I start panicking and all. Actually, it has been a couple of weeks since Kak Erine and I last ‘lepak’, but we often keep in touch through Whatsapp

A friend/sister in good times and bad

Much later in the evening, the mechanic arrived with his tow-truck buddy. They had to drive down to the basement with their car to tow it back up outside the car park because the tow-truck couldn’t fit into the basement. 

So, we drove to the mechanic’s workshop in Selayang. He popped the hood in front of me and asked me questions about the last time I serviced the car. I told him everything the other mechanic, Ah Sang told me. 

The mechanic, Zul explained to me some of the damages he suspected. Later, he checked under the car and he asked me if I requested for specific spare parts. I told him, Naza/Kia cars are known to be very sensitive, one simply couldn’t just put in other parts or else, they won’t last.

Guess what?

Apparently, my trusted mechanic, Ah Sang cheated me. When he told me he’d replace everything I needed with original parts from Naza/Kia, well, apparently he lied. This new mechanic, Abang Zul told me, there were a few things that Ah Sang didn’t even change. Some were actually parts of Proton

Can you see that?

It clearly is a Proton part

So, as you can see, I was totally ripped off by my trusted mechanic of close to 4 years. Not only that, when he changed my radiator the last time, he used a non-Naza/Kia part too. According to Abang Zul, if the radiator was an original Naza/Kia part, it would’ve fit perfectly. Instead, the radiator in Bumblebee now is actually a little smaller, causing it to shake when the engine is running. 

Bumblebee’s experiencing oil leaks 

And not only that, apparently, the Auto Oil in my car is an old one. Since the older parts Ah Sang changed are not the original part, Bumblebee is leaking like crazy. Hence, the further damages they cause over time. So, I asked Abang Zul, how much would it all cost me. He said, he’d change the most crucial ones first. The radiator, he said, he could tie it up to the other parts of the engine so that it would at least stop shaking when I’m driving. So, with the torn drive shafts both left and right and everything else, yup, that’s another RM 3,000 for me to spend on Bumblebee. 

Torn drive shaft, RM 400 at least each

As a sign of good faith, I gave Abang Zul RM 200 to start working on Bumblebee, promising RM 1,000 by the coming week. So, at least while waiting for my salary by the end of the month, the mechanic won’t be so pissed off since I’ve told him, I needed my car for work. So, that’s the thing. I am sooo going to be broke just to fix Bumblebee again, but I know it’s very important since I’ll be driving around a lot. 

So, later, Kak Erine, sent me back. On the way, I texted my so-called boyfriend who recommended Ah Sang to me. I sent him the photos too. He replied and said, he’s never had problems before. Fine, if he thought I was lying.

Imagine this, when Kak Erine sent me home, I just realized I forgot to bring the house key which was attached to the car key. So, we had to go back to the workshop and took it. Yet, my Kak Erine didn’t even complain. She was willing to drive back and she kept shushing me for repeatedly apologizing over the key thing.

Kak Erine and I at the Russian Centre for Science & Culture 

What I really want to share here is not so much about Bumblebee, but about Kak Erine and her kindness to help me when I’m in dire need.

You see, I met her during one of those Media Trips to Penang when I was working as a Broadcast Journalist. She was working for the Ministry of Tourism at that time and I was with the newsroom. The trip was poorly managed that somehow Kak Erine and I bonded over the so-called Trip to Hell. It was NOT hell because it’s Penang, it was hell because the organizer was treating the media AND the home-stay owners very badly!

When bad things happen, you might find some good in it too

After a couple of years, we’re still friends. In fact, we became closer and could share practically anything with one another. After I worked for the current company, we will occasionally meet up and ‘lepak’ together. I’ve met her biological sisters, Kak Diana and Asha and they’re great girls too. 

The Nordin Girls and Blogger, Kak Hanim 

With Kak Erine, I can share anything. I’ve gone through some very bad experiences in the past couple of years and she was always there for me, to lend a shoulder to cry on and to give me great advice. Even sometimes, when she and I couldn’t meet up, she’d spend some time time to chat over the phone. She’d accompany me to work too sometimes, to some of my events/assignments. 

Kak Erine is a sister who understands my work and
she supports me continuously

When Bumblebee acted up again this time, I was touched, she actually called her mobile phone service provider to increase her credit limit so she could make some calls to get help for me. Later, once she spoke to her mechanic and asked him to tow my car, she came to Bangsar. She even ‘kow-tim’ with the mechanic so that I could pay for the car in instalments instead of one lump sum. 

Truth be told, even my own biological sister wouldn’t do that for me. Even when I helped her with her wedding preparations, or tended to her daughter, even rushing to the supermarket to buy a proper birthday cake for her daughter’s first birthday, so that the little baby would have good memories throughout her childhood; well, my sister just never appreciated me nor even said ‘thank you’. So, let’s not waste time talking about someone who’s selfish and would never treat you with respect. Let’s just focus our energy on someone who truly loves and appreciate you in good times and bad times. 

The sister I trust with my own life

Well, to me, family are not necessarily related by blood. Family are the people who’d be there for you. As pathetic as my confession may sound, I am truly blessed because whenever I feel lost or down, I find family in the face of strangers

To my beloved Kak Erine, thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for being the inspiration and guide for the past couple of years that we’ve been sisters. I love you and will always love you. Hope that our friendship/sisterhood will last for many, many years to come!

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

Ohana’ means family, made famous
by Lilo & Stitch (Source: Internet)

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When you love someone, you let go? No, you tell!

Don’t let the moment pass you by

Wow, recently a friend, Matilda NY shared a video of an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with the gorgeous Nicole Kidman as guest. Starting with a recap on how they met in the early 2000s, Jimmy shared his version of memory upon meeting Nicole. Later, Nicole revealed that she kinda liked him when he was known as a SNL star but due to his lack of response, she got embarrassed and left after an hour and a half. She even thought he was gay. 

Here’s the video:

Oh, wow! Jimmy Fallon really blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman, one of the most beautiful Hollywood Divas. Just because he didn’t think Nicole was interested. Of course, Nicole being a woman, naturally she didn’t feel that she should start the first move. Oh, well, when you look at the video again, you’ll notice how embarrassed both people were, turning completely red; Nicole blended well with her hair, while Jimmy’s red face affected his speech as well.

Aaahhh, doesn’t it remind us of The One That Got Away? Surely, in our lifetime, there was someone whom we totally adored, possibly loved, but due to various circumstances, we never said anything and we just let that person walk out from our lives. 

Actually I wrote about The One That Got Away a couple of years ago and posted it on my Facebook Note. I was actually inspired to write about it after reading ‘Second Chance’ by Jane Green, my Numero Uno British author. Although the title of that FB Note was, ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid‘, but after watching this Jimmy Fallon & Nicole Kidman video, I realized, I should’ve said something.

Here’s an excerpt from my FB Note:

The early inspiration – Jane Green’s Second Chance (Source: Internet)

      Second Chance’ suddenly reminds me of someone. Someone I haven’t been able to see in such a long time. Someone I used to hold so close and dear to my heart. 

       To make things easier, let’s call him S. (There were so many S’s in my life, you’ll have to figure out which one!)

I remember meeting him for the first time at UiTM. It was at one of the events that I was MCing. I did that a lot at university. Hehe, trying to work my way from there.

He was standing at the entrance, in his black suit. I was instantly taken by his good looks and persona. In fact, I remember there were butterflies in my stomach. Oh, my God! Didn’t that feel so good?

Some people fall in love at first sight (Source: Internet)

Then, Mr. Gorgeous walked towards me. 2 feet away from me, he extended his hand with a smile. I reached for it and the butterflies just flapped harder and faster in my stomach. 

Hi, I’m S, from XXX Faculty,” he said, introducing himself.

I smiled back. I hope I didn’t look embarrassed or embarrassing at that time. “Paris, from Mass Comm Faculty”.

One of The Ultimate Paris’s Boyfriend Material (Source: Internet)

I thought he was more than just his looks. I mean, hey, he’s a guy my best girlfriend, Azie would call, “The Ultimate Paris’s Boyfriend Material”. For details, please refer Azie, haha!

And that was how it all began. We exchanged numbers and e-mail accounts. Well, back then, we had Friendster. (So, now you know how long ago this was, donkey years, I tell you!)

S knew he was good-looking without being cocky. He was funny without trying so hard to make me laugh. He was brilliant, yet he did not make one feel stupid with him. He was just being himself.

We hit it off immediately. We would SMS each other. Sometimes, commented on each other’s profile. We would meet up for drinks and talked about almost everything. He was the reason why at one point I got a bit smarter. I had to read more just to stay connected to him. The more I knew, the more I could meet him for so-called smart conversations. Meaning, more time spent together. Politics, current issues, health, gossips, my god! I read it all for S.

He was a real gentleman. Even when the chance permitted it, even when I was dreading for it…. S never touched me. Not even my hand when we were talking, not even my forearm when he opened the door for me, not even my hair when a dry leaf was stuck on it… But he touched me so deeply inside, I knew he was one of the most important pieces in my life.

I won’t break any friendship for love (Source: Internet)

But of course, I couldn’t deny the existence of a girlfriend at that time. Yeah, a girl. Quite decent, but most of my friends would say, I was the better catch. Haha! Can you blame me? 5-foot-6? Already (secretly) gracing some magazines and modelling for calendars? MC of events? Not famous at my own faculty, but definitely a diva at the other schools? Haha!

So, that was how we were, S and I. Close but he was attached to her. I respected that. I wouldn’t do anything to come between them. Yes, Miss Paris Ashiqin who changed boyfriends more often than clothes actually wouldn’t break a relationship so that she could get the boy. Much unknown to people, I am also capable of falling in love so sincerely and so loyal when in a relationship.

I moved on. Dating other guys as I didn’t think, moping over S, wishing, hoping, thinkin’ and praying (my favourite song from ‘My Best friend’s Wedding!) that he’d leave the other girl for me. 

Wishin’, hopin’, thinkin’ and prayin’ for the
right one to come along (Source: Internet)

Some guys I liked, some I went out with for the sakes of being Miss Paris Ashiqin. Some guys lasted months. Some guys lasted 2 days. Some did not make it past the first date. (I know, Azie will be laughing reading this and she’ll start jotting down their names, haha!)

But I always had S close and he was the best friend. 

Then, I was introduced to M. Not quite “The Ultimate Paris’s Boyfriend Material” but he was funnier than S, taller than S, in a way cuter than S, had a crazy smile… and by God, those buns looked soooo damn hot, I had to restrain myself from molesting him. M was just so adorable. 

M was my Tom Welling, rather nerdy but cute
with a BIG heart (Source: Internet)

A year passed and M and I were going well fabulously. We had talks about marriage and kids and spending the rest of our lives together. I was completely madly in love with M. Azie liked him too. She thought he was THE ONE. I knew he was THE ONE.

An SMS one night sort of shook my foundation a bit. 

Congrats, didn’t know you have a bf!” It read. Short but piercing like a knife straight into my chest.

It was from S. I did not know what I felt exactly at that time. S and I were drifting apart. I was no longer on campus and he was finishing his stuff. Of course, there were still SMSes between us. Like once a month?

I replied the SMS, stating what I thought he needed to know. Which was, not much. I wasn’t going to tell him too much. Leaving it to fate is what I do best.

Then, a couple of weeks later, S asked to meet up. I hesitated at first, but he was my best friend, I couldn’t just leave him. Besides, he did say it was urgent. 

We met in Shah Alam and had drinks after what may seem like a hundred years. Ice-breaking never felt so long, haha. The compulsory ‘hey, how you’ve been?’, ‘hey, you look different’… blah blah blah. 

Yes, some people are worth melting for (Source: Internet)

Then, S told me, he broke up with his girlfriend. Caught her cheating on him. Wow, for a girl one might say 100 times more decent than Miss Paris Ashiqin, she was refreshing. S told me about the unexplained absences. The stammers and stutters whenever he surprised her with a visit. Suddenly her cellphone became a national treasure. 

S looked at me. “You knew it was bound to happen, right?” he asked me.

I just shrugged and told him. “Babe, I’m your best friend. Best friends don’t break relationships of other best friends. That was just pure evil,” I said.

He went on and on, expressing his frustrations. I listened half-heartedly. It was all over and done with, I thought, which remained as my inner monologue. 

You know, I had the biggest crush on you when I first met you,” S said suddenly with a chuckle.

That line left me staring blankly at him. Oh, my God! Why was that happening at that time? I did not need that. I did not need to be reminded of how very much in love I was with S. I needed that 2 years ago, dammit!

He knows he can’t let something so beautiful go (Source: Internet)

When I finally managed to compose myself, I giggled, like I always do when I tried to cover something. “How could you say that? I’m your best friend, silly. Best friends don’t say that to bestfriends,” I said defensively.

Then, for the first time ever, S reached for my hand. “Of course, you are. But I can’t lie to myself. I’ve always thought you were fun and amazing. You were YOU! And I’ve always loved you from a distance,” he said.

Perhaps I should have said something (Source: Internet)

Loved me? Loved me? Loved me? “Loved me?” came a blurt from my mouth. (Peachy red lippie was my colour at that time! Haha!)

S laughed. “I think so. You know why she was jealous of you, right? I mean, hey, even my friends thought you were hot,” he went on. “I guess it’s okay to tell you now that you’re getting engaged. Not that anything’s gonna change in that department, right?”

It would if you had told me 2 years ago! I would be you I’m getting engaged to and not someone else! It would be you and you alone that I want to spend the rest of my life with…. 

And yet, nothing came out of that nature. I couldn’t possibly hurt M for S. 

My instinct at that time told me to squeeze his hand and tell him that I felt the same way about him. But, the ring on my finger at that time froze all my movements. 

The ring on my finger… the ring on my finger… flashing its gold colour right into my eyes, reminding me there was a guy by the name M, waiting for me at another part of the world. 

I’d so love to stay and chat, babe, but I’ve got something coming up,” I told S as I rose from my seat. 

Some love stories are just not meant to be (Source: Internet)

Aah, always the busy bee Miss Paris,” S said, which put a temporary smile on my face. He always knew the right things to say. The nicknames he gave me. ‘Always the crazy beautiful Miss Paris’…. ‘Always the funny bunny Miss Paris’…. ‘Always the sexy notty never bitchy Miss Paris’…. S was my Sunshine for months, and I hoped he knew he meant something to me.

Goodbye had never felt so painful. I felt tears welling up my eyes.

Driving from Shah Alam to KL had never been more adventurous, too! 160 km per hour was made easy with my mum’s MPV because:

a) it was designed for speed and precision! (Yeayyy, Naza Ria!)
b) I was confused and crushed by S’s confession
c) I do not cheat on the guy I love so, S’s confession was out of question.
d) I needed to get away from all those shitty things that might’ve happened if I stayed longer with S

I reached home and called M. I needed to hear his voice. I needed assurance that he was still THE ONE. I didn’t tell him about S, though. I didn’t think, he’d be able to handle that fact either. 

You know how some people said that some loves are meant to be, and some are not? Well, I had talk with some random not-so-close friends of mine. They threw in ideas. Some said, leave M and go for S. Some said, stick with M and let S figure out his own feelings. Some said, give myself more time to think.

And I did what I do best.

Yes, leaving things to fate. If it was meant to be, S would always have me. 

Sometimes fate has a cruel sense of humour when
it comes to love (Source: Internet)

And things were left at that. S moved on. I moved forward. We did not keep in touch with things the way we used to. Perhaps, it was best that way.

Well, so I thought. 2 years down the road with M, things got rocky between us. My job at that time left me with barely enough time to get some shut-eye. Almost no time to see M regularly.

Things got really bad when he finally said one line that I swore on my own life, I’d never forget. Suddenly, I didn’t think growing old with M was a good thing. Suddenly, the thought of seeing his face for the next 60 years was just unbearable.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I wondered, how did I manage to get up and go to work.

I was shamelessly seen crying at the most unorthodox places…. Yes, including a mamak stall. I was in a wreck, I felt the world was tumbling down. I didn’t even go home for weeks, staying at a friend for comfort and flooding her bed like it was nobody’s business.

One night when I was nursing what I might call a never-ending headache, my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I thought it was one of my clients calling. Yes, I had to entertain their calls at night when a piece of proposal and a sales pitch were not enough to make them sign the advertising agreement. The bigger the money they invested, the bigger my commission, haha!

Love has many faces, maybe in the face of someone
so familiar to you (Source: Internet)

Babe, are you okay?” came a question from one voice I swore I would recognize anytime, anywhere. 

I cried more and more. S’s voice had never sounded so good to me before. My knight in shining armour. 

It was horrible! I didn’t even see it coming. I didn’t think, he’d say something nasty to me like that!” I think I practically screamed every word at S. And S, with the best shoulder to cry on, understood my situation.

S said, he heard from one of his juniors from UiTM. Yeah, it was quite big news wasn’t it? Miss Paris and her mysterious Mr. M decided to split and travel on separate roads. 

S, as usual, said all the right things. Things I wanted to hear and things I needed to hear. It felt so good instantly. S made me laugh and smile again, all in one night, all in one telephone conversation.

S, I’m going to run into a huge bill soon. Let’s meet up, have coffee somewhere they don’t mind seeing a mad b***h from hell crying her eyeballs out,” I suggested. “Besides, I miss you!”

There was a pause on the other end. Oh-oh, not good!

Is he or she worth all your pain and sacrifices? (Source: Internet)

I miss you too, Paris,” S finally said. “But, I can’t because I’ve promised my girlfriend I’ll take her shopping for raya. I know, raya is still months away….”

Girlfriend? My heart dropped to my feet and rolled into the longkang right next to my friend’s apartment. Yup, the big old ‘HANCUR HATI’ theme song suddenly played in the background. After that word, everything else just did not register in my head. I didn’t even know how I managed to say something intelligent throughout the conversation. 

S told me to be strong. He said, I should be patient. He said, M would come to his senses. He said, M would regret leaving me. He said, M would beg me to come back any time soon.

All the sudden, M did not seem important to me anymore. At that point of time, I just felt a sudden revelation, I needed to pick up pieces of my shattered heart and glue them back together, FAST! 

Love might be right in front of you all along (Source: Internet)

I wiped my tears away. “S, I promise you, I won’t make you worry about me anymore. I promise, I’ll be the good old Miss Paris you know. Just give me a few days to come around. Thanks a lot for being there for me,” I said to him softly.

Hey, I’m your best friend. That’s what I’ve signed my life for, to serve you with life-long friendship and lots of love,” he said. Now, he was being funny again.

Yes, you were the best friend. 

We said our goodbyes. I started packing up my stuff. I missed my bed, I missed my TV, I missed my kitchen, I missed my old self again. I went to the washroom and washed my face. You, the old hag in the mirror, get out of my life, pronto!


So what happened to our friendship? 

Well, S is still happily married with children and I’m still me. Many years after our last encounter, we drifted apart and I don’t blame him. I don’t think his wife will understand our friendship without feeling jealous or overprotective. 

To The One That Got Away, wherever you are, you’ll always be special to me. So, the next time, I meet someone who makes my heart skip a beat, I’ll do some digging first and then, execute Operation Snagging Mr. Right!  

How’s this for Mr Right? (Source: Internet)

So, how to execute Operation Snagging Mr. Right? Well, I was checking, Scott Alden and Chiara Atik listed 50 Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them (Without Just Telling Them)

1. Touch your face and hair when you’re talking to them.

2. Touch them, casually, on the arm or knee when you’re talking to them.

3. Laugh at their jokes. 

4. Touch their arm or knee when you laugh at their jokes.

5. Notice when their glass is empty, and always offer to fill it up or get them another.

6. Make eye contact from across the room at parties, smile.  

7. If you get an inside joke going between just the two of you, bring it up as much as possible. Never let it die. 

8. Say their name when you’re talking to them. (It’s true! People thrill at the sound of their own name — especially when uttered by someone they’re interested in.)

9. Find a common enemy: another party guest, an annoying guy at the bar, a broken jukebox, the lack of pizza joints in this part of town. It’s you two against the world.

10. If they mention an ex, or a date gone bad, tell them that they’re too good for that person, anyway.

What’s the other 40? Well, read more here.

Some friends do end up together in the end (Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,

Miss Paris

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Switch (1991) – Movie Diary

The old switcheroo 

One of the things that I love doing when I’m alone and bored is to start reading movie summaries on Wikipedia. Sometimes, From one link, I can continue clicking until I read something else altogether. So, I was reading about ‘Interstellar’ and clicked on ‘Matt Damon’ which led to ‘Ocean’s Thirteen‘, and came across this name: Ellen Barkin. Curious to know who she was, I clicked on her profile and read that she was known for the 1991 movie, ‘Switch‘.

Promotional Poster (Source: Internet)

Aaah, it turned out that ‘Switch’ was a movie about the old switcheroo, body swapping. What I read was a very, very short summary with little info. So, I decided to look for the movie on Youtube. And guess, what? I found it! So, I watched it. 

The movie began with Steve, a womanizing advertising executive who is murdered by this three ex-girlfriends. Yes, THREE! What he assumed was a fun orgy in the jacuzzi turned out to be a payback for the way he treated women. 

When drowning Steve doesn’t do the trick, Margo (middle) shoots him (Source:Internet)

So, he is stuck between Heaven and Hell and requests from God to return to Earth to find the one female who liked him, in order to be in God’s good graces. The Devil however has another idea. Since he is recruiting, he makes Steve’s journey more difficult by deciding that, Steve should come back as a woman so he could not simply pretend to be a good guy to sway women into liking him.

This is when things start to get really interesting. Of course, since God agrees with the Devil, Steve came back as a beautiful blonde played by Ellen Barkin. Hysterical at first, Steve decides to call his colleague, Walter (Jimmy Smits). 

Steve is in the bathroom for his usual morning business 
for the first time as woman(Source: Internet)

Steve goes to see one of his murderer, Margo and spooks her into lending Steve a dress. Steve meets Walter at a bar and introduces himself as ‘Amanda’, derived from ‘A MAN’, haha, how convenient! (So now, I will address Steve as Amanda) Supposedly, Amanda is Steve’s half-sister to whom Steve confides about his miserable life and decides to take a sabbatical in the manner of French painter, Gauguin which was repeatedly mentioned in the first half of the movie. 

So, Amanda manages to get a big, fat raise from Steve’s boss on grounds that ‘Steve doesn’t give you a hard-on’, which I thought was extremely funny since as a viewer, I knew that was Steve talking to his own boss. Yet, that scene proved how some women could just get away with murder with just the way they look.

Amanda explains how Steve needs time off like Gauguin (Source: Internet)

So, Amanda began her search and tries to reach out to so many women who know Steve just to get a positive feedback to escape the sentence in Hell. It turns out that no women like him, not even a little. His secretary cries in joy when she knows that Steve is never coming back. Other women call him ‘a major asshole’, hahah, well, you can imagine you horrible he had been treating women. Including one model who slept with Steve to be on the cover of the magazine. 

*Guess what, this Connie model was played by the forever adorable Tea Leoni!

Amanda meets Connie, who graces the front 
cover of a magazine after sleeping with Steve (Source: Internet)

In the meantime, Amanda becomes the centre of attention at work and when she goes out. Steve’s boss try to hit on her. A colleague, Dan who just moves to her office tries his luck too. Even Walter, in a drunken state actually confesses how he found Amanda totally irresistible. 

Amanda even catches the eye of Sheila (Lorraine Braco), a potential client who she meets with Margo’s help. At first Amanda plays along, and then she realizes that she’s a homophobe. Yet, she tried her best until she and Sheila both got into a brawl at an all-lesbian party. Somehow Sheila must’ve been very impressed that she decided to hire Amanda’s company to manage her advertising needs. 

The Blonde vs The Brunette (Source: Internet)

I actually loved the scene during a business meeting when Amanda and Sheila clearly show their hostility (jealousy, perhaps?) towards each other. Sheila requested the ever-obnoxious Dan to manage her account. Dan asks Amanda to join his team and she purposely pressed her breasts against Dan’s face, asking him out to discuss the account. When she asks which place does Dan prefer, some place public or private? Dan answers, the former and Amanda spits out, ‘Good, then I can show you off!‘ and walks away, with the camera panning to Sheila to show her silent reaction.

Like all movies with similar body swapping plot, Amanda learns how horrible Steve has been treating women. In fact, she finally understands the whole deal about being a woman. How sometimes women are discriminated against, subjected to sexual harassment, etc. On a drunken night with Walter, they ended up making love. I thought it was really funny how she punches Walter in the face a couple of times and accuses him of being a rapist. 

Amanda’s new look (Source: Internet)

Steve’s body is found and Amanda is tried at court, since Margo plants the gun at Steve’s apartment. Since Amanda can’t prove she IS Steven Brooks, so she is sent to jail. During her sentence, she finds out that she is pregnant with Walter’s child.

Later, Walter informs her that Amanda can’t carry the baby to full term due to complications and suggests an abortion, of course, Amanda refuses having grown used to being pregnant. I cried during this scene!

Walter: He (the doctor) said that if you carry the baby to full term, it’s possible that you might … (trails off)

Amanda: Die? What about the baby, Walter?

Walter: That’s the thing. He said that if you decide not to have the baby, well, then… 

Amanda: Oh, no! I’m having the baby, Walter. 

Walter: Can we talk about this here?

Amanda: No, we can’t talk about this! Walt, you can’t imagine what it’s like to have a life inside you. It’s growing, Walter. It’s moving. It lives because I live and when I die, there’s a part of me that goes on. It’s truly amazing thing. It is an honest-to-God miracle. 

How do you feel about marrying your basketball partner, buddy? (Source: Internet)

A tear-jerker scene turns into something funny, when Walter asks Amanda to marry him. She actually snickers when saying her ‘I do’. Walter quits his job at the firm after being pressured by his boss. Amanda later dies after she delivers a beautiful baby girl. 

Finally, a female who likes Steve Brooks, his/her own daughter (Source: Internet)

The scene ends with Walter and their daughter visits Amanda’s grave. The tombstone reads ‘Amanda Brooks Stone – A great guy and a very special woman. May they rest in peace. 1955-1991’. And up there, Amanda is given a choice either to be a male or female angel to which she responds, ‘I really liked being a man, but being a woman has its advantages’. 

Okay, now, why I love this movie? Throughout the movie, I was wondering, when will Amanda ever turn into Steve again. And of course, how could he explain Amanda’s disappearance? Going to Tahiti like Gauguin as well? Hahaha! But I was proven wrong. Amanda stayed as Amanda until the end. It was quite different from all the old switcheroo movies I’ve watched before. 

I honestly think Ellen Barkin played Amanda Brooks so well, with her manly mannerism throughout the movie. Even when she wears a dress and gets all dolled-up, you still see a man struggling in high heels and tries so hard NOT to look at other women’s assets. And Jimmy Smits made his character, Walter Stone so, so, so adorable. You just can’t avoid liking him so much and wanting him to have a happy ending with Amanda, no matter how wrong that might’ve been. 

Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits were adorable together (Source: Internet)

Here’s where I watched Switch. Thank you, Ardi Tan for uploading the movie which moved me to tears. 

But if you’re unsure if you might like the movie, watch the trailer here

Here are among my other favourites!

1. The Hot Chick
Honestly, I still couldn’t get pass Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams experience a body swap. Remember the scenes with Rob adjusting to being a girl? Hahaha! The bar scene with the bartender. The bathroom scene at the club. When he approached Jessica’s boyfriend. Hahaha!

The new face of ‘HOT’? (Source: Internet)

2. 17 Again
Aaaah, the first movie that I could actually stand Zac Efron, haha! Excuse me, High School Musical fans! I absolutely love this movie because when Mark (it’s actually Mike) is chasing his good old days, he realizes that the most important thing in life is his family all along. 

This movie makes me feel like a cougar! (Source: Internet)

3. Freaky Friday
With Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, this was a great movie for the whole family. Haha, who’d have thought the fortune cookies can turn your fortune upside down! 

One of Lilo’s best! (Source: Internet)

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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Love Is – by Miss Paris

Old memories of you…

Love is when he sees me for the first time and just tells himself, “I should talk to her”…

Love is when he speaks to me for the first time and tells himself, “I want to be her friend”…

Love is when he becomes my friend and tells himself, “I want to share everything with her” …

Love is when he shares one line, “Paris, I love u” …

Love is when I realize that I feel the same way..

Love is when he is all I think about every day…

Love is when he is all I dream about every night…

Love is when his voice echoes in my head every day…

Love is when I touch his hand, I feel his warmth…

Love is when I hold him tight, I feel his heartbeat..

Love is when I kiss his lips, I feel his passion…

Love is when he brightens my day…

Love is when he fills my night with stars. ..

Love is when he completes my life…

If love is a person, his name is… 

Love in sunset (Source: Internet)

*Aaaaahhhh, another blast from the past, circa 2008.

I have to admit, I’m not a good writer when it comes to grammar and structure, everything that says ‘English Literature’. I just love to write.

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,

Miss Paris

I wuv ya!

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Why ‘Confessions’? – by Miss Paris

Confession vs Entry

Yes, it is a little confusing isn’t it? Making it sound so glamorous like ‘The Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and ‘The Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’. 

The Shopaholic Series have driven readers worldwide crazy (Source: Internet)

Since I started hanging out with my blogging buddies, I always hear them talk about their daily entries and what-nots. Honestly, when it comes to anything living on battery and electricity (even calculators, mind you!), I’m as blank as a piece of sketching paper. Haha! Yes, it’s actually that bad. So, instead of seeing myself as a blogger, I’d prefer to see myself as a contributor/writer.

So, whatever I write, comes straight from my heart and mind (hopefully in a good balance). Just as honest one ought to be when writing diaries, I see it more of a confession.

Nope, I’m not a teenager anymore but I could be a DRAMA QUEEN 
if you push me! (Source: Internet)

You see, I look highly on bloggers. To me, they play a significant role in the development of the society, part of the new age media. Youngsters nowadays turn to them for information. Of course, it goes back to the sort of information that you share, and how you convey the messages. I respect how some blogging buddies of mine manage their blogs. Of course, that’s a loooooooot to catch up. In fact, I don’t plan to. I just want to learn from them. They have some great ideas and approach when connecting with the world (remember when I said, when you dream, you dream BIG?) through their writings. 

Let me thank the bloggers who helped me a lot for the past one year!

The Big Papa who made The Miss Paris Diaries possible. 
You want to set up your own blog? This is the guy you seek! 

Sweet like honey, Dik Bee – she takes excellent photos for us (Source: Facebook)

Who would’ve thought we all went to UiTM Arau together, 
only different courses. Pojie & Pejal, I call them.

The adorable, big softies! Mawardi & Razi

One of those rare moments Zulhilmi Tempoyak forgot 
to open his mouth widely in photos!

The Visible Voice who voiced out ‘Perlu ke?’ and made it famous!

The Baby Brother, any takers, ladies? (Source: Instagram)

Kak Hanim (3rd from left) who taught me on ethics and responsibility while running a blog and Miera Nadhirah (far right) who often extended invitations to me

As much as some people think that they can get away with responsibilities when posting stuff online, I’d prefer if we all practise a little bit of ethics in this world. One can be personal about something, but at the same time, please be fair to others as well. Remember this famous line from Spiderman, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’? So, let us all carry a little responsibility in the society. 

Back to the ‘confessions’ story, well, hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen. I’m planning to share other people’s stories and confessions too in the future! So, stay tuned….

See you in the next confession!

All my love, XOXO,
Miss Paris

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